8 Ways Natural Stone Can Increase Your Home’s Value in 2019

8 Ways Natural Stone Can Increase Your Home’s Value in 2019

Mar 28, 2023

Every homeowner is looking for ways to increase the value of the property. There are many ways to do so, and using natural stones in home construction as well as restoration projects is an assured way to do it. World of Stones USA is giving good hints regarding it.

Property investors always are thinking about the best return. Therefore, they are looking for ways to increase their homes’ appraisal value year-after-year. If you are among that folk, my post may help you to increase the reselling value of your home and garner high profit at the end.

Before thinking about anything or taking any action, we must know what a home appraisal value is and how it can increase. The home appraisal is an estimation of the reselling value of your home, and it counts based on some key factors, such as

  • Size of property
  • Location of property
  • Exterior or curb appeal
  • Interior Features
  • Exterior Features
  • Essential and additional facilities & Updates
  • Longevity/Durability of construction material
  • Wear & tear effects or maintenance needs of property

Out of these factors, the size and location of the property have been decided at the time of purchase, and we cannot make any difference in these factors once the deal has closed. Now, we have a rests of the factors to work on to improve the reselling value of the property. Let’s discuss those remaining factors.

1. Longevity or Durability of Construction Material

Somewhat aged houses were constructed from bricks and mortar combinations. Solid stone cubes and woods have used as a structural or framing material. However, modern houses have RCC as a structural material, and cement-concrete bricks are common material of the construction.


The manufactured tiles are usually found in those houses as flooring and wall cladding material. Woods in doors, windows, and cabinets are usual material along with some steel frames.

Natural Stones the Most Durable Construction Material

If you scientifically examine the properties of these modern construction materials, natural stones seemingly set on the top thanks to their durability, usability, and natural appeals. Natural stones are not easily crack or break with day-to-day life activities.

2. Wear & Tear Effects or Maintenance Needs of Property

Over time, property gets wear & tear due to various factors such as

  • Dusting
  • Heat in summer
  • Snow or frost in winter
  • Rain on rainy days
  • Effect of organic debris including tree leaves and branches in exterior
  • The growth of natural flora like bacteria, fungus/molds, and lichens
  • Mild earthquake and storms

When a scientific survey was carried out on withstanding capabilities of various materials used in the construction industry, natural stones were obvious and the top winners.


  • Well finished surfaces of natural stones are easy to sweep with manual or mechanical dusters.
  • Mop/cloth cleaning with plain cold or warm water can remove most dirt and stains.
  • Detergent powders are effective in the majority of stain cleaning
  • Stones are heat resistant, and some stone types are best for it, so exterior paving in summer remains cool enough to walk with bare feet.
  • Granite-like siliceous stones are best for kitchen countertops.
  • Stones are strong to stay intact in snowfall or frost climate conditions.
  • Stones are water-resistant and withstand easily in a humid climate. With proper slops, water drains quickly on stone surfaces, and dampening effects are less compared to other materials.
  • The growth of natural flora found less and almost ineffective on stone surfaces compared to bricks and even cement-concrete materials.

The most interesting thing is that over time natural stones look more beautiful due to some wear & tear effects. Therefore, instead of decreasing the value of the property, it increases the beauty and hence appraisal estimation.

3. Exterior or Curb Appeal of the Property

curb appeal

Curb appeal means how your property looks from the street or road. It is a matter of the first impression a guest can catch for your property. It is because property buyers will enter the home through the front door. Therefore, before the entry, your clients have some moments to look at your property on the front side.


It is a walking path or driveway, the porch at the front door, walls and siding at the front exterior, garden or plantation around the entrance, and garage front. These are some components of the property that may count in exterior appeal. So, what you can do to improve all and enhance the curb appeal of your property?

  • Clad the wall with stone veneer
  • Siding with natural stones
  • Use stones in sills, headers, and water table
  • Use stones in the construction of sidewalks, porch stage, pergolas, and decorative construction elements
  • Use stones in pillars and trims

4. Beautify Gardens with Natural Stones

Beautify Gardens

Well maintained garden catch the attention of buyers at first glance. To beautify the garden, you can use natural stones in different ways. For instance,

  • Rise the plantation beds with stone walls and coping
  • Stone plant containers
  • Create paths and driveways with stone paving and siding.
  • In the construction of the stone patios, fire features, and water features of the garden.

External walls of property and garden must-have stones as a structural and decorative material.

5. Enhance Backyard with Natural Stones

Enhance Backyard

Backyard patio and deck are not luxuries but a necessity today. Patios used to harbor recreational activities for the family and guests, parties, barbeque, and religious to social ceremonies.

Siliceous stones like sandstone, granite, and slate are the ideal material for patio constructions. Some use limestone, flagstones, and bluestones containing calcareous stones for patio construction. Today marbles with proper sealing and coating are becoming trendy.

6. Augment Interior Features with Natural Stones

Interior flooring has several advantages in offering natural beauty, style and pattern options, durability, maintainability, and most importantly appraisal credits. The right choice of stone types for interior paving like marbles, travertine, limestone, and granites are the favorite choices of buyers to see in the property.

Interior Features

Wall cladding with natural stone veneer is the highly preferred material option to make your interior classic yet modern in look-n-feel. Windows and door frames with stones look decent internally as well as externally.

7. Essential and Additional Facilities with Natural Stones

Today people look at baths, toilets, and kitchens carefully while buying an existing property. If you invest in renovation and adding facilities with modern amenities, it increases the reselling values of your property a lot with a decent return.


Travertine, marbles, and granites are available in the coarse surfaces to smooth finishing grades. You can use appropriate grade stones for bathrooms with matching colors with the theme and get non-slip surfaces in the bathrooms and toilets.



Kitchen flooring, countertops, washbasin tops, and cabinet tops are spaces where the appropriate choice of stones improve appearance as well as usability. You can clad interior fireplaces and chimneys with stone veneers or use stone cubes (Whole Stones) in the construction to bring classic ambiance.

8. Exterior Features

Exterior amenities such as a swimming pool in the garden, water fountain or water feature, fire feature or fireplace, garage, view, and yard are something, which is considering luxurious facilities for an affluent family. Natural stones are durable, sturdy, and beautiful materials to augment these luxuries.

exterior feature

  • Construct the swimming pool along with its components like bottom, sides, coping, and attached floor space using appropriate types of natural stones.
  • Water features using rocks and stone slabs are looking marvelous when decorated with lighting, waterfalls, and water flower plants.
  • Water fountains with travertine and granite stones are eye-soothing features.
  • Fire features like a fire pit with stones are a safe and long-lasting option.
  • Garage with stone frame and wall cladding with stone veneer is a value-adding feature.

Where to Obtain Quality Stones for Your Home Restoration?

To meet the demand of a discerning eye in the market, World of Stones USA is an ideal place to find a huge inventory of natural stones for exterior and home restoration needs with quality products at reasonable rates.



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