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Classic Stones

Natural Stones are precious gifts of mother nature to humanity and used for centuries. Traditional British architects, French, German, Italian, Mediterranean, or Russian architectures have stones and brick stones as prime choice of material. Traditional stone products like sandstone, limestone, marbles, travertine, quartzite, slate, granite, bluestones, flagstones, and similar quarried materials are leaving classic effects, a timeless impression in the mind of users and onlookers. Riven surfaces and edges of our classic stone collection inspire warm and rustic emotions in the users and guests. Low maintenance, sturdy, and long-lasting properties of natural stones collections at World of Stones, USA always win the heart of every client at first glance. You can avail the benefits of the latest quarrying, cutting, finishing, and preserving technologies at World of Stones, the USA in its Classic Collection. Our collection comprises of three main categories viz. Natural Stone Beauty, Time Worn Splashes, and Traditional Stone Beauty.

Natural Stone Beauty Collection

The natural beauty collection mostly consists of Riven stones. The term “Riven” used to refer the beauty of stones that come with a natural bedding plane of the rock that developed during the formation of the rock. It leads the surfaces of riven stones to be uneven and highlight the nature made stains and grains.

Thus, natural riven stones have stunning visual appeal thanks to a variety of shades of colors and natural veining springing out of the stone surfaces.

The age of stones becomes apparent with mild breaks, scratches, and wear & tear effects of weather factors on the surfaces.

You can find sandstones, limestone, slate, and granite for patio paving, garden paths, and driveways for paving. Stone veneer products of bluestones, flagstones, and limestone varieties for wall cladding and siding. If you have innovative ideas for your exterior natural stone application projects…

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Time Worn Stone Splashes Collection

Our time-worn stone splashes collection reflects the ancient age of stone and natural processes it has passed over the periods in its history.

Our time-worn collection contains various flagstones, sandstones, and slate stones for paving. Marble, travertine, and limestone varieties for front door porch, swimming pool, small and side walls at the periphery of the property and garden.

Our time-worn splashes have natural grains, veins, and impressions of fossils to cool your eyes and trigger your imaginations to dive into a long past of the mother earth before life sprung up.

Nature made grooves, pits, and mild cracks make the stones non-slippery by nature, and our coarse finishing is retaining those impacts intact.

For exterior pillars, columns, tables, benches, and miscellaneous applications, our fine finished products like marbles, quartzite, and travertine are excellent choices.

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Traditional Stone Beauty Collection

If you strive to have traditional stone look-n-feel in your exterior project with natural stones, we have a huge stunning collection for tradition fans.

Small stone veneer tiles to large natural stone slabs are available in our inventory to scale the entire walls of your exterior spaces. Give background to your backyard patios, decks, and garden patios with full-size stone slabs.

You also will find our whole stone cubes for the creation of stacked stone structure like column, chimneys, fireplace surrounding, and pillars for complete traditional look-n-feel.

Our whole stones and stone veneer products are an excellent choice for the construction of mid-age architects in your exterior home applications including wall cladding, siding, and foundation covering.

Our traditional beauty collection encompasses stones for door headers, window sills, water table, and foundation siding. Garden stepping stones, treads in stairs, coping and siding in water fountains, rocks, pebbles, and gravels for water features, patios, and garden paths are abundant to make a statement of nature art in your properties.

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