Flagstone Pavers – Best Natural Stone for Your Backyard Patio Design

Flagstone Pavers – Best Natural Stone for Your Backyard Patio Design

Mar 28, 2023

You may get surprised knowing that flagstone is not a geological term; rather it is a colloquial term for a group of stones that carry similar attributes. Sandstone, limestone, slate, travertine, and some similar rocks. The common characteristics are very natural & organic look-n-feel. Earthy shades of colors, and irregular to regular shapes.

Flagstone is a sturdy and durable natural stone material with non-slip surfaces. Therefore, consider it a great choice for exterior applications where resistance to weather, wear & tear, and load-bearing capacities are essentiality.

The backyard patio is a common and major exterior application, and flagstone used for centuries to construct various types of patios around the globe. Flagstones are available mostly in irregular shapes and regular shapes as well. It provides enough room to create an innovative design with the right combination. Of course, it requires expert and experienced stonemasons or contractors to install flagstones according to your custom layouts and designs.

Why Flagstone the Best Natural Stone for Backyard Patio Design?

I consider the flagstones as the best natural stone choice for your backyard patio design. To support my perspective, I am going to give you a picturesque tour of the current post. Let’s begin it!

Flagstone in Your Patio for the Sake of Naturalistic Appearance

If you run on a low budget and go DIY way to construct your backyard patio with simple but the most natural-looking design, irregular flagstone slabs are getting to go quickly option among the natural stones. It also offers stacked stone walls surrounding your patio to add a more naturalistic appearance.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Beautiful Simplicity

When you have a smaller area available for patio design, a combination of regular, irregular, and some pavers works great to yield a beautiful yet simple patio for you.Create a circle with irregular flagstone pieces. Demark the periphery of the circle with small square-shaped stones uses regularly shaped flagstone pieces outside of the circle & its periphery.

Leave some spaces outside the circle open for paver installation to give the space a permeability for water and design variation.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Rustic Appearance

The use of sun-bleached flagstone creates a rustic background. Smoothly flowing design with irregular stones and little variations in color shades bring out the natural beauty of flagstones. Apart from patio paving, raised the floor for bar areas, water features, waterfall tile, and steps, all with similar flagstone material setting a strong theme to support rustic and natural looks.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Permeable Surfaces & Pure Texture

Most of the natural stones and flagstone, in particular, have natural permeable surfaces to pass the water swiftly instead of letting it retains and create clogs of minerals upon drying on the surfaces. If you install flagstone on the dry base using gravels and leave grouts open instead of sealing with mortar, your garden patio or open patio never will retain the water in heavy rains.When you leave flagstone with natural surfaces with a little touch of polishing or not at all, the coarse surfaces of stones enhance pure texture hidden in stones from where the stone was quarried.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Immense Creativity

Flagstone is available with different textures, patterns, and styles. If you make some creative efforts to bring an innovative design by mixing the textures stones in pattern or layout, you will have a completely unique design perfect for a playground for your kids. Apart from the design resembling a hand, you have enough room to apply other concepts.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Complete Natural Feel

When large-sized and irregularly shaped flagstones laid with big size grout spaces, and without any filler material leaving grasses to grow, you will have a completely natural feel. You can use seeds of hybrid grasses in between the spaces of flagstone and maintain shapes and sizes of grass blossoms to create a beautiful landscape design on your patio.

You can use seeds of hybrid grasses in between the spaces of flagstone and maintain shapes and sizes of grass blossoms to create a beautiful landscape design on your patio.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Themed Appearance

Today, flagstones are available in a wide range of colors and textures in the market. It allows creative designers or stonemasons to install flagstone matching with a theme running in the interior as well as exterior design. If you have wall cladding with deep brown shades of stone and periphery of your patio with wooden boundary wall, brown-colored flagstone sets right in the background floor.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Shining Gleam

With deep and neat polished flagstones, you can create a brushed and lacquered appearance. The shining of stone surfaces adds a posh look-n-feel to your patio in backyard spaces. The bench with the same stones adds a more pleasant appearance. Such careful polishing keeps the natural texture of stones intact, but shining wins the entire game.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Creating Vantage Point

Two-tiered patios with flagstones consist of mostly slate stones provides a comfy dining area immediate to the back door access point. A lower patio with natural seating arrangement and curvy layout by retaining wall provides a comfortable seating experience.

Flagstone in Your Patio for Interesting Terrain

Creating multiple level patio with all kinds of cuts of flagstones leads to multiple levels of entertainment and above landscape design is a superb example of the same. Irregular stones at the core and regular stones on steps of the stairway looks beautiful.

Whole stones merged with retaining walls and sides of stairway seems the most natural here. Wall cladding with matched staked stones gives the impression of a theme running across the landscape.


Installation Requirements for Flagstone Patios

If you have already prepared poured concrete base layers cementing uniform cut or rough cut flagstone pieces is easy by using mortar mixture. Paving flagstone on ground soil needs a base layer with gravel and topped with sands.

After setting pavers on the top of the sand layer, it must be secured with the polymeric sand application as filler to avoid dirt to stay and growth of seeds buried in the ground by solid binding properties.

Flagstone installation always is a custom job and demands artistry skills with enough tools. Hire an expert or contractor may prove a wise decision. Installation demands to shape of the stones and taking prompt decisions to fit it in creative ways to design an alluring layout out of all irregularities.

It is true that maintenance of flagstone becomes a headache particularly when you have set design with irregularly shaped stones. However, today’s availability of a huge inventory with desired variations improves your chances to get expected shapes or sizes of flagstone for restoration or repairing projects, so replacement becomes seamless.

How to be Cost-Effective for Your Flagstone Paving Patio Projects?

In Maryland, the USA, World of Stones is an ideal destination to get the desired quality and quantity of flagstones. You will encounter a huge inventory of natural stones for most exterior applications. Flagstone category of natural stones is available here in a variety of color shades, styles, shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and design kits for DIY projects.



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