How to Clean Natural Stone Shower

How to Clean Natural Stone Shower

Mar 20, 2023

Is natural stone good for showers?

Natural stone can be a good option for showers. Adding a natural stone tile to a shower is an added luxury and no less a therapy!

Although it needs extra care and maintenance in terms of cleaning the natural stone shower, we strongly believe you should incorporate natural stone into your bathroom shower design from the World of Stones USA.

Natural stones have been extracted and quarried from the earth millions of years ago and shaped and polished as a building material. Exactly as the name sounds, it is a non-man-made and complete natural material from the other earth.

You will notice that certain natural stone materials are compatible with humid and moisture conditions, and some are not. At, we have a variety of natural stone steps  that works equally well on both bath floors and walls.

Granite is one of the most popular choices for showers and is widely used for its durability and hardness. Granite is also easy to care for as compared to marble.

On the other hand, Onyx is also an eye-catching stone used in showers and has the best absorbent capacity.

Is natural Stone expensive?

Being one-of-a-kind in the tile industry, natural stone is expensive but the most eccentric stone when it comes to styling the home.

Do all Natural Stone showers need cleaning?

Yes, natural stone showers do need cleaning. Every type of natural stone requires a particular type of cleaning and should be cleaned once a week with pH-neutral cleaning products. The cleaning should be such that it removes soap scums, bath oils, shampoo oils, etc. without damaging the beautiful natural stone surfaces.

Natural stone showers do need deep cleaning as they are constantly exposed to moisture. There are certain measures like using shower stone cleaners that you can buy to avert the damage to the natural stone beguile making it look alluring.

The shower stone cleaners are available in different brands in the market. We would recommend you get the right one by asking for the stone.

Which is the best stone shower cleaner?

The best stone shower cleaner would be the one that is less acidic and is more water with soap and neutral ph.

Types of Stone Finish

Before we jump into the stone tile cleaner for a shower, it is important to understand and recognize the type of stone finish.

  • Polished: A polished surface is kind of a glossy surface. It highlights the color and markings of the surface and reflects light.
  • Honed: This type of stone has a satin-smooth surface and has a meager reflection of light. This type of surface is generally used for stairs, floors, treads, and other locations where heavy footfalls wear off the polished finish.

How to clean natural stone tile in the shower?

Let’s look at some tips, some easiest and quickest methods for cleaning natural stone showers and keeping the natural stone tiles at their peak condition for years to come:

  • Use Microfiber towels

Using microfiber towels is the best natural stone cleaner for showers to wipe off the walls of your shower. Microfiber towels can hold onto soap, skin cells, and water. After cleaning the shower walls, wash the microfiber towels once a week to prevent bacteria from settling on them.

  • Say partially no to ammonia

Ammonia in any form of shower stone cleaner should not be used extensively as it breaks down the sealants. You should be careful not to mix ammonia with bleach as it becomes a toxic combination for cleaning a stone shower. Ammonia mixed with water should be used. Use a sponge or a soft cloth or a very soft brush. Rub it on the affected area using circles and not rub it hard. Rinse it quickly and let it dry quickly to avoid forming whitish and dull spots.

  • Dry the natural stone tiles

Leaving the natural stone tiles wet after a shower can lead to the accumulation of mildew and mold. After showering daily, use a squeegee or a microfiber growth to dry the tiles minutely.

A squeegee is good when it to faster drying of tiles as it removes a lot of moisture which in turn decreases humidity.

  • Sealing & Polishing Tiles is a must 

Natural stone tiles must be sealed to prevent stones from getting damaged by moisture and dirt. The natural stone tiles are more at risk due to water damage.

For these reasons, sealing the ties becomes a necessity often. It needs to be checked every 4 months. At the same time, it is also important to use an appropriate shower stone cleaner to not strip the sealer off quickly.

The more polished the stone is, the more it will repel water.

  • Drainage and Ventilation 

While incorporating a Stone Tile shower into your bathroom, plan well for a system to reduce moisture.

A proper drainage system is imperative to preserve the natural stone life. On the other hand, ventilation helps the shower to dry as well quickly. Ventilation in turn prevents mold and mildew growth.

To Wrap up!

Regardless of any type of finish, frequent cleaning and drying of stone tiles is a must and an outstanding method to maintain the beauty of the natural stone shower. With modern sealers being introduced into the market, the natural stone susceptibility to water and staining has been reduced.


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