7 Reasons Why Limestone Tile is a Construction Favorite

7 Reasons Why Limestone Tile is a Construction Favorite

Mar 28, 2023

Limestone has winning properties to lure the entire construction industry. Today, World of Stones USA is going to give some of those attractions in a few paras to create awareness among the folks who love natural stones.  

In our previous blog about limestone, we came to know that what is limestone and how it forms in nature. As its name suggests, limestone is rich in lime – Calcium compound up to 50% of total weight. It is due to the deposition of lime found in living organisms existing in the fresh and sea/saltwater environments like in-land lakes and oceans. 

Limestone has the following outstanding properties that attract most of the stakeholders in the construction industry to use in their different projects

Reason No. 1 – Ubiquitous Natural Stone for Construction Industry

Statistically, limestone consists of 10% of all of the natural rocks existing on the planet Earth!

Due to the sedimentation process and subsequent metamorphism-based on various activities on the earth, we have several limestone mines within reach of our excavation capacities. 

The abundance of limestone in nature sets its easy and ubiquitous availability in the different regions of the world. So, availability becomes the number one reason why limestone tile is a favorite choice of the construction industry in the USA and elsewhere.

Reason No. 2 – Cost-effective Natural Stone for Construction Industry

Modern mining, transits, and cutting technologies have improved the overall scenario of limestone availability almost in all regions across the globe.

Advanced transportation technologies and stiff competitions in the market are obviously resulting in cheaper and quicker delivery than ever from mines to factories and at the doorstep of end-users.

Reason No. 3 – Competent Natural Stone Product for Construction Industry

Limestone is a durable natural stone with the desired strength, load-bearing capacity, and can withstand against wear & tear impacts. 

Limestone is a calcite material. It has some softness compared to siliceous rocks. So, it is easy to cut and carve for various crafting and sculpture projects. If you think of water features, fountains, fire features, and façade decoration, limestone can meet you most of the needs quickly.

Reason No. 4 – Limestone Boasts with Natural Beauty

Sedimentary limestone rocks classified further into marbles, travertine, and fossiliferous limestone.

  • Marbles are rich in colors, natural crystal grains, veins, fissures, and all set in some mesmerizing patterns to bring the whole nature in your spaces.
  • The travertine rock formation process is quite different from other limestone type rocks. So, it has a plain serenity in shades and textures.
  • Fossiliferous limestone has embedding of calcareous skeletons of sea fauna and flora. It adds another kind of beauty and engagement.

Thus, limestone products are rich in natural beauty and create a distinct aesthetic appeal.

Reason No. 5 – Limestone as the Crushed Stones in Construction Industry

Crushed limestone aggregates are 10% of high in strength against traditional gravels and highly used in RCC structure where it is quickly and cheaply available aggregate material. 

It also is light yet sturdy material when you use it in the creation of a compact base for foundations, paving, and road construction. 

Crushed limestone is also useful in various decorative purposes in landscape and garden designing.

Reason No. 6 – Limestone as Walling Element in Construction Industry

Limestone rocks are sturdy by properties. It means we can use them as the whole cubes in the dimension industry. Taj Mahal is entirely made of big stone cubes of natural stones, and limestone has the lion share in it.

Similarly, thin slabs of limestone products are a great wall covering material against simple cement-sand plasters. Limestone veneers are extremely decorative products to obtain an aesthetic appeal for your interior and exterior walls and other building structure.

Reason No. 7 – Limestone as the Flooring & Paving Element in Construction Industry

You can cut limestone into custom shapes and sizes. You can give the desired surface textures to limestone products. It means you can get glossy & smooth surfaces for interior flooring to non-glossy & coarse surfaces for exterior paving.

Marbles are an unbeatable choice for interior flooring. Travertine and other limestone products are the best material for exterior applications like patios, paths, driveways, steps, and wall covering.

In Sum,

Natural limestone rocks give versatile products useful in the construction industry. Therefore, construction contractors, architects, and stonemason community tempt to use limestone products.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for limestone products, World of Stones USA has a full spectrum of limestone inventory, especially for outdoor projects.


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