Interior Wall Cladding – Natural Stones for a Unique Style

Interior Wall Cladding – Natural Stones for a Unique Style

Mar 26, 2023

The other day I had a homeowner reach out to me asking for consulting services. He had hired a contractor for interior design for his home restoration task.

And the homeowner was obviously getting tired of spending money on frequent restoration with ceramic tiles on walls and floors across all areas of the house.

Now, the homeowner was not in favor of ceramic tiles again. The contractor was also not coming up with a feasible idea within the budget. So, I inquired about how much his budget was. Upon his reply, I realized that the budget was sufficient to install natural stone slabs, but the contractor was not keen to install the same due to his margin constraints.

To solve the issue, I suggested to him natural stones for interior wall cladding and stone slabs for flooring. I asked him to visit the World of Stones USA website for understanding the benefits of using natural stones for wall cladding. 

Some questions might spring into your mind. What is the stone wall cladding? Why is stone veneer the best option today? Let us find out.

Stone Wall Cladding 

It is a decorative wall covering made of natural stones layering walls made up of materials other than whole rocks. Interior wall cladding stones may be natural stone slabs or tiles of large to small sizes.

No point going forward in the technicality of the term ‘Stone Wall Cladding’;  let me make you understand the three basic types of stone cladding practices prevailing in the market today for better clarity. 

Traditional Handset Stone Wall Cladding

The first one is the traditional handset stone wall cladding. Most of us are quite familiar with it because it has been implemented for decades. We used to attach stone tiles or slabs to a pre-constructed load-bearing structure, and today it is called RCC (Reinforced Cement-Concrete) columns & brick-n-mortar walls.

Cement-sand mortar adheres to stone tiles or slabs with walls. So, there is no need for you to create any additional load-bearing structure. In 90% of cases, I recommend the traditional handset wall cladding method by hiring an experienced stonemason or a contractor.

It offers you immense freedom to bring the beauty of nature to your home. See how marbles are robust with a plethora of natural grains and veins on its surfaces, triggering your imagination towards lovely shapes and characters that were naturally drawn by a paintbrush. 

You can cut tiny pieces of stone tiles or some large slabs out of a single huge rock in the stone quarry and use them again on your wall canvas. This way, you can create a mesmerizing portrait on your walls,  which will amplify the beauty of your home. 

Rain screen Stone Wall Cladding

The next practice and principle is rain screen cladding — a highly advanced method to mitigate several issues with one shot. A stone panel installation, either with a hidden system or an exposed clip system, can create a ventilated cavity between the cladding stone and the wall.

It can safeguard your walls from rainwater by creating a safe drainage system. It will also halt heat and cold waves passing through exterior facing walls. So, keep the condition of your walls long-lasting and prevent the fading of its color over time caused due to any environment-born issues by using Rain screen Stone Wall Cladding. 

Rain screen stone wall cladding is in great demand for exterior wall decoration. 

Natural Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding

Let us look at the next generation stone wall cladding method which is in high demand in current times. It is known as Natural Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding. 

Stone veneers are made of thin slices of natural rocks, and most of the smaller sizes are in rectangular shapes. Natural rocks are sliced up to ¾ inch to 1¼ inch thick & lighter in weight than stone tiles.

Advantages of Interior Wall Cladding with Natural Stones

I have already discussed natural stones’ advantages in wall cladding in one of my previous blogs. Let me share them again for a better understanding. 

I prefer natural stones for wall cladding against all possible interior wall decoration ideas because of natural stones’ ability to provide highly personalized scenic views in different homes along with low maintenance properties. 

Let me explain this to you by taking examples of different rooms in your houses and how Natural Stone Wall Cladding fits into all of them.  

Stone Wall Cladding in Wet Areas

Natural stones in highly wet areas like bathroom wall cladding can provide you with anti-slip properties and will also ensure the longevity of the walls. Cleaning the walls is hassle-free in comparison to granite or even sophisticated marbles. Slip resistance properties along with the beauty of natural stones can give you a wonderful bathing experience. 

Stone Wall Cladding in Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important yet sensitive areas in your house. Because the walls in the kitchen are vulnerable to a lot of wear & tear,  natural stones wall cladding can help you beat all these persisting issues in the kitchen like the problem of wet areas, heat, vapor, spills, scratches, etc.

Therefore, I suggest siliceous rocks like quartzite or granite stone veneers because they are rough & tough in nature and can overcome all the above-mentioned issues in a typical kitchen!

Also, I have warned many clients against the use of marbles in the kitchen due to the weaker maintenance properties of calcareous rocks. You should avoid using them. 

Stone Wall Cladding in Living Areas with Liana Murals

World of Stones USA  is renowned for creating crafted stones masterpieces.

We can decorate your drawing room or living room by using a seamless amalgamation of natural stone slabs with the latest crafting technologies and techniques.

Wall Cladding with Gold Décor in Bedroom

Gold is a dream metal forever. Moreover, simulation of gold can create a vibrant milieu even in your bedroom. Our natural stone slabs with Gold Décor finishes can replicate the same when used in wall cladding.

Wall Cladding with Beige Marble in Study Room

The beige marble stone pieces with embossed flower petals on the walls will bring serenity to your study room. 

Natural Stone Wall Cladding in Drawing Room with Etched Murals

The drawing-room demands something special to keep your guests engaged when they are waiting for you. Natural stone wall cladding with etched murals in the drawing-room can accomplish this purpose. 

Wall Cladding in Porch with Up-Down Stone Tiles

Do you wish to incorporate 3D effects in your wall cladding? World of Stones USA has a range of stone tiles specially crafted to create 3D effects on your walls. Our up-down stone tiles are one of the products you can use to decorate your porch.

Stone Wall Cladding Around Fireplace with Ledger Panel 

The Ledger panel with stone veneer seems alluring and syncs astoundingly with the fireplace in your interior arena. You can get a classic look with an antique simulation of a stone ledger panel.

Wall Cladding in Office Meeting Room with Stone Mosaics 

A natural stone mosaic is a luxury. You can beautify your office meeting room by putting it up on one of the walls.

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