There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than having an outdoor fire pit in your backyard. A backyard with a firepit is one of the most favorable features homeowners are preferring these days just not because of its function but mainly due to its effect on the environment.

In chilly winters, I’m sure every one of us imagines ourselves sitting near the bonfire, chatting with family and friends, sipping our favorite drink, and having a whale of a time. Building a firepit can turn out to be the focal point of your backyard when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some relaxing time of your life. And here building a custom-built firepit would be a perfect choice.

But before you jump into the decision of buying this piece of furniture to improve the aesthetics of your backyard, one needs to know the type of outdoor natural fire pits and how to build a firepit and its safety tips, etc. There is a dizzying array of options available at the World of Stones USA. Few people built-up areas where they can have the traditional bonfire by digging the ground and using wood logs from the surrounding areas but the modern homes in the city area will need to have the special built-up area or firepit furniture which can be placed exclusively at they designed can have the special natural stone firepit.


Essential Guidelines on How to Select the Best Outdoor Fire Pit Kit

Fire pits can be fixed at any place, are cost-effective and minimalistic in design. Because of their compact nature, they are one of the most preferred go-to-landscape enhancement pieces of furniture. Here are some tips to consider before you buy a firepit.

  • Location of firepit

It is very important to plan and design the firepit area. It needs to be away from sheds, your house, tenets, and flammable liquids. One can move the firepit and store it in a safe place, but it shouldn’t be placed next to these things by any chance.


  • Local ordinances and codes

Before building a firepit out of natural stones in your condo or apartment or a rented house, checking the city building codes or area regulations concerning the outdoor firepit with the local authorities is mandatory.

Before building a firepit out of natural stones in your condo or apartment or a rented house, checking the city building codes or area regulations concerning the outdoor firepit with the local authorities is mandatory.

  • Flame Type

Would you prefer having the natural woods burning fire or a gas fire pit? Which would be the most feasible one?

  • Style of Firepit

At the World of Stones, USA firepits are available in varied sizes, shapes, dimensions, and colors. The foremost thing in selecting the firepit is that it should match the ambiance of your home and backyard. Secondly, choose the firepit that suits you and your family functions. Whether you want to dig the ground and fill it with sand or gravel or built it with a brick or a concrete hall placed around a firepit hole.

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One also needs to decide if they need a fire pit table, a fire bowl, contemporary fire rings, metal gazebos, or fire columns. Many homeowners these days prefer stone or masonry detailing. As these are heavily inbuilt, it’s advisable to not move them. Stone fire pits are easy to clean as well and would be perfect in terms of aesthetics for a longer duration.


  • Know the Dimensions of the Firepit

 The size of the firepit depends on the usage and whether you want to keep it movable or not. Check your space or design the space with an architect to get the right size of fire pit for your area so you will know what size of fire pit would best work for your area.

  • Materials

Choosing the right kind of material for a firepit can be a daunting task. And this is where World of Stones, USA can help you choose the right kind of stone firepit suitable for your needs. A stone fire pit will extend the shelf life of the firepit. It is very important to check on the durability of the material as this is a one-time investment to be a merger with the interiors of the house. 

  • Type of Fuel – Natural Gas or Wood-Burning

If you are trying to create the glamping or camping experience in a small way in your backyard, then the traditional wood-burning firepit would be the best choice. The smell and the feel of the old age wood-burning fire pit is something that is unique and creates a special winter vibe.

But if you want the fire pit to ignite at the flip of a switch, then natural gas is the option. It is easier to get the fire started and can be lighted anywhere with a remote control or with a switch. Natural gas firepits are more expensive as a gas line needs to be installed.


  • Cost

With the amount of investment, you have made in the interiors of your home, are you now terrified that building a fire pit in the backyard will cost you a fortune too? Well, that’s not the case then. Most stone-built firepits are easy on the budget when you buy them from World of Stones, USA. One can get a customized firepit using natural stone and other features at an affordable cost. The cost also depends on the size of the firepit you choose or order

  • Placement and Location

A firepit cannot be just placed in the backyard randomly. The location needs to be wisely chosen. It should be quite far from accidental objects or liquids and other combustible materials to avoid catching fire. The wind direction is also one of the factors to be considered. Generally, the firepit is to be placed in such a location near outdoor kitchens, pools, and patios where people gather and spend most of the time.

To Sum Up!


Whatever is the size and shape of the firepit is, there is always a good chance that it will become the favorite hanging spot and a spot for deep conversations for friends and family be it a small group or a big group


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