22 Best Natural Stones Ideas for Patio Designs in 2021

22 Best Natural Stones Ideas for Patio Designs in 2021

Mar 28, 2023

So, you decided to have a patio in your outdoor spaces, whether attached to your back yard or somewhere in your home garden. You opt for the best architectural styles and long-lasting materials for your patio paving, attached wall cladding, retaining wall cladding around the patio, and paths approaching your patio. All you need thematically.

You may work solo or rely on a landscape architect or contractor you have chosen for the job. Natural stone sprung as the ideal material for your patio project, and budget also permits it. Now, you are striving for the best natural paving stones ideas for patio designs in 2019.

Yes, I am clear here about paving ideas, not the entire patio design idea, but flooring greatly depends on the entire patio concepts. Let’s explore some beautiful and stunning patio designs prevailing in reality.

1. Grid Pattern Paving Idea for Flagstone of Slates in Patio Design

grid pattern

Here, the patio has set on a grid made of 2 X 3 feet dimension slate stones with a bluish tint and traditional look. Flagstones are in bond pattern and easy to install in a grid layout. Timelessness becomes apparent with regional stones when used in patio constructions in traditional ways surrounding plants and perennials to the patio space.

2. Mini-circular Stone Paving in a Backyard Patio Design

Here Old Dominion pavers have applied on a compacted crushed rock sub-base and sand base on the top of it. Roman Dominion pavers used in the path & curved stair path created with regional stone blocks. The same local stacking stones used in the construction of retaining walls surrounding the mini patio. Blue Star creepers on edges are beautifying the landscape further.

3. Stone Paving in a Grid Pattern & within Irregular Oval/Curved Outline Patio Design

Living Area

A downstairs garden patio made from Bluestone slabs laid in a grid. However, the entire patio space is an oval shape with an irregular outline. Well-finished, smooth, and even surfaces permit easy movements for the guest and wheeled resting chair to select any location to relax. 

A seating bench made of stacking stones and topped with finished stone slabs is providing additional seating areas apart from chairs and table. Beautiful lustered green landscaping in the surrounding of patio area adorn it further. 

4. Stone Paving in a Parquet Pattern in a Mini Patio Design

parquet pattern

We know about parquet pattern with wooden logs, but here beautiful sandstones are replacing woods and gravel filling matching the theme perfectly. Small fire pit in a tiny plot of grasses and succulents pop up against large stone pavers. Design pattern and arrangement beautify the small space explicitly. 

5. Chocolate Flagstone Paving with Irregular & Large Stones in a Lush Green Patio Design

We have seen smooth surfaced and regularly shaped sandstone before in a patio design. Here, large sized sandstone/flagstone have used with completely raw appearance. Irregular surfaces with natural texture grab the eyes and give classic look-n-feel to the patio. 

Pea gravels filled in between the grout spaces augment the design more than we expect. Lust green plants and shrubs surrounded to the patio make it a beautiful space for recreation and retreat the mood.

6. Patio Design Around Natural Water Stream in Your Backyard 

If you were designed your patio layout around a water feature or natural water stream flowing in your hilly backyard, this idea is superb. It provides you an opportunity to blend your stones with the surrounding milieu. 

You can create retaining walls from stacked stone blocks. You can create banks of the stream with irregular shaped local stones and pebbles to look more natural than it should be. Irregularly shaped flagstones are a great choice for paving and bridging your patio sections around the water stream.

7. Bluestone Bands in Your Patio Design 

22 Best Natural Paving Stones Ideas for Patio Designs in 2019

Using square or rectangular bluestone slabs, we can create parallel bands in your patio design. Fill up pea gravels between the narrow gaps/lines of bands. It seems a unique design or layout for a backyard patio but completely functional.

8. Winter Patio Design Around Fireplace as Focal Point

Spanish-style Fireplace

When your region has a mild winter, outdoor living is not stopping at all. Smart designers design fireplace in a patio such a way that it acts as a focal point to welcome winter. 

Guest and friends have meetings on patio keeping warmth with live fireplace. Extended front of fireplace acts as a tabletop and let you enjoy a drink or two with your company. The whole fireplace has made from stones and stone paving has a matte on the top to protect legs from the chilled exterior. 

