More and more contractors in the construction industry are inclining to use natural stones. World of Stones USA is going to cite valid reasons behind the changed attitudes of contractors.

Contractor Prefer Natural Stone

Before a few months, I had written about the love of landscape architects to natural stones in detail. Today, I am going to depict the affection of construction contractors with natural stone products. My conclusions are based on what we see and hear at World of Stones USA, Maryland while meeting contractors coming from diverse areas of the country.

In the Previous Era

Before a century, Britishers and their colonies were more inclined to use natural stones everywhere due to prevailing favorable conditions at that time. 

However, with the advent of construction technologies and material options, the entire world is seemingly using cement-concrete like easy to apply material and synthetic/human-made products for the sake of affordability.

American contractors are witnessing the use of a variety of optional materials such as woods, mud-bricks/Adobe, and clay bricks apart from RCC-based materials. However, before a few decades, natural stones were considering a pricy and royal option reserved for affluent class people.

In Recent Era

Today, we have advanced natural stone technologies implemented right from mining to transport up to the doorsteps of a customer. Thus, the scenario of the entire natural stone market across the globe has changed. It has made the stone a favorable material for the construction contractors.

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Let’s see the top-ten reasons why contractors prefer natural stones to build a house.

1st – Universal Availability of Natural Stones 

Local Availability

Local Availability
Almost every major to minor regions of the world has deposits of natural stones. For centuries, local stonemasons have developed skills to craft stones for various purposes, including the construction of buildings.

Easy Export & Import 

Easy Export & Import (1)
Of course, many kinds of natural stones are rare, while some regions of the world also have inadequate deposits of commonly used stone types. Fortunately, advancements in shipping, mainly via sea and land routes, have nullified the gap between regional demands & supplies.

Contractors Prefer Stones

Contractors Prefer Stones
Such factors are tempting contractors to take advantage of both categories of stone products, local as well as exotic. Outdoor applications, such as walkways, driveways, retaining walls, stepping stones, and patios, are beautifully using locally available stones. 
Flagstones, bluestones, sandstone, boulders, pebbles, and gravels are favorite choices for landscape designers when those are available in the vicinity of their construction sites. Cheaper availability of stone veneer products helps many contractors to offer mix-material experience in indoor and outdoor projects.

2nd – Comparative Affordability of Natural Stones 

Easy, Quick, & Comparatively Cheaper Transport

Comparative Affordability of Natural Stones
Cost-effective transportations have eased on-time delivery of natural stone products despite keeping price tags competitive to the other construction materials. Getting rare types of natural stones like Indian or Brazilian marbles or granites are no more dreams.

Cost-Efficient Processes

Cost-Efficient Processes
Natural stone mining, cutting, and polishing technologies are advancing rapidly. It has made natural stone products available at almost the same prices of ceramic/porcelain tiles and wood frames. Due to precut stone kits and veneer products, the installation of natural stones is not a costlier affair that was before.

Increased Prices of Competitive Products

The prices of cement and rebar are steadily increasing in the market. Woods of good quality are no more a cheaper option due to restrictions on cutting worldwide and scarcity of raw material. Finding suitable clay sites and costly processes have increased the per-unit rates of clay bricks—Adobe and mud bricks less preferred material, even in rural areas. In short, stones are emerging as a robust alternative material in the contemporary construction industry.

Availability in Similar Fashion

Availability in Similar Fashion
Dimension stones are available in different sizes and shapes like engineered tiles in similar fashions and packings. Big highways, railways, and sea-shipping have made delivery faster than ever without raise in the transportation costs for natural stones.

Overall Cost Efficiency

Overall Cost Efficiency
If you count aesthetic appeal, natural beauty, durability, and other advantageous properties of natural stones against the price tags of other materials, you may find natural rock products far cheaper, particularly in terms of the long lifespan of stones.

World of Stones USA a Cost-effective Choice

World of Stones USA a Cost-effective Choice
  • World of Stones USA keeps significant stock of standard stone products for the same day delivery. 
  • Custom orders thanks to tech-advancements fulfilled within three days to a week duration based on complexities involved in stone arts.
  • Our fast delivery of online/offline orders has won us a big applaud from contractor communities in various States. 
  • Our post-buying services earned us the loyalty of uncountable small to big contractors and stonemasons from various onshore & offshore regions. 

So, we are performing better than our competitors’ thanks to repeat purchases. 

3rd – Versatility of Natural Stones 

Stone an Adaptable Product

Natural stones are highly adaptable products for a variety of use-cases. 
  • Natural rocks, when cutting into usable shapes and sizes, act as structural blocks for the construction of walls, columns, and supportive elements.
  • Stone slabs and tiles are excellent for flooring inside and paving outside spaces.
  • Stone veneer is like ceramic or porcelain tiles, which you can apply in any space, inside & outside.
  • Stone gravelspebblesand boulders are superb material in various landscape designing projects.
  • Stones of different types set well in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms like comfortable places.
  • Stones are acceptable products for wet places like baths, toilets, and mudroom.
  • Stones are good with retaining walls, seat walls, and various landscape features, including water features and fire features.
  • Stones are best on paths, driveways, and stepping stone designing in your outdoor spaces.
  • Stone decking is a trend in the development of swimming pools in residential and commercial places.
  • Dry stone walling is a fashion today.

