10 Natural Stone Trends You Must Try in 2019

10 Natural Stone Trends You Must Try in 2019

Mar 28, 2023

Our inclination towards natural stones is a natural thing. We all love the natural beauty of organic rocks and using natural stone material in our home construction project is a way to bring it into our life.

Be it quartzite, granite, or travertine like precious choice or limestone, sandstone, & slate-like standard preferences our exterior places wear sheer sophistication and natural aesthetic with the right trends.

So, I have decided to take a brief yet stunning tour of the top ten natural stone trends for 2019 and beyond. Don’t afraid that the present natural stone trends will last longer as a stone lasts.

1 – Random Embossed Natural Stone Pattern Trends in Wall Cladding

Exterior wall cladding with stone veneer is not a new thing for natural stone lovers. However, choosing the mix size of stones in rectangular to square shapes and embossing only small to mid-sized stone veneer is a new trend in designing.

Random embossing of a few stone tiles gives a distinct yet attractive pattern. A planter designed with stones and symmetrical stepping stones add rich design flavor to your exterior and decorate the landscape with an alienated signature of the statement.

World of Stones, USA, offers Pillow pattern design stones in different hues and sizes. Grab the ready to use stone tiles or slabs in your next project.

2 – Regular Embossed Natural Stone Pattern Trends in Wall Cladding

If you want to be more classic with embossed stone patterns in wall cladding, regular embossing of symmetrical stone veneers can grant it gracefully. Today stone designers select only one or two walls of your exterior and decorate it with embossed wall cladding instead of going for plain surfaces on the wall.

Such design patterns are enhancing the overall aesthetic of your façade or exterior look, and become the cause of the increasing value of your property in the market.

If you want to be more sophisticated, World of Stone, USA, offers Ledger Panel wall cladding stone material to go in more creative ways.

3 – Embossed Crafted Natural Stone Veneer Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding

We all are not lucky enough to have an individual home, and we have to live in a flat system or apartment housing. It is true in urban areas in particular. It makes our exterior squeezed up to one or two walls. However, many natural stone enthusiasts decorate the available space with pricy stone veneers crafted in artistic designs or patterns.

The embossed stone tiles/slabs have etched surfaces with various artistic crafting and color differentiation emphasis it more. World of Stones, USA is offering such stone crafting services, and Etched Mural collection is the first evidence of it.

4 – Grooved & Chiseled Natural Stone Veneer Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding

Grooved and Chiseled natural stone designs are getting popularity for exterior walls. On the ground floor and under the staircase it looks beautiful and creates a design statement by matching it with dark stones used in stair and water features.

5 – All Green & Natural in Stone Trends

Create a lounge floor with a unique design pattern. Here, everything seems natural thanks to natural travertine stones. Be it floor, walls, windows, sittings, pillars, or planters, a signature of natural stone becomes apparent. Gravel-filled floor planters and wall planters sprinkled different shades and hues.Travertine stones make the seating bench a matching design. Stone crafted window panels and stacked stones in pillars leave a striking impression.

Uneven natural surfaces of the wall give a reminder of a Wedged pattern of World of Stone, USA offerings.

6 – All Marble Cubes Trends in Natural Stone in 2019

Marble is a luxury, and when used outside, it makes your home classy and expensive piece in the real-estate industry. Square sized stone slabs on the floor of your porch and patio are capable of mesmerizing your guests in the first place.Symmetrical marble cubes used in the construction of columns and pillars create synergy with the whole design. Walls cladding with a square veneer of marble tiles represents a matching theme. Planters and stepping stones also follow the same pattern of design and make the façade more alluring.

Time-worn collection of World of Stones, USA can fulfill your needs accurately.

You will find more options there for your contemporary needs.

7 –Natural Stones Everywhere Trends in 2019 Exterior Design

Stone mania is not a new thing. Natural stone lovers are ready to install expensive stones in their exterior spaces. Quartzite stones have used in the construction of the entire staircase. The same rocks go to make paving and give consistency in design. The bluish tone of stones matching with siding painted in blue hues and created a consistent theme of appearance.