5 Ways to Prevent Weed Growth Between Paving Stones

5 Ways to Prevent Weed Growth Between Paving Stones

Mar 28, 2023

Oops! Weeds between Pavers

So, you have installed your patio paving using the high-quality natural stone pavers looking gorgeous. Now, one year has passed, and it started getting dreadful due to the unwanted growth of weeds. You might wonder how weeds emerged instantaneously in your garden paths, patio pavers, or driveways. If you have a look closely at your stone-brick patio, which has crevice in between the pieces and growth of grass between pavers.

Of course, these crevices are responsible for the formation of simple to fascinating designs on one hand. The same also become the cause of harboring notorious weed infestations. Dispersion of weeds may take place through any route, but seeds are certainly coming from your vicinity, be it your garden or from the neighborhood, and resulting in the grass between pavers.

Unfortunately, we are helpless to stop the dispersion of seeds of weeds, but certainly can stop its growth and remove sprouted seeds or already grown weeds.

Let’s See How to Stop Weeds From Growing Between Pavers

The first thing should first. You have to remove the already grown weeds first and think of its preventions later. Let’s get some good clues to know that how to stop weeds from growing in your stone-brick patio or driveways.

Stop Weeds

1. Removing Weeds Manually or by Weed Pickers/Removers

It is true that picking weeds by hands demands exhaustive endeavors and some investment of tools. You have to wear hand/garden gloves. It is because you have to work with damp soil. Dampening of soil is essential to ease the picking the weed plants right from the roots and pool those up easily.

You must follow the tips given below to know how to remove weeds.

Select tight-fitting garden gloves to get a good grip. Garden gloves save your hands from being dirty by wetted soil and hazardous living organisms residing in the damp soil.

Select comfortable knee pads to wear because you have to bend down for longer, and knee pads will save you from being dirty your clothes as well as any injury or insect bite.

Keep a moving trolley or dustbin to collect the weed along with picking up the process, so you have enough resting period in between the monotonous picking process.

Use a billhook or crack-weeder for wider cracks and a serrated kitchen knife for narrow cracks to pull up weeds right from the roots.

2. Killing Weeds by Applying Natural Remedies to Stop Weed Growth Between Paving Stones

If you prefer green/environmentally safe ways to remove weeds from your backyard or garden patio, to follow are time-tested natural remedies those work at far cheaper rates. For instance, a baking soda weed killer is one of those.

Using Backing Soda Weed Killer to Dry Out Stone-Brick Patio Weeds:

Baking soda is chemically known as Sodium Bicarbonate. Technically, it overloads weed with salts and absorbs cellular water from the tissues of weed. Eventually, the roots of the weed dry out, and it dies. The baking soda weed killer is an excellent choice due to instant availability.

Apply Vinegar to Dry Out Patio Weeds:

Vinegar, just like Baking Soda is chemically acetic acid. Technically, it draws the moisture out of the plant tissues including roots, and leads the plant to death within a day or two.

Use Common Salt to Kill Patio Weeds:

Common Salt is chemically Sodium Chloride. When it used as an oversaturated solution in a 3:1 (Salt-:-Water) ratio, it dehydrates any plant including weeds of your pavers. Repeat the process monthly until the new sprouting of weeds stops.

Pour Boiling Water to Kill Patio Weeds:

It is an extremely inexpensive and simple way to kill the weed plants growing in cracks of the patio paving or garden paths. The best way is to apply a grass cutter machine before boiling water treatment. It will open up the crown of the weed plants and provide space to hot drip water into the deep soil.

3. Burn Weeds with a Weed Torch/Blowtorch to Prevent Weed Growth

Using fire flames to burn the weed plants is an instant remedy for centuries. It demands extreme precautions when applied in an open space. Avoid usage near storage area, wooden parts of the building, useful plants nearby, and keep your clothes, kids, and other dry plants away while using it.

4. Apply Chemical Treatment to Kill & Stop Growth of Weeds between Paving Stones

Today, many herbicides or weedicides available in the market, which are safe to apply at different stages of weed growth. For example, pre and post-emergence stages of weed growth.


Pre-Sprouting/Emergence Weedicide

Pre-emergent weedicides are preventing the sprouting/germination of seeds of various weeds hidden in between the soil of patio stone cracks. It kills the key enzymes causing sprouting in seeds.

Post-Sprouting/Emergence Weedicide

Post-germination weedicides are killing the weed plants right after the germinating or any stage of their lifecycle when applied in the right concentration. Most of the post-sprouting herbicides acting on a specific genre of weed plants.

Selective Type of Herbicide

Selective types of herbicides act on the only specific genre of weed plants. It inhibits the sprouting of seeds at the pre-emergent stage. Similarly, it kills the weeds at the post-emergent stage.

Non-Selective Type of Herbicide

Nonselective types of herbicide can kill any plant, whether it is a weed or a useful plant in your garden grown nearby your patio pavement or path. Therefore, use it carefully for stone or brick patios, sidewalks, and driveways including grass driveway pavers.

Contact Poison Type of Herbicide

As its name suggests, it acts only when it comes to the contact of any part of the weed plant. It kills weeds immediately and dangerous while spraying in a residential area where the wind blows high or kids are playing around the brick patio.

Systemic Poison Type of Herbicide

As its name suggests, it absorbed by the weed plants when spraying on any parts or tissues of the plant. It is dispersing in the entire internal system of the plant including roots, stems, branches, and leaves, and disturbs the key enzymatic processes within the plant and kill it gradually. It is completely safe when applied carefully in residential areas, including a stone-brick patio.

5. Apply Polymeric Sand to Stop the Growth of Weeds between Paving Stones

In the old days, patio owners were removing old contaminated sands from cracks & sand between pavers in patio or bricks of brick patio. They used to fill up the crevices in stone pavers or brick patio with new or fresh sands between pavers.

Unfortunately, it alleviated weed growth only for a limited period of seasons. It proves expensive when carried out frequently within a short span. It also looses the bonds of the structure of the stone-brick patio due to frequent operations.

Fortunately, today we have the latest technologies called artificial sand granules made from polymeric chemicals. It binds or glues the sand particles after activation by water. Upon drying, it gets hard and cements the stones in pavers or bricks in brick patio to prevent the invasion of seeds of weeds.

The prevention mechanism of polymeric sand is as follows.

EnviroSand is a known brand in polymeric sand manufacturers. It has plant glue, which converts into a gel when wetted with water. The gel prevents washout of sands and acts as the first line of defense to stop weed growth. It also has high pH, which ultimately inhibits the future growth of seeds and plant sprouts in the sand between pavers of stone-brick patio & grass driveway pavers.


How World of Stones USA Helps You to Prevent Weed Growth Between Paving Stones in stone-brick patio & Grass Driveway Pavers.


roots of weed (2)


after weed (1)

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