10 Small Patio Paver Ideas for Backyard or Garden Area

10 Small Patio Paver Ideas for Backyard or Garden Area

Mar 28, 2023

A lot has been written on big patio pavers like tiles and slabs. Now, it is time to discuss something on small patio pavers, enabling us to utilize small spaces in our large to smaller homes. 

Now, I see the possibility of a question that can spruce up your mind.

What Are Small Patio Pavers?

As the name suggests, small patio pavers are smaller than tiles and slabs with standard sizes. They could be:

  • Bricks
  • Setts
  • Blocks
  • Cobblestone 

Now, let me give you a little introductory journey of each member of the patio paver.

Natural Stone Bricks:

Brick is a masonry unit, and we have adequate knowledge of bricks. There are clay bricks, stone bricks, and cement-concrete bricks. But today, I am focusing only on stone bricks as World of Stones USA is a hub of stone products for the dimension industry in the USA.

natural stone brick

Bricks have standard sizes, and they differ in each country. We are familiar with the dimensions of walling bricks. However, stone bricks are available in the market in many different types, sizes, colors, and textures. And you can consult a stone supplier in your vicinity for a customized order.

Natural Stone Setts:

According to Wikipedia, “A sett (paving), also known as a block, Belgian block or sampietrini, is a broadly rectangular quarried stone used in paving roads and walkways. Setts are usually made of granite. A sett is distinct from a cobblestone in that cobblestone is quarried or worked to a regular shape. In contrast, the set is generally a small, naturally-rounded rock.”

World of stones offers standard dimensions for its stone setts products. You will find a spectrum of colors and natural stone patterns to décor your spaces.

Natural Stone Blocks:

Smaller stone cubes with regular or irregular shapes are stone blocks. 

Apart from bricks and setts, blocks offer great flexibility in landscape & construction design in various projects. Block pavers are available in square, rectangle, and polygon shapes. Walkway and driveway paving contractors and stonemasons usually prefer stone blocks for the sake of strength and durability characteristics. 

Natural Cobblestone:

Cobbles are natural stones with sizes ranging from 2.5 to 10inches and with regular or irregular shapes. Cobblestones are larger than pebbles and smaller than boulders. 

Cobblestone pavers used to come in square or rectangular shapes. Cobblestones are mostly used for pavement roads, paths & driveways in building landscapes and gardens. Cobblestones are generally occurring in nature, while setts, bricks, and cubes are quarried stones with natural clefts or various surface finishes/textures.

With this elementary knowledge about small stone patio pavers, we will explore at least ten small patio paver ideas for your backyard or garden areas. I will describe where we can apply these small stone patio pavers in your building and outdoor landscape.

#01 – Small Patio Pavers for Backyard Patios

When the season is upon us where life tends to move gradually outdoors. And the backyard patio becomes the first choice to enjoy sultry summer days & starlit nights. Your preference for small patio pavers remains ideal for each activity, including recreation, barbeque, or a party with your friends or guests.

Backyard patio offers luxury for many to have a family meeting or outdoor eating. Setts from World of Stones USA are ideal candidates for your small patio paver ideas if you love to apply!

#02 – Small Patio Pavers for Garden Patios

Add your design signature by applying stone bricks in the construction of the garden patio. Simple stretcher bonds with borders look charming within a spectrum of colors emerging from plant and tree blossoms. Circular patios and approach paths, all with stone bricks, seem sumptuous at a glance.

#03 – Small Patio Pavers for Front-Yard Deck or Porch

Façade or front-yard is the place we welcome our home’s visitors. The stone block pavers offer us tremendous creativity for deck or porch design. Overlapping circles in the shapes of fans extremely beautifying your outdoor spaces.

Place the chairs and tables in your front-yard patio or deck/porch and spend your relaxing moments in excellent ways or ship a cup of coffee/tea with your friend or guest in the mild sunlight of a morning with a stone floor under your foot!

#04 – Small Patio Pavers for Pathway or Walkway 

Small patio pavers like cobblestones prove an ideal choice in creating a sturdy, durable, and pleasant pathway in your garden or landscape.

#05 – Small Patio Pavers for Driveway

Natural stone setts are a fantastic selection for the construction of your driveway. You can find a range of colors and sizes at World of Stones USA situated in Maryland or from its distributors across the nation.

With the right paver base, you can make a long-lasting driveway using small stone pavers. Stone pavers have a great load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the appearance of colors and texture on natural stone sets remains for decades and slowly fades by creating time-worn impacts.

#06 – Small Patio Pavers for Swimming Pool Deck & Pool Coping

I have observed one thing in the case of paving for swimming pool decks, and that is flagstone. However, we can apply stone bricks as small patio pavers on the deck. We can make this luxurious area of your landscape more beautiful. Stone bricks allow us to create various laying patterns.

Tumbled, flamed, and sand-blasted stone surface texture can render this wet area slip-free. 

#07 – Small Patio Pavers As Stepping Stones

Today, stepping stones with small patio pavers like stone bricks are trendy. It provides immense freedom in the garden or landscape design. You can fill pebbles between the stone edge restraints and place stone setts in a uniform path with regular spacing. Thus, you can augment natural beauty to the next level using these natural stone elements.

#08 – Small Patio Pavers for Steps or Outdoor Stairs

Creating steps or stairs in your landscape or garden is a cloying idea. The use of stone treads and risers is an inviting idea as per my opinion. The entire notion remains cost-effective yet exerting a classic impact on your landscape. Stone bricks as risers offer flexibility and ease in the installation.

#09 – Small Patio Pavers for Fire Pits 

Whole stone blocks in raw form look classic and charming. You can bring those aesthetics to your firepit and patio construction.

#10 – Small Patio Pavers for Retaining Walls or Seat Walls

Retaining walls in your garden with stone bricks offer a strong structure in crafting various landscape spaces. 

The larger stone piers over stone bricks turn into the seat walls to relax from a long walk and enjoy the surroundings’ natural beauty.



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