In ancient days, stones were prime construction material and used freely in each space design in your homes and workplaces. Today, we have better and more economic choices, but the original charm and benefits of natural stones are unforgettable. Therefore, we used to opt for stones for our most exterior applications while compromise in interior design with stone veneers, which are thin slices of stones and satisfy us at some extents.

Many homeowners and contractors are striving for applications of natural stones for their interior as well as exterior spaces and looking for some picturesque ideas to show others and discuss it. I hope my endeavors to place and narrate at least 10 natural stone wall ideas may assist them.

1. Edged Path Retaining Wall

Edged Path Retaining Wall
Retaining wall adjoining to path provides an opportunity to be artistic. How? Natural stones have their colors, textures, and patterns. You can use different kinds of stones in different sizes and shapes to create artistic walls.Stone veneers offer such opportunities a lot. Local stones, stone chips, and colored pieces of stones provide variations in the design. A wavy pattern brings symmetry in the design.

2. Carousel Planter Retaining Wall

The crescent-shaped retaining wall could act like a carousel encircling along the wall. Top of the land within encircling stone walls act as planter even for shrubs, and the flat top of the walls act as delimiters in the overall design.You can use whole stone cubes instead of veneers, but maintaining symmetry is a big challenge in this design. Sandstone, Limestone, and local stones are ideal choices for the construction.

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3. Cut Stone Congruent Mosaic Retaining Wall

Cut Stone
Here, you will find two things in a great combination. One is a design pattern of stone laying, and another is vintage feel thanks to restrained colors and embossing textures of the stones.Stones are in congruent shapes and create a mosaic effect when placed in a set symmetry. The stacked stone wall along the path acts as a boundary for your landscape as well as provide a stepping stone path a theme matching with path design and stones used in it.

4. Wrought Iron Fence on Boundary Wall

Stone is a great material for structural purposes, and the foundation is the most applicable area for it in the construction. You can lay foundation wall with stacked stones but can use the wrought iron fence on top of it.Thus, the stone wall also acts as a retaining wall of planters and landmass if your landscape is uneven or hilly. It is a great way to polish up the nature surrounding it.

5.  Retaining Wall to Line Stone Stairs

Line Stone Stairs
When your façade is up from the landscape and line up the stair steps in a classic manner, the image gives an excellent idea for it. Cut, textured, and rustic color of stones used in retaining wall for the planters and pillars/posts create soothing ambiance before your guests take the entry in it.Matching stones on steps and top of the retaining walls create great synergy in design. You can use whole stone cubes as stacked stones in the wall construction or go to apply high-quality veneers on concrete walls. Colored succulents in the planters adorn the beauty of the scene along with lightings on the dwarf posts.

6. Garden Patio Retaining Wall

Garden Patio
Uplifted patios need foundation cum retaining walls around its periphery. Natural stones are superior candidates when you use solid/whole blocks of stones for the entire wall construction, including the top coping layer. Load bearing stones are ideal and give stacking stone appearance. You can match stones of retaining walls with stone patio pavers in a thematic way

7. Retaining Wall as a Thick Barrier in Landscape Design

Thick Barrier in Landscape
When we are designing a landscape in hilly areas with highly uneven and sloppy surfaces, heavy stones in a thick retaining wall provide a great barrier for landmass.Stacked stone cubes, right from foundation to top can erect a sturdy and permeable barrier for the upside landmass. Curved shapes of the thick wall add flairs in the retaining wall design. The variations in colors and shape/size of the stones make the wall interesting.

8. Multi-Tiered Hill Side Façade Design Retaining Wall

Hill Side Façade
The stunning scenario is of a hillside home. It seems designed almost with stones in all exterior and interior applications. The design of the façade demands a long stairway, and side planters with retaining walls beautify it further.Stone pillars with lantern posts are an inviting design. The matching exterior of building with stones in the retaining wall is enhancing the classic look-n-feel of the building. Tall trees and mountain range in the background of the building looks gorgeous at first glance.

9. Multi-Tiered Landscape Retaining Wall

Here, the designer has leveraged the sloppy landscape and hilly surroundings of the building beautifully by providing customize planters. Different symmetrical shapes of stones like rectangles and squares create a mixed grid on the vertical space of the retaining walls.Unique colors, texture, and patterns in the brownstones developed a fantasy in design and exerted rustic appeal by matching with the color of the land. A mix of lines and curves in the retaining wall layout makes the design dazzling. The Stone patio and green slop of the landscape at the bottom emphasize the stone design further. At the top, a wooden fence and stairs create synergic impacts.

