How Much Does Paving a Driveway Cost in the USA?

How Much Does Paving a Driveway Cost in the USA?

Mar 21, 2023

When you have a substantial size of a yard, parking, and vehicle, the application and appearance of the driveway remain a matter of concern. 

The first question that pops up in the mind of the landscape owner is the cost. Driveway pavers  and ways to enhance the appearance of the driveway  follow it.

Let’s get a solution to that first question and know home much does paving a driveway cost in the U.S.A., and learn how to calculate the ballpark estimation of constructing a driveway in your yard.

The online storefront of World of Stones USA depicts almost all requirements to count the driveway paving cost on its driveway paving category page  & product pages. For instance,

You can see the name of the paving material, price per square feet of paving, and cost estimation of pavers per package, just below the product page image. 

 If you were eager to know how many pieces of pavers you need for your driveway project, the way is to go to the product page and add the numbers of your estimated total square feet in the input box and press the “CALCULATE” button beside it.

I hope your next query would be how to calculate the total square feet of your driveway?

It needs another online calculator or knowledge of parameters and steps to calculate it. I’m giving you a brief info regarding what metrics you should know for the same.

  • Length of the driveway in linear feet — Suppose it is 24’
  • Width of the driveway in linear feet — Suppose it is 24’
  • Length of one paver in linear inches — Suppose it is 24”
  • Width of one paver in linear inches — Suppose it is 24”

If you input these data into an online calculator and press the button.

Or use your calculator to count everything based on your knowledge of Mathematics. If you have added my assumed estimations in it, you’ll end up with the following results.

  • Area – 576 SF (Square Foot)
  • No. of total pavers needed – 144
  • Crushed gravel or stone grit base (8” thick) – 14.18 YDS (yards)
  • Sand base (1” thick) – 1.77 YDS 
  • Polymeric sand – 17.88 Bags (50 Bags)
  • Material cost – $2,304 to $8640
  • Labor + Material Cost – $5,760 to $14,400

Note: Here the price of material, labor, and other charges are contextual and time-sensitive/dynamic. It means they are subject to change in terms of the location of the buyer and contemporary rates prevailing in the market.

Sizes of Driveway

  • Single way (one car) – 12’ X 24’
  • Double way (Two cars) – 24’ X 24’
  • Triple way (Three cars) – 36’ X 24’
  • Turn around (one car) – 10’ X 20’

Most homeowners prefer a single way or double or Two-way driveway based on their needs. Office owners used to go two ways based on the size of their staff and their vehicles.

Factory owners or public venues may need a triple or three-car driveway so multiple cars or big vehicles can pass on it simultaneously in both directions (in & out.)

Paver Cost for Driveway

We have multiple types of materials as options for driveway paving.

Material  Cost per SF
Brick Pavers $10-$25
Permeable Pavers/Gravels $8-$30
Cobblestone Pavers $20-$50
Concrete Pavers $10-$20
Stone Pavers $10-$30
Grass Pavers $10-$20
Porcelain Pavers $15-$30
Asphalt Paving $1-$5
Rubber Pavers $8-$15

Take care of running inquiries about the material cost near you. A wide variation is found in the cost of material and it depends on many factors so we don’t discuss this here.

Overall Paving Material Costing

  • Pavers – $2-$17/SF
  • Geotextile Fabrics – $0.30-$0.50/SF
  • Class-2 Road Base– $1.20-$1.60/SF
  • Bedding Sand– $0.30-$0.40/SF
  • Edging/Restraints– $0.10-$0.20/SF
  • Joint Polymeric Sand– $0.10-$0.30/SF

Factors Influencing Cost of Driveway

Usually, we count the following items in the cost of driveway paving.

  • Pavers Cost – $2-$17/SF
  • Base Material Cost – $2-$3/SF
  • Labor Cost – $6-$10/SF
  • Total Installation Cost – $10-$13/SF

Installation or Labor Cost to Lay Driveway Pavers

When you opt for stone pavers or porcelain pavers you need to consider the following costing factors:

  • Labor cost to unload and move pavers up to storage and then stonemason. — ($4.0-$7.0/SF)
  • Excavation cast to dig the driveway area for installation. — ($0.80-$1.5/SF) 
  • Dumping cost. — ($0.30-$0.50/SF)
  • Paver delivery cost in the case there is no free-delivery scheme on bulk purchase. — ($0.00-$0.70/SF)
  • Paver laying or proper installation cost for skilled masons.
  • Finishing and cleanup cost at the post-installation stage. It includes grout filling with polymeric sand or mortar. — ($0.15-$0.30/SF)

Additional Costing Factors to Consider while Paving Your Driveway

There are different rules of local bodies and homeowner associations to lay a driveway within their limits. You have to take their permissions and obtain legal permits after paying their charges. It means you have to add these costs to your driveway paving costing.

Another concern is underneath passage for gutter lines, electric or telephone cables, and anything public service-related passing through your terrains. It needs permissions as well as special precautions to take while digging the land and installing the base material over those passages.

It demands some of your valuable time and charges they incur for the same.

Buy from World of Stones USA 

Now, you know almost everything to make an estimation of the cost of your driveway paving project. The question is where to buy so you can get the best quality at the best price.

World of Stones USA in Maryland is the place to get the best bargaining for your natural stone requirements. At the best budget, you can get natural stone pavers containing a variety of textures, colors, styles, and stone types, such as 

  • Sandstone pavers
  • Limestone pavers
  • Slatestone pavers
  • And a lot more…


We offer tempting incentives on the bulk-buying of our natural stone products. It helps you to save a big part of your hard-earned dollars.

On a limited budget, you can get excellent porcelain products for your driveway paving. 

Yes, porcelain products. 

Again, the porcelain slabs combined with cement-concrete slabs give you all a short of compatibility with natural stones and cement-concrete blocks.

Buy the best of both worlds in the form of our GeoCeramica pavers  for your driveways from World of Stones USA.  


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