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We are a leading natural stone supplier in Maryland, USA.

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World of Stones is a celebrated exporter-importer, and supplier of high-quality natural stone products with a turnover of $30 million & 4,000 containers per annum. It means, inherently, we possess a huge audience for natural stone product chiefly pertaining to outdoor applications.

To Whom the Opportunity Awaits?

For anyone belongs to, attached to, or passionate about Natural Stones and construction industry using stones.

  • Guest post writers, content writers, or CEO/Managers with passions to write something about natural stones and industry.
  • Academic students & professionals belong to or attached to the stone industry.
  • Interior-exterior designers.
  • Landscape & hardscape designers.
  • Home/office decorators.
  • Architects & Civil engineers.
  • Contractors in the construction industry.
  • Stonemason with guts to write about stones.
  • Finally, anyone belongs to the natural stone industry and capable of placing thoughts in a blog post.

Our Guideline for Submitting a Guest-Post

Your post will not be published elsewhere. We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers.

  • The topic must be qualitative and informative content.
  • Article length: 1000 – 3000 words.
  • No Self-promotion in the content. You can mention your company/business detail in an author bio.
  • Content should be original & unique.
  • Use a short paragraph (2 to 3 line), sub-sections, bullet points and more.
  • You are allowed to keep one link in your author bio part.
  • We take a maximum of 5 business days to approve your post.
  • You can promote your published article in your circle after approval.
  • You need to send your post with quality images with sources.
  • Our Blog Administrator has the right to edit your blog.

How to Grab the Opportunity?

Writing a guest post demands flairs in content writing and experiences in providing SEO-friendly content. You must have knacks in the creation of catchy, relevant, informative, interesting, and actionable content moving around natural stones and applications of stones in the construction industry.

Your stuff must be intuitive to push us to love it and publish it. Proper headings, intro, conclusion, unique images/photos, unique texts, and lucid language are our precious expectations to engage our readers. Actionable CTA and relevant backlink with appropriate anchor text are essentialities.

Knowledge of primary and LSI keywords and the ability to infuse those naturally in the content are our priorities in the selection of our esteemed guest post writers. We know to provide in-depth information regarding natural stone applications and industry always demand a post of at least 1500 words and some quality images to support it.

Our Expectations from the Guest Post Writers

In order to prove yourself, we usually demand live links or docs of your previous work. We want to keep our ranking stable and growing. Therefore, we look at the language aspects of the content. So, you have to provide us well-edited content in English that should be free from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, properly styling, and in USA English tone.

We check content in our plagiarism checkers, readability checker, and language checker to assure its uniqueness and quality. If you are creative enough, you can come up with your topics/titles; otherwise, our marketing experts and SEO professionals are ready to help you.

We provide a short space for author-bio where you can place your backlink to your domain or posts and an image/photo or logo whatever you prefer.

Which Topics Can Grab Our Attention?

We are mainly interested in the following topics pertaining to interior and exterior applications of natural stones and its products.

  • Natural Paving Stone, Stepping Stone, Patio Paving Stones, Garden Stones.
  • Porcelain Pavers, Pier Caps, Window Sills, Rock, Classic Stones.
  • Coping Stone, Wall Covering, Classic Stone, Swimming Pool Coping.
  • Home Décor, Home Design, Landscaping Pavers, Interior & exterior Flooring.
  • Driveway Pavers, Architecture, Design Ideas Using Stones, Stone Crafts.


Where Will You Send Your Hard Work?

You must contact us at [email protected] prior to writing anything to seek our approval. You can send your content after our node to accept you as our diligent guest blogger/writer.

Within a prescribed period, we will intimate you about our content approval status and might publish the content soon.