10. Multi-Tiered Planter Retaining Wall

Multi-Tiered Planter
Multiple levels of planting is a great idea when you have ample scope to design a hilly landscape to apply stones in the retaining walls. Symmetrical rectangles of stones or veneers can create a vertical grid design on the wall.Protruding tops of flat stone slices make design stable and with some utility in planting. The curved design of planters adds versatility and innovations. The rustic look of Sandstones and classic colors along with granular textures add more beauty to it. Matching pavers on the ground adds one more feather in the design and make it gorgeous.

11. Stone Retaining Walls Creating Labyrinth in Garden for Kids

Creating a labyrinth with stone walls for kids is an innovative concept. A small patio with a fire pit seems attractive. Planting between slim spaces and paths look gorgeous in the outdoor scene. The judicious use of stone pieces brings beauty and natural aesthetic in the entire scene by providing a great playground for the kids or children of little age.

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12. Stepping Stone Path & Patio Retaining Walls

Stepping Stone Path
When you have a garden patio connected with a spiral stepping stone path, matching stones in retaining walls look cool. Curved stone walls asides of walking path make journey delightful.Steps in stair path along with stepping stones create seamless walking experiences and whitish glare dominating in the retaining stone walls soothing the eyes. Color variations with mild hues of blue, brown apart from white stones look dazzling when sun rays shred lights on it.

13. Stair Way with Ornate Retaining Wall

Stair Way
A stairwell surrounded by retaining stone walls touches our hearts, particularly when the ornate design of a water feature going to create a sumptuous design. The ornamental elements have a mirror-like creation casting stones and bowels to flow the water out and drop on stone pebbles beneath it.Stone pavers with the same kinds of stones used in the retaining wall matching things great. Slate stones with a bluish tint and some with brownish-red hues create mosaic impacts when a vertical grid layout is emphasizing the overall design.

14. Outdoor Kitchen Wall

Outdoor Kitchen Wall
An outdoor kitchen is not a new thing in modern architecture. However, retaining walls with slate stone veneers is certainly an innovative design approach. Matching stair steps, kitchen countertop, and sidewalls of the kitchen counter create lyrics within a theming appearance.Stacked stone design on retaining and side walls adorning the smooth yet hornet polished surfaces of countertop and stair steps. Wooden floor creates a few contrasting impacts but not burning eyes at first glance.

15. Tudor Realm on the Stone Wall of a Water Feature

Tudor realm becomes apparent in the scene with stone walls creating a statuesque water feature. Copper to red hues in natural stones add an artisan feeling in overall ambiance, and water pond makes it a grandiose scene. Golden colored stones used in the stairway provide dazzling background in the entire scene.Golden rustic Sandstones used in the deck of the pool supporting the theming appearance and beautify of green plants and flowers add more flavors in the scene. A mix of regular and irregular stones in the construction of walls of the water features granting classic look.

16. Rock Fountain in Stone Boundary Wall

A fantastic rock retaining wall creates a serene scene with a water feature. Retaining walls and surrounded dwarf walls to the mini water pool create seating benches for passersby and beckons to sit for a while on it and enjoy the delightful ambiance. Bluish slate stones on the top of walls and irregular flagstone pavers under the foot are elements to cool eyes of onlookers.

17. Pool & Patio Stone with Walls

Backyard swimming pool, attached stone patio, and stone retaining walls in landscape design show the affinity of designer and homeowner toward the natural stones. The natural stones walls encompassing the foliage as well as dwarf walls encircling the pool, patio, and the fire pit.These curvatures in landscape design bring life and create spatial differences in the eyes. The matching stones have used in the stair steps, walkway, and patio paving emphasis a well-curated theme in itself.

18. Outdoor Shower with Stone Wall

Just like an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower is in mainstream architectural design. An accent wall with stones creates rustic appearances. Thick stacked stones in irregular shapes bring natural beauty in your bath spaces. Bath floor with large flagstones and mix of gravels create a wild look-n-feel in your bathing space.

19. Rock Walls as Patio Seating

Rock Walls
Stacked stone walls with cut stone slabs on the top serve double purposes, one as retaining wall and another is patio seating around a mobile fire pit.

20. Curved Rock Wall around Fire Pit in Backyard Patio

Curved Rock Wall
Here a curved rock wall made of irregular shaped stones and color variation seems attractive in the modern patio outfit. An attached bench to the curved stone wall made of stones defines seating space around the mobile fire pit.Dwarf retaining walls around the patio, planters, and entry spot of the patio are matching the theme of the stone wall around the fire pit.

At the End of the Day:

These are a couple of examples to create a custom design with natural stone walls in your exterior spaces. However, you can get more from a stone consultant who used to eat and breathe natural stones in his/her life. World of Stones, USA has seasoned stone design consultants to help you or pinpoint a valid architecture or contractor in your vicinity.

Moreover, you will find a big inventory of stones for various exterior applications meeting your natural stone needs in modern concepts. Let’s talk about it.

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