How to Choose Paver Colors – 7 Important Tips to Consider

How to Choose Paver Colors – 7 Important Tips to Consider

Mar 17, 2023

Are you looking for tips for choosing the colors for your pavers? Want to learn how to choose paver colors?

If so, you are at the right place. Here, you’ll find some of the best and most effective ways to choose the color for your pavers. When installing the pavers, choosing the color is one of the most excruciating decisions homeowners have to make.

There are various factors to consider, and they are not just limited to the aesthetics of your space. So, have a look at all the tips and factors to consider when choosing the ideal color for your pavers.

1. Sunlight is Important

If you want to learn how to choose paver colors, you should first consider the sunlight. When you choose the ideal color for your pavers, sunlight plays an important role. It can change your paver patios  color as soon as the light hits the surface. Apart from sunlight, you should also consider the lighting at night. Think about how your pavers will look when landscape lights hit the surface. Also, if your outdoor area is shaded most of the time, you should consider installing light-colored pavers.

2. Consider the Outdoor Application Area

Choosing the color for your pavers also depends on the area you want to install your pavers on. If you want to install the pavers around your pool area, you should consider choosing light colors as they are cooler on the feet. You should consider darker colors if you are installing natural stone pavers in your driveway. However, there is no compulsion to choose dark-colored pavers for only driveways and lighter ones for pools. You can choose according to your style and the overall environment of your outdoor area.

3. Consider the Style You Want

Do you want your patio, driveway, or area around the pool to be a single color or a mix of different colors? If you go for single-colored pavers, you will get a simple yet classy look with a contemporary feel. However, if you consider installing multicolored pavers, you can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space. The best part about these multicolored pavers is that they are good at hiding stains and easily blend with your existing outdoor environment. Many homeowners now opt for tumbled pavers that offer color variation and produce a more natural look.

4. Don’t Forget to Ask for Samples

If you want to learn how to choose paver colors and look for the colors in each combination, make sure to request a range of alternatives. Before deciding on a paver color, it is strongly advised that homeowners ask their installer for many samples to lay out and live with. To get a better idea of how your outdoor living space would look, try to look at a large-scale installation of the paver color you want, even though it might require more work.

5. Match Paver Colors with Roof Color

To learn how to choose paver colors, you should consider matching them with your roof. Many homeowners prefer to match their roof colors with their paver colors, bringing a clean, uniform, and classy look to their outdoor space. So, if your roof is dark-colored, consider installing dark-colored pavers like granite pavers  or other darker ones. Consider installing a lighter shade on your outdoor space if your roof is light-colored.

6. Change the Colors

You might want a paver color that you like, but what if that color doesn’t go with your outdoor environment? So, if you like that color and are confident it will look great in your outdoor area, you can consider changing the other colors. You can consider changing the color of your entrance gate, shutters in your garage, walls, windows, etc.

7. Keep in Mind the Paver Textures

Smooth surfaces work best in high-traffic areas like pathways, but you may still border them with textured pavers to add aesthetic interest. Wherever a little traction might be needed, such as next to a pool or in places where people don’t frequently walk, pavers with rough or jagged surfaces can be used. Textured pavers offer more color variation because, despite their modest size, the surface height variations can produce minute shadows, making some areas of the pavers appear darker or lighter than they would in a store under direct light.


So, in this way, you will learn how to choose paver colors, and you can have an outdoor area that stands out. However, you should always consider choosing the paver color that perfectly blends with your existing surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions will help you learn how to choose paver colors in a better way.

Q1. What is the best paver color?

You should choose the color of your pavers according to your home’s style and surroundings. If you have a light-colored theme in your home, you can choose light-colored pavers for your outdoor space.

Q2. Should pavers match the roof?

There is no compulsion to match the color of your pavers to the roof. However, if you want to give your outdoor space a uniform and classy look, you can consider matching the roof and paver color.

Q3. Do dark pavers get hot?

Dark-colored pavers get hot to bare feet when the sunlight hits the surface. So, if your outside area receives sunlight most of the time, you should consider installing light-colored pavers.


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