Contemporary Stone Exterior Paving Collection

If you strive to have contemporary, sophisticated manufactured tiles like look-n-feel in your exterior flooring project with natural stones, we have a huge stunning collection. In ‘Suede’ category, you will find good looking and fine textured surfaces by shot-blasted and rugged finishing. Oyster Grey, Golden Oak, Peanut Grey, Woodland Beige, Mist White, Ochre Yellow, Teak, and Ivory Fantasy are popular varieties.

We fine-grained stones and enhanced the stone characters in ‘Fine Textured’ category, Grey Ochre, Peanut Grey, Desert Gold, and Porphyry are known varieties. Our ‘Honed’ contemporary stone collection comes with smooth surfaces & variations in colors and veins. Peanut Grey, Rainbow, Ochre Yellow, and Golden Oak are varieties you may like.

With beautiful carving in ‘Etched’ category, we create stunning visuals. Mossy Green, Sandy Straw, Desert Gold, and manually done Midnight Black is worth to try varieties.

Flamed and Leather are categories reflecting their names suggest.

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