9. Corner Patio Design with Fire Pits in Your Backyard Garden

_Stone Slabs in Countertops & Fireplace

A corner patio design can be a substitute for the main patio design. Users can access it with stepping stone laid in grassland. Flagstone pavers in corner patio and fire pit surface with same flagstone slabs makes look gorgeous. 

10. Cobble & Rocks Patio Design in Uneven Landscape

When you have an uneven landscape and room for a small patio layout, cobblestones are a great choice to create a circular patio with a seating arrangement. You can apply natural rocks in surrounding to act as retaining wall. 

You can also fill the periphery of patio with pebble and gravels to give it a more natural look. Let perennials to grow naturally to beautify your patio. 

11. Luxurious Patio Design with Interlocking Stone Pavers

Interlocking paver design resembles bricks and provides non-slip surfaces. It also offers ease in repairing and maintenance. Interlocking design increase permeability against large stone slabs in a grid layout. 

Therefore, it allows the release of rainfall and stays against frost. If you select stones matching your exterior theme, it looks dazzling with other decorations like plantation and lighting. 

12. Innovative Style with Stunning Colors in Your Stone Patio Design

outdoor kitchen with latest design 

In an uneven landscape with a limited area devoted to patio design, here is the style you can adopt. Use irregular sandstones and design patio in asymmetric shape befitting your landscape. 

Use large irregular stone slabs in path designing. Create a water feature with rocks matching colors with your theme. Construct planters beside the patio with the same stones. Place a small fire pit at the center of the patio. 

13.  A Mediterranean Style Stone Patio Design within Enclosed Backyard

A Mediterranean style stone paving and finishing along with a fountain made from cast limestone and given antique finish impress the guest. Careful plantations in raised planters add greenery effects. Enclosed wall saves users from outside distractions. 

14. A Stone Patio Design for Outdoor Parties & Barbeque 

Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Bar (1) (1)

Flooring with cut stone in different sizes and colors decorate the surfaces amazingly. A dining table made from a stone base, a retaining wall from stone veneer, and a fireplace with the same stone veneers creating a splendid theme on your outside patio. Installation of barbeque grill and other party facilities serve the purposes.

15. An Astounding Stone Paving Layout for Your Garden Patio Design 

match landscape result

When you have an uneven landscape, terracing patio is the solution. Besides this, the patio has a prominent circle of irregularly shaped stones at a corner. The rest of the paving area has interlocking stones making design alluring. 

The border of patio and path has even and symmetrical stone in a single line. Retaining walls with stacking stone veneer and top with a flat stone slab provide space for seating without any furniture. The fireplace made up of stones and raised planter with stones matching the theme perfectly.

16. Stone Paving Patio Design with Pergola 

Pergola is a trend now in your backyard. A stone paving patio design with a dedicated space for pergola looks decent. Retaining walls, pillars for a pergola, fire pit and planters all made from stones befitting nicely in the stone theme.

17. Stone Paving Patio Design at Front Yard

In a front yard entry garden, a corner has spared for patio purposes. The designer has used two square feet pieces of variegated bluestones for patio paving. Random insertion of four square inches of granite cobblestones creates gimmick in design.

18. Classic Flagstone Paving Patio Design with Grass in Gaps

Asian designed patio with irregular flagstone paving and grass in the wide gaps look traditional and perfect for a small backyard. The natural texture of local flagstone becomes prominent and provide non-skid surfaces for users. Color and hue variation seems charming.

19. Natural Stone Paving Patio Design with Stone Seat & Fire Pit

A slate stone patio with a simple fire pit and natural seating arrangements made from stones. The stone sofa looks rustic and comfortable in all seasons.

20. Geometric Designs in Natural Stone Paving Patio 

You can make patio design interesting and fun by giving it a geometric design touch. Brick size stones in different colors can create design gimmick when arranged in various geometric shapes.

21. Square Grid Layout Design in Natural Stone Paving Patio 

Square stone slabs in a grid layout seem beautiful. Gravels filled in wide gaps make pattern distinct. A mobile fire pit indicates its usefulness further. 

22. Contemporary Design in Natural Stone Paving Patio 

Without adding many complexities, we can design stone paving patio with a simple yet innovative looking layout. 

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