Classic Stone Exterior Paving Collection

The natural collection consists of Riven stones. The term “Riven” used to refer the surface of the flagstone/slate/sandstone with a natural bedding plane of the rock. Therefore, surfaces of riven stones tend to be uneven and highlight the natural origin with nature made stains and grains. Thus, natural riven stones offer stunning visual appeal mingling with vivid shades of colors and natural veining. 

River Washed collection of paving stones offers a natural split. It has somewhat rubbed surfaces, which are finished with sawn edges with clean and even finishes. Jak Rustic collection of river washed stones is an ideal choice for Exterior Paving.

The stones for exterior flooring should be sturdy and durable. The back-side of the stone should remain unpolished and coarse. It facilitates mortar applications when needed. The high quality stones for external applications usually come with inward tapering edges. It provides more room for the mortar. Front-side has polished surfaces, and even & rounded edges. It beautifies the looks and overall ambiance.

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