10 Natural Stone Ideas for Small Spaces in 2020

10 Natural Stone Ideas for Small Spaces in 2020

Mar 23, 2023

Do you think your entire home cladding with natural stones can grab the attention of your guests, be it interior or exterior spaces? Maybe or not, but it is certain that your closet or accent table when those decorated with some remnant pieces of beautiful stone designed the smartest way can catch the eyes of onlookers immediately.

Here, your wise decision to pay attention to details while using left out stone pieces can pack a punch. For you, some smaller applications prove the best utilities rather than mere decorations. Let’s see at least 10 natural stone ideas for small spaces in 2020.

1: Coasters

We know the direct placement of a cold-water glass, wine mug, or hot coffee cup can damage stone surfaces in the long run. It has given birth to coasters as a great utility here.If your stone fabricator has intimated before about the needs of such smart applications, he can help you to give some beautiful coasters out of remnant while cutting slabs for your larger projects.

It might add more flairs in the natural beauty you already brought in your home.

2: Serving Trays

The right size of a remnant piece or a slab when attached handles, it could be a serving tray for you. When you place it on the surfaces, it becomes a tasteful luxe of matching your décor. It lets you carry a glass or mug or a coffee cup gracefully to your guests. Of course, you may have enough options and shapes to create serving trays like round, oval, and square besides rectangular shapes.

3: Trivets

We know kitchen countertops, dining or accent tabletops, and sometimes cabinet tops are prone to damage when too hot or too cold utensils placed directly on it. Even water droplets attached with a cold glass can leave an impression on the stone surface when it dried.

It is a trivet, which acts as a buffer material that absorbs everything on the top and left bottom unaffected. Cut trivets in angular or circular shapes befitting your ideas.

4: Accent Tables

In larger projects, the remaining stone pieces also are larger in size and shape. It proffers decent opportunities to create small but beautiful stone furniture  pieces by mixing woods, metals, or glass tops  with it.

It demands the active participation of your stone fabricator as well as a carpenter or metal welder to yield useful objects out of the wastes.

5: Art Objects

Stone art objects are a luxury to afford when you went to buy it from art galleries or museums. Why don’t you think creatively while you have some leftover stone pieces during fabrication? You can take the help of your stonemason or contractors throwing a dedicated service in due course — for instance, Anna and Roza of A Space Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

6: Shower Niches

A shower niche could be the most convenient feature to cut unsightly bath clutters besides make essentials handy. Of course, you need complete cooperation from the stonemason who must make a pit first while

7: Shelving and Drains

Do you imagine a complete drainage solution for your sink from wastage or raw stones? Many creative minds can accomplish by attaching a drainage sink made from raw or leftover stone rocks. The same goes true for shelving nearby your utility sink and elsewhere. It adorns the interior of your spaces by giving a classic natural beauty.

8: Attention to Details

Have you ever imagined a door handle from a stone piece you have thrown in the dustbin? If your stone fabricator or interior decorator is smart enough to use your wastage of stones to create door hinges, jambs, various sockets, and fixtures for partitions, it could be great attention to details and expert eyes can notice it, as well.

9: Shower Curb

If your bathroom contains a dedicated shower pan and you look a functional solution to keep it apart from the bath floor, a shower curb is an excellent clue. You can take a matching or contrasting stone piece to create the shower curb so that it can serve a significant purpose with a rich look-n-feel.

10: A Seat in The Shower

Many showers are suffering from space constraints, and the creation of a special seat to take a restful bath becomes a nightmare. If you think of a leftover slab piece and your stone contractor permits to go ahead, you can get an Avant-grade facility out of it. Many stonemasons are using more than one stone piece to create a sturdy seat by giving it the right supports by the stones or metals.

Do You Crave for More Ideas?

The World of Stones USA , has an impeccable team of natural stone consultants and fabricators to turn your wastes of stones into the best. The team helps you to get inspiration and find the artist stonemason in your vicinity to find cost-effective solutions.

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