Kids Room Design Ideas Using Natural Stones

Kids Room Design Ideas Using Natural Stones

Mar 20, 2023

Do you remember what your room looked like when you were a kid? We’re guessing it wasn’t that fancy with decorative and colorful walls, creative and classy at those times. When it comes to kid’s room design ideas, a lot of fancy and colorful decor items pop up in our minds. Well, have you thought of a decorative kid’s room with Natural stone or the entire setup of the kids’ room with an interior of natural paving stone?

A kid’s room is their area to play, be creative, have some peaceful time, introspect, study, and relax. Kids room is a do-it-all space, and it needs to be always creative. It is believed that when kids have their room, it gives them space to be independent thinkers and take responsibility for the things they own. Having customized wall design and flooring ideas  can add to the character of the room bringing some liveliness.

Why Natural Stone Interior flooring?

Choosing the aesthetic of your house can be fun as well as exhausting if we don’t have the right knowledge and source. A strong house should begin with a strong foundation of flooring and interior. Knowing that it is a one-time activity and where the house needs to last for long, choosing the right material for the flooring is very crucial.

Natural stones  are the most luxuriant and decent option of all flooring materials. It is the most durable, heat resistant, long-lasting, and requires less maintenance for houses.

For instance, we have a list of natural stones that are gaining momentum in various regions across the globe. The different natural stone types limestone, slate, and sandstones which are easily available. World of Stones, USA has precious natural paving stones for interior and flooring at affordable rates. Another good part about natural stone flooring is that they blend in with any decor easily.

And since the focus is on the kid’s room interior, color should always be the prime focus.

Finishes of Natural Stone Pavers

The Interior flooring  when done in natural stone pavers come in the form of polished, honed, tumbled, leathered, antiqued, brushed, or flamed.

Types of Flooring

1. Limestone

Limestone can be framed as the contemporary Stone collection for interior flooring. They are found in a variety of colors, ranging from a lighter shade to a darker shade. As limestone is soft and porous, it gives a polished and earthy appeal increasing the elegance of the kid’s room.

Jungle Themed Decor and walls
Here, a Jungle themed bedroom will make your kid’s room creative, attractive, and playful for a lifetime. With lots of green elements on the wall with tree wall posters, bushes, some creatures, a tent kept near the wall will give the perfect jungle paradise feel. The study area can be made on the other side of the room with green and other earthy shades of cupboard lamination to bring nature indoors.

Also, a bold and rustic stone wall can be created for a creative and fresh appearance.

Peppy Boy’s Room

Combine red, blue, and green accents for a peppy feel for your boy’s bedroom. To give a fun and playful look, the bed can be in the shape of a car. Cover one side of the wall in monochromatic palettes. Add wall frame pieces that strike a perfect balance between playful and grown-up.

2. Marble

Marble possesses a stunning appearance that glows or appears translucent. It generally has an amazing and wide array of patterns and colors which works with any decor. Did you know that marble keeps the room or home snuggly and pleasant in winters and cool or chilly in summers?  It is timeless, durable and the most excellent choice for rooms desiring luxury and antiquity.

Happy Kid’s Room design idea
Let your kid’s room shine bright with bright shades of yellow and accent walls. With, the walls can be decorated in different styles like hand painting on the walls, or a world map near the study table, a furry rug on the ground with white furniture to complement the color combination in the room.

Pink Glam Room
Does your daughter love pink? Well, Give the walls a muted shade of pink that looks more understated and quieter making it a transitional glam bedroom. With plants on one side of the bed and a wooden table on the other side of the bed, pink curtains, etc., it will add a great twist to an old classic.

3. Granite in decorative kid’s room with natural stone

Granite has a beautiful natural grain look which is used for flooring and on walls. The polished granite floors give a more refined look for a kid’s room. It is the most versatile stone and the hardest natural stone on earth. For a kid’s room design idea, it works best due to its scratch-resistant feature.

Black, white, and wooden Theme for kid’s room design idea
Want to create a fun spot for your kid to ideate, be creative, dream, chill, and play?? Well, select natural white walls with contemporary and luxurious natural stone flooring, an integrated low bed made in wood, ombre drapes that will complement the natural sunlight and interior in the room.

Make sure to add some bookcases as books are going to be an integral part of any kid’s room. One part of the wall can be splashed with some custom paintwork for the quirky zone. You can even get your kids to do some workouts by creating a small wall climbing section with colorful grips. 

To Sum up!
There are endless options to decorate a kid’s room with natural stone. At World of stones USA, we have a luxury collection of exclusive stones, marble design tiles in a highly sophisticated and unique way. Our Contemporary Collection is sure to bring beauty to your kid’s bedroom floor and interior. Give a whole new life to your kid’s room by adding ample playful elements for the most stylish and modern look.

Using the superior natural stone from World of Stones USA, bring a classic appearance to the room which encourages the little one too.


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