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9 Inspiring Exterior House Colors for a Perfect Outdoor Look

Mar 29, 2023

Choosing the exterior house colors is one of the most important decisions you have to make. As the exterior area is the face of your house, you have to make sure it looks perfectly great and at the same time, it matches your overall design style and budget too.

There is a plethora of color options to choose from when you talk about the exterior walls. From warm to cool and from whites to blacks, there are countless options.

So, to make your decision and research easy, we have compiled a list of the most popular and beautiful-looking modern exterior house colors 2023 that won’t let you and your overall design style down. Let’s dive into these alluring colors and make your home stand out.

1. Cool Gray Shade for Sophistication

If you want your exteriors to look expensive and sophisticated, consider painting your walls with cool gray shades. But do remember that the gray color won’t fit perfectly with every design style. So, make sure it matches the interiors of your house too. You can pair it with white doors, window sills, and frames to add an eye-catching appearance.

2. Go with Warm and Earthy Tones

Warm and earthy color shades give your outdoor space a traditional earth-like look and feel. If you want to bring a more natural look you can add a bit of greenery around your exterior area. You can also pair your earthy color with a contrasting shade that pulls off a great look.

3. Focus on Your Roof Color

Roofs are something that many homeowners tend to forget when painting the exterior of their houses. You don’t always have to paint your roof black or white. You can choose the color according to your overall house design or you can use a contrasting color. You should also consider the roof types of your home and paint it accordingly to bring the most out of your roof.

4. Go With Red for a Farmhouse Look

Red is a traditional hue for house paint, especially if your property has barns or a farmhouse. Red is a classic color option in the countryside, even though it would make a big statement in the city.

Farmhouses traditionally come in the color red. Prior to the widespread availability of paint, farmers would coat their barns with linseed oil, frequently combined with red iron oxide to seal the exterior and eradicate any fungi. This modification turned the barn a rich red color. The red house paint color of today is a lovely homage to the custom.

5. A Timeless Combination of Black and White

A combination of black and white color never fails to amaze everyone. Try painting your roof, window, and door frames in black and other parts of your exterior area in white to bring an attractive touch to your house. A bit of plant will be an elegant and natural addition to your beautiful looking home.

6. Experiment with Darker Shades

If you are brave enough, you can experiment with darker colors. There is no compulsion to paint your exterior walls black. You can go with dark blue, and dark brown colors as well. They absorb light and heat and make your home feel warmer. If you don’t want to bring darker shades to your walls, you can go for darker floors. You can install black marble, sandstone, limestone, porcelain tiles, or granite flooring tiles to bring an elegant look to your home.

7. Paint with Blues

Blues is one of the favorite exterior house colors homeowners pick. The simple yet luxurious look it offers is matchless. You can paint your exterior area dark blue or a lighter shade of blue, according to your design style and taste. However, dark blue or navy blue would be the perfect option for exteriors as they give your home a dramatic appearance.

8. Opt for Whites

Whites have been the most popular and elegant exterior house colors you can choose for your space. Suits almost all house design styles and gives your house a simple yet elegant look. Surround your exteriors with extra large planters, dark-colored window and door frames, and contrasting flooring materials to bring out the best from your space.

9. Opt for a Sunny Shade

Any home will appear brighter thanks to the sunny color yellow. It's a popular interior color, and yellow room designs are unbeatable. Yellow also looks excellent on the outside of a house.

Nonetheless, it's crucial to carefully consider tone while choosing yellow exterior house colors. When it comes to yellow decoration, there are many different color options, from a creamy off-white to a vivid lemon. For the exterior of a house, choose a lighter tint with mustard undertones and steer clear of anything flamboyant. Soften the effect with crisp white trim.


These are some of the most popular and elegant exterior house colors you can opt for your space. Make sure the color you choose should complement the overall design of your house.


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