Time Worn Stone Splashes Collection

Our time-worn stone splashes collection reflects the ancient age of stone and natural processes it has passed over the periods in its history.

Our time-worn collection contains various flagstones, sandstones, and slate stones for paving. Marble, travertine, and limestone varieties for front door porch, swimming pool, small and side walls at the periphery of the property and garden.

Our time-worn splashes have natural grains, veins, and impressions of fossils to cool your eyes and trigger your imaginations to dive into a long past of the mother earth before life sprung up.

Nature made grooves, pits, and mild cracks make the stones non-slippery by nature, and our coarse finishing is retaining those impacts intact.

For exterior pillars, columns, tables, benches, and miscellaneous applications, our fine finished products like marbles, quartzite, and travertine are excellent choices.

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