Natural Stone Treads - Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown sandstone is a hard-wearing quartzitic sandstone, relatively consistent in both texture and color. Its neutral light brown color shades makes it extremely versatile; it can be used very effectively in tradional garden designs but it is equally at home in much more contemporary schemes. Sizes (Nominal): Project Packs (36”x24” – 13 pcs., 24”x24” – 13 pcs., 24” x 12” – 13 pcs., 12” x 12” – 9 pcs. ) Single Size Packs: 36”x24” – 28 pcs., 24”x24” – 40 pcs., 24” x 12” – 85 pcs., 12” x 12” – 85 pcs. This Product is available in: Paving Slabs with hand split edges, Treads.
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Natural Stone Treads - Autumn Brown
Natural Stone Treads - Autumn Brown