Natural Stone Beauty Collection

The natural beauty collection mostly consists of Riven stones. The term “Riven” used to refer the beauty of stones that come with a natural bedding plane of the rock that developed during the formation of the rock. It leads the surfaces of riven stones to be uneven and highlight the nature made stains and grains.

Thus, natural riven stones have stunning visual appeal thanks to a variety of shades of colors and natural veining springing out of the stone surfaces.

The age of stones becomes apparent with mild breaks, scratches, and wear & tear effects of weather factors on the surfaces.

You can find sandstones, limestone, slate, and granite for patio paving, garden paths, and driveways for paving. Stone veneer products of bluestones, flagstones, and limestone varieties for wall cladding and siding. If you have innovative ideas for your exterior natural stone application projects…

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