10 Benefits to Choose Natural Stone Pool Coping

10 Benefits to Choose Natural Stone Pool Coping

Mar 25, 2023

The swimming pool in hot climatic regions is a luxury and nice addition when you have to cope with scorching heat in summer.

Types of Swimming Pools

By Usage

However, swimming pools are of different types. For instance,

  • Most Private or residential swimming pools whether they belong to a garden or in a backyard patios and use for leisure activities.
  • Hospitality and healthcare industries host Commercial swimming pools and use them for exercise, recreation, and therapeutic aims.
  • Civic bodies create Public swimming pools, learning, and recreational purposes.
  • The swimming sports clubs or bodies & educational institutions build Competition Pools to held swimming competitions or tournaments.
  • Resorts have Infinity Pools simulating the infinite edge of the water by matching with the sky or seawater to woo their customers.

By Construction

The above-ground pools are a few in practice only ocean-liner, and cruise ship pools are of an above-ground type.

The majority of private swimming pools are in-ground pool types.

Some are ranging in between and term as semi-types of a swimming pool.

Anatomy of a Swimming Pool

The common structural and architectural elements of a swimming pool remain almost the same in all kinds of pools. Size, shape, depth, and water flow only are changing among the different types.

  • Basin or bottom-floor creates a bottom of the water reservoir of the pool
  • Sidewalls help in water retention in the pool reservoir and provide a barrier to the land surrounding the pool reservoir.
  • The pool deck offers floors on the surrounding surface of the pool.
  • Pool coping gives an edge to the top border of the pool and boundaries to the pool deck.

So, today we are going to discuss the benefits of pool coping, particularly with natural stone material. Before it, we must know the basics of pool coping like types of pool coping at tech viewpoints.

Types of Pool Coping

Now, we know what a pool coping is, and most of us who are accustomed to the construction industry or civil/architectural disciplines are know it well. However, I would like to cite three major types of swimming pool copings:

Cantilever-edge Coping – create an edge that hangs slightly over the water of the pool.

Flat-mount Coping – has an edge with flat corners and not hanging over the water.

Why We Need Swimming Pool Coping

The main purpose is to direct splash out of the water to pool again and keep it away from going into deck drain or spreading on the deck surface. Some more miscellaneous reasons are:

  1. Prevent water penetration in the area behind the pool shell.
  2. Protect debris of leaves and dirt, which are used to flow with wind current entering into the pool water.
  3. Support automatic pool cover through mechanical devices
  4. Cut risks of slipping for swimmers by providing a non-slip surface at the edge.

Apart from these reasons described above, I see several lucrative benefits in investing in the construction of a swimming pool using natural stone like superb material. Yes, natural stones are an excellent choice out of all materials used in the construction of pool coping viz. Wood, Bricks, RCC, and manufactured tiles. Of course, I can give you solid reasons to back my arguments in favor of natural rocks, and those are:

Benefits of Swimming Pool Coping

1. Natural stone pool coping is aesthetically pleasing.

It is a fact that natural stones have natural beauty. Rocks have grains, patterns, colors, styles, and the ability to receive polishing or finishing treatments, be it mechanical or chemical. Each stone is unique in itself. Fragments of a big rock in query give a distinct pattern granted by natural processes during rock formation and overtime geophysical factors.

Righteously treated stones on pool coping beautify the entire swimming pool and bestowed it a glorious charm.

2. Natural paving stone pool coping is durable.

Natural rocks have a significant hardness as a property. Therefore, stones can withstand the load and hits. Viscosity and porosity enable rocks to beat the adversity of weather like extremely hot and cold conditions. Therefore, stones stay longer against rainwater, splashes generated by swimming activity, and frost happens in the extremely cold winter months.

Coping with natural stones keep appearance intact despite day-to-day wear and tear activity.

3. Natural stone pool coping is safe & secure for swimmers and others.

Natural stones accept a different degree of polishing and finishing treatments. Therefore, you can keep the surfaces of stones somewhat coarse to create a non-slip surface. It prevents wet legs from slipping while enjoying diving into the pool water. Swimmers can take a long to short-run easily exercise different kinds of dives. On rainy days, you can walk securely on the wet surfaces of the pool edge and deck area for cleaning and even swimming activities.

4. Natural paving stones pool coping is easy to maintain.

Rocks are tough material, so they cannot break or crack easily. Most of the stones have natural capacities against stains and never accept stains easily, particularly, siliceous stones. Coating or sealing technologies have improved and made calcareous types of stones foolproof against usual wear & tear.

The most important thing is finished, or polished surfaces of stones are easy to clean so you can remove dirt, liquid, and other stains with normal washing and cleaning practices. Normal water, washing detergent solutions, and sometimes vinegar are enough to wash and clean stones.

Coping stones come in big slabs or tiles shapes. It allows easy replacement and restoration if minor to major damages occur. You can replace affected slabs or tile pieces quickly and need to change the entire floor at a time.

5. Natural stones for swimming pool coping are available in different styles and designs.

We already discussed before that coping of a pool has three major styles, bullnose, cantilever, and flat-mount. You can customize your stones by applying a combination of styles. You can set different shapes of stones for coping and create a unique pattern, layout, and design to give a pleasant yet functional appearance that your guests may love.

6. Natural paving stone pool coping helps in the retention of sidewalls of the pool.

Swimming pool side walls bear two side load resistance. One from the mass of water in the body of the pool and another from the landmass under the foot of the deck. Here, pool coping technically prevents any damage to the side walls by covering those on the top.

Natural stones by nature are a structural element and help in bear load as well as keep the wall straight and rigid against the forces.

7. Natural stone pool coping is enhancing property value.

We know natural stone paving is expensive when high-quality stones have used in the construction of pool coping structures. Improved aesthetics by the natural beauty of rocks increase the property value over time. The beauty of the stones is not fading rapidly. Instead, it augments with the pace of time and wears & tear impacts.

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8. Natural stones for swimming pool coping are available at the budgeted rates.

The market is stiffly competitive for stone export-import and supply. It has brought prices of natural stones equivalent to other construction materials like swimming pool coping with RCC and manufactured tiles.

Moreover, stones are durable and require low maintenance. Therefore, natural stones prove cheaper in the long run even you pay a bit high price at the present moment.

9. Natural stone for pool coping is available easily and in the required quantity.

Today, stone manufacturing, export-import, and shipping are easy, quick, and cheaper than ever. It has slashed the rates. Cutting, finishing, polishing, coating, sealing, and installation technologies are getting advanced with the pace of time.

If you order in bulk, you can get a customized supply with minimum or free delivery incentives. Stones have a lot of varieties to produce. You have the freedom to select colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles of stones out of a big inventory available in the premise of a supplier in your vicinity or can give online order for a distance.

10. Natural stone for pool coping is available in a wide variety of stone types.

We know the improved scenario of export-import has made the availability of various types of stones easy across the nations. Therefore, you have plenty of options to select your stone types to create an amazing swimming pool coping. The following types are highly used in the USA and across the globe.

  • Granite stones for swimming pool coping
  • Sandstone for swimming pool coping
  • Limestone for swimming pool coping
  • Slate for swimming pool coping
  • Travertine stones for swimming pool coping
  • Marble stones for swimming pool coping

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