Granite Flooring Tiles – All You Need to Know

Granite Flooring Tiles – All You Need to Know

Mar 28, 2023

I invited Jess McBride, a renowned expert home designer to get some excellent ideas for the flooring material that should be natural stone and versatile to go for spaces indoors and outdoors.  

She seemed to agree with my stamp of choice on natural rocks because with natural stones you can bring colors, textures, and natural beauty in your homes or outdoor areas. 

Natural stones add quality and warmth to your living spaces that are hardly possible with any other construction material.

When I placed the catalog of World of Stones USA in front of her, she smiled. Because she was also aware of this top-notched stone supplier known for quality, quantity, and price.

Granite Becomes a Top Choice for Flooring Tiles.

Out of more than a dozen stone types, she has chosen granite for flooring. She remarked, “the hardest natural stone out in the present market is granite. No other stone types hold shine or repel water the way granite stone does.” 

She added, “granite’s resilience is in its shine and hardness. It makes granite an unforgiving surface with unmatched natural beauty.” After a long discussion, I came to know why Jessica preferred granite out of a bunch of natural stone types.

Granite Flooring Tiles Are Available in a Range of Styles.

Jess explained that the origin of granite is igneous rocks. Mother Nature has processed for thousands of years to turn igneous lava into granites. 

Intense crystallization means the high presence of quartz in the composition of granite. These processes take place under extreme heat and pressure, which ultimately change the chemical and physical properties of different compounds & minerals. 

Thanks to these transformations, we finally get a wide range of colors and patterns in granite today. You can find a variety of background colors, such as white, black, brown, blue, beige, and red with either matching or contrasting flakes with different intensities.

This natural beauty of granite often tempts property owners to apply in different living areas, such as living room, bedroom, porch, patio, decks, pool decks, & foyers.

Jess pointed us to some outstanding blogs on different types of granites. For instance, Green GranitesRed GranitesWhite Fantasy Granites, and much more to know things in detail.

Granite Flooring Tiles Are Exceptionally Durable.

The next attractive point in favor of granite was its strength. Jess has placed granite next to diamond based on its Mohs’s Scale, which is ranging around “7” & something. 

It means if anything is accidentally dropped from your hand, chances are quite low to damage the floor made up of granite tiles or slabs. Similarly, chances of getting scratches are also low and let the surface shine and are smooth for decades.

Due to their durability, granite slabs have become the first choice of homeowners for kitchen and other countertops. We know the kitchen countertop is the most used area in a home. Granite has to tolerate extreme heat and cold in the cooking area and it amazingly stays against all possible adversities of utility, including burn, staining, scratches, and spills.

Granite Flooring Tiles Are Astoundingly Weatherproof. 

Jess told me about the next fact of granite, and it was low porosity. A few pores in a rock mean it will not deteriorate by absorbing water or other damaging liquids. It lets us install granite tiles in outdoor paving projects. 

Rainwater or snow hardly damage the look-n-feel of granite. No worries about the winter or rainy season at all.

The same goes for scraping heat during hot summer days. Granite tolerates high temperature & sunlight astoundingly and remains cool.

Such high weather resistance makes granite preferable in indoor wet areas like baths, and outdoor paving.

Granite Flooring Tiles Are Available in a Range of Finishes.

High strength and tolerance enable granite to receive a variety of surface finishes. Jess has displayed some photos of granites used in her flooring & other projects. Smooth and glossy surfaces seemed attractive on countertops, tabletops, and cabinet tops.

Rough and subtly shining finishes like hones, sand-blasted, etc. are seemingly the right choices for flooring in different areas. Roughness in finishes helps us to prevent falling in wet or humid areas in our building.

Different Types of Granites Flooring Tiles.

Now, our appetite for more details has increased tremendously. So, we requested Jess to give us some info regarding common types of granites used in the present construction and dimension stone industry in particular. She agreed soon and handed over a list out of her bag. 

How Granites Get Different Hues?

“When you differentiate granites based on their colors, you must know what determines the colors of granites,” Jess added.

The truth lies in its composition. Typically, granite contains:

  • Quartz – 20-60%
  • Feldspar – 10-65%
  • Micas – 5-15%
  • Amphibole & mineral traces are in minute quantity but highly influencing the colors or hues of granite stones.

Moreover, she told us that the majority of granites are imported from Brazil and India. Fortunately, World of Stones USA is exporting exotic varieties of granites from India. They never disappoint any customer for their choices of colors, textures, and styles.

White Granite

An abundance of quartz milky white minerals makes it a white granite. Black small amphiboles form specks and make them alluring in appearance. Here, deficiency of amphibole or inadequate process to create the desired number of amphiboles leads to the creation of uniform white background in this granite.

Pink Granite

When plentiful potassium occurs in the feldspar, it gets a pinkish color. Moreover, it has small specs of milky and semi-transparent quartz, opaque white feldspar, and dark-brown-black amphiboles at the end create a mesmerizing look on the polished surfaces. You can find uniformity in this granite flooring.

When potassium in the feldspar gets a reddish tone, the granite looks red and is called red granite.

Black & White Granite

This one is the most commonly seen granite across the globe. It has equal parts of quartz, feldspar, & amphiboles. This combination gives a speckled black & white appearance to the granite.

Azul Bahia from Brazil

If a designer runs a theme based on a blue hue, Azul Bahia granite from the State of Bahia, Brazil becomes the most appropriate selection.

It is a semiprecious bedrock granite with extensive veining in bluish background. When this granite is used in the bathroom, it’s as soothing as watery aquas, and it seems predictable to grant you a depth & luxury that’s hard to match.

  • Venetian Gold Granite

You can predict the appearance of this granite based on what its name implies. It has a combination of white and tan hues in the creation of the background. And it is due to feldspar and quartz in composition. Amphiboles, garnets, and mica are giving it dark black and red coloring. The high density of specs makes it plentiful in texture. 

Tan Brown Granite

A very faint pink color in the background and brown and black spots are creating amazing texture. Here, feldspar has traces of potassium that create the pinkish background. Flacks are giving it red & black spots. It refers to tan.

In Baltic Brown granite, everything is the same as in tan brown granite, except feldspar grains, which are larger in size.

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico granite sources from Brazil. It is primarily quartz consisting of pink flacks of feldspar that give it a unique look.

At the end of her long talk, Jess showed us the E-commerce store of World of Stones USA on her mobile. We saw a huge inventory of natural stones and adequate varieties of granite stones for flooring.

Now, we have decided to place a custom order with the help of Jess because she has to make an estimation of raw material. I think everyone has to look at the eCommerce site of World of Stones USA and make an order to see what differentiates them from their competitors.

I firmly believe that after your first experience, you will be a loyal customer forever!



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