Weather Proof

Weather Proof
Natural stones have a wide range of porosity to make it a high water-permeable product to water-proof products. It lets contractors apply in different weather conditions with different types from dry to rainy or snowy areas. Natural stones can tolerate high temperature, cold, and withstand in thaw-freeze cycles.

Versatile Stone Veneer

Versatile Stone Veneer
Stone veneers are great for mixed material applications. For instance, you can stick stone veneer on brick-n-mortar walls, RCC structures, concrete block walls, and poured concrete walls to decorate your surfaces.

Desired Finishes

Desired Finishes
Skid-free products are available in natural stones. You can apply various stone surface finishing techniques to create glossy to dull surfaces with bumps to make it slip-free. Different stone finishes can give you ample choices to justify multiple stone products. 

4th – Aesthetic Appeal of Natural Stones 

Built-in Natural Beauty

Built-in Natural Beauty
Natural stones have unmatched Built-in beauty thanks to:
  • Grains
  • Veins
  • Patterns
  • Colors and their different hues

Each piece of natural stone is unique in itself. You cannot mimic that natural beauty in any human-made products. Natural stones, when used in decorating your buildings, your properties automatically gain an aesthetic value in the eyes of onlookers.

5th – Durability of Natural Stones 

Stone a Durable Product

Stone a Durable Product
We know about the durability of natural stones. It establishes stone as a sturdy, long-lasting, and useful material in the market compared to other options. What contractors needed is the superior quality products for their projects, and natural stones are preferred in the following criteria:
  • Hardness – calcites (3 Moh’s scale) to quartz (7)
  • Water absorption- 0.8 to 26
  • Compressive strength – Limestone (150-4 MPa) to Granite (300-100)
  • Flexural strength – Sandstone (15-3 MPa) to Slate (50-15)
  • Abrasion Index – 8 to 25
  • Acid sensitivity – Calcareous stones are high, while Siliceous rocks are low.

6th – Resale Value of Natural Stones 

Factors Increase Resale Value

Factors Increase Resale Value
  • Long-lasting beauty is the most significant pick when you think of resale your building made of high quality and pricy natural stones. 
  • Wear & tear also enhance beauty because a little bit fading in colors, tone, and appearance render the look-n-feel of natural stone classic, and people love to buy aged yet quality properties made of natural stones.
  • Durability parameters also favor stones against other rivals when buyers start gauging a property.
  • Redesigning and restoration of natural stones are far easier and cost-efficient than other standard construction materials.

7th – Maintainability of Natural Stones 

Maintainability of Natural Stones
Low & easy maintenance of natural stones is seemingly a tempting offer for contractors who offer maintenance services in their packages. Homeowners also love quick cleaning of stones using automated tools or manually.

8th – Sustainability of Natural Stones

Stone a Green Product

Indian Sandstone Pavers
  • Natural stones are gifts of nature itself.
  • No production process is in the hands of human beings.
  • Quarrying, cutting, & transportation like processes are possible with green energy resources, and World of Stones USA provides an ideal model for it.
  • Natural stone related processes are almost pollution-free when appropriate measures and technologies have implemented to clean resides and recycle the products.
  • Recycling of natural stones is also a sustainable process. 

9th – Quick & Easy Installation Process

Quick & Easy Installation Process
If you read our installation guide and relevant blogs carefully, you will find that the installation of natural stone today is no more a daunting task and need extraordinary expertise. Finding the experienced stonemasons is easy for contractors at a cheaper rate due to the stiffly competitive labor market. It makes the installation of natural stone products affordable and economically feasible for small to big scale projects.

Room for Crafting

Room for Crafting
The craftmanship on natural stones is an art, and World of Stones USA has passion as well as expertise on it. Our contractors love our crafting on highly competitive rates and on-time delivery.
Creating sculptures, monuments, and various designing features is comfortable with the soft category of natural stones like white marbles and limestones. Crafts and sculptures made of natural rocks are of long-lasting beauty and durable compared to metal and other traditional to modern synthetic products.

10th – Freedom of Selections in Natural Stones 

Natural Stone Visualizer

Natural Stone Visualizer
We know natural stone products offer infinite choices for a contractor to make according to the budget and expectations of the clients. If you have carefully studied our natural stone visualizer software, you might have realized that a contractor can offer tons of design options with plenty of stone types and products.

World of Stones USA Has Battalion of Loyal Contractors

Our approaches to contractors are always friendly and long-lasting. To help our esteemed contractors, we have created natural stone visualizer software. It helps the contractors in the selection of design and product options. We offer various incentives to our contractors like winning iPhone and discounts on bulk buying. 

The most important thing is our pre and post-purchase support services. Complete guidance, high-quality products, and the best services for an order are our differentiators in the market to beat our competitors and win loyal contractors.

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