8 Amazing Natural Stone Crafts That Will Beautify Your Backyard

8 Amazing Natural Stone Crafts That Will Beautify Your Backyard

Mar 26, 2023

The backyard is nothing but an extension of our life from the interior to exterior spaces. Most of the States in the American continent and countries in the European peninsula has a warm yet cozy climate during the summer months.

Exterior Living

We tend to shift from the interior of the home to exterior living spaces like backyard patio or garden patio with some pergola like covering. Backyard patios and garden patios enable us to enjoy cool wind waves during the hot summer. Natural shadows from large trees and some covering from pergola-like structure facilitate us to pass the entire daytime in the natural ambiance.

Things to Beautify Exterior Living Spaces

Natural plants, shrubs, and trees are common natural beauty objects living with us if planted well in spaces attached to our backyard patios and garden patios. Apart from these, there are some other creative ideas to add more flavors to your natural beauty outside your home and it is stone crafts.

8 Amazing Natural Stone Crafts to Beautify Your Backyard in 2019

So, let me talk about some stone crafts you can buy from a natural stone supplier in your vicinity to decorate and beautify your backyard places, as well as some that you can Do It Yourself (DIY) project basis in your spare moments.

1. Natural Stone Crafts on Pergola in Your Backyard & Exteriors

When someone utters the word “Stone Craft” and our imagination run-up to some sculptures as well as some artistic carving on stone surfaces. We used to forget that our ancestors have built large buildings whether as religious places or public places. Kings, queens, and rich vendors of different times have propagated, augmented, and fostered innovative stone crafts over the surfaces of structural elements of the buildings.

Here, I don’t mean to say about your home structure, but I am talking about minor structures we create outside the home particularly, in your backyard building.

Pergola is the most common and trendy structure found in our backyard patios or garden patios to get exterior living spaces covered in decorative ways. To created pergola with artistic look-n-feel, Piers, posts, columns, beams, rafters, purlins, and trims are available in natural stone materials. World of Stone, USA, offers attractive and engaging designs for interior and exterior pergola creation.

Calcareous stones including Limestone, Travertine, and Marbles are softer stones, which allows deep to shallow carving on stone surfaces in desired details. Quartzite, Granite, and Sandstone are siliceous stones with desired hardness and sturdy build up. So, they are natural components of your stone architecture and also adopt stone crafting with the latest and powerful tools of stonemasonry.

World of Stone USA is an excellent place to get such ready to user pergola elements and provide custom stone crafting services as per your layout and designs.

So, they are natural components of your stone architecture like a pergola. The modern pergola also comes with stone crafting using the latest and powerful tools of stonemasonry at World of Stone USA. Here, you can get custom stone crafting services for pergola as per your layout and designs.

2. Natural Stone Crafts on Structural Elements in Your Backyard & Exteriors

After structural stone crafts, let me talk about stone crafts on stone furniture in your patios or gardens. Stone furniture is heavy but easy to clean and maintain. You never need to shift it even during rainy days in the monsoon season. You can create stone crafted tables to take refreshments or even dine on it in your backyard patios or garden patios. World of Stones, USA is providing a variety of designs in “Seaters” stone craft collection. You can find tables with a tapered tree trunk shaped base, which is famous among the users.

A thick tabletop in wave shape is adding more elegance to stone crafts of furniture. Tumbled or Brushed finishes on tabletop surfaces with sealant and coating can prevent deep stains if a liquid spill occurs.

Twisted shaped seats along with stone tables look gorgeous and show harmony with nature.

3. Natural Stone Planters in Your Garden &Backyard Patios

We can decorate our backyard and garden patios with plant containers or planters for small to mid-size plants by placing around the edges of patio paving, corners, or on the half-sized retaining walls. At World of Stones, USA, I have marked more than half-dozen stylish planters crafted from natural stones. Let me describe at least eight prominent stone crafts designs here.

  1. Olpe planter is in a V-shape curve with a base at the bottom.
  2. Amphora is a V-shaped design and rounded grooves at the bottom.
  3. Pyxis seems a half-cut portion of a rounded ball.
  4. Skyphos is a rounded pot with a groove at the top ring.
  5. The flute is grooving right from top to bottom in a unique style.
  6. Hydria is a barrel shape style with a ring at the top.
  7. Geometrical is a cube-shaped pot with an engraved geometric shape.
  8. Straight has grooves at the bottom.

4. Natural Stone Sculptures in Your Backyard & Garden Patios

We have discussed that some natural stones are good candidates to craft a variety of designs for your sculptures in big size objects. You can place Tulip sculpture near your backyard patio garden or Planets like large rounded balls to adorn your exterior spaces. World of Stones, USA has crafted such sculptures and ornamental objects from rainbow sandstones. You can ask them for more items in their rich sculpture collection and win the attention of your guests.

5. Natural Stone Water Feature in Your Backyard & Gardens

A water fountain is the coolest feature in your landscape design. If your backyard patio has one attached, it may prove a great relaxing place for you during hot days. Natural stones are durable and low-maintenance material for the construction of water fountains of any scale. You can create wide sitting spaces across its periphery to seat and wet your legs in cool water or listen to the mild song of falling water.

Apart from fountains, many stone objects are crafted carefully to act as water features. Pebbles and boulders are useful materials to create an innovative design of water features. Of course, World of Stones, USA can provide customized rocks and natural stones for such needs using high quality and stylish material for it.

6. Natural Stone Fire Feature in Your Backyard & Exterior Spaces

In cold climatic regions of the USA and European countries, a fire feature is essentiality. Most of the backyard patios and garden patios inevitably possess fire pits in rounded or square/rectangular shapes. Sitting arrangements may found in half-circled seats or stone furniture seats around the fire pits. Many households prefer to have some organized fire chimney-like structure to protect heat loss as well as from water/snow during odd seasons.

You can buy stones from World of Stones, USA to create stacked stone pits with flat circular stones for the top layer of the fire pit. Similarly, you can create a fireplace with chimney with stacked stones in small to large blocks. Alternatively, you can use concrete construction material and wall cladding with stone veneer.

Recently, World of Stones, USA is going to offer two color variations in fire pits stones, Sunset Buff & Basaltino. These are contemporary Fire Pits natural stones, and worth to explore for your next fire pit installation idea.

7. Natural Stone Statue in Your Exterior Places

Life-size statues and sculptures are known in human history. Most of the historical places possess one or two such statues crafted from natural stones. White or lighter shades of marble stones are excellent material for such artistic and creative purposes when marble polished with glossy finishes, a transparent layer is emerging in the scenery.

Light rays are penetrating to some extent in the top translucent layer and reflect that gives a plastic wrapping like simulation. Moreover, crafting on marble is easy thanks to its soft nature.

8. Natural Stone Artefacts in Your Backyard & Exteriors

A variety of artifacts found in natural stone material. Most of the urn created from beautiful stones and polished with dazzling shining are high in demand for interior and exterior decorations. Stone vases from granites, stone balls from rainbow sandstone, and a variety of objects from quartzite like colorful and translucent stone materials are trendy in the market.

Large size stone artifacts look superior in your backyard patios and gardens. It becomes matter of pride when your guest applauds it during a barbeque party or birthday/anniversary celebrations.

Where to get reliable natural stone crafts?

It is World of Stones in Maryland, USA. It has a huge inventory of various natural stones and a pool of experts and experienced stone artists to meet your custom stone crafts requirements easily. Prices and rates always are competitive and superb delivery services.

Would you like to visit our premises once or discuss your needs online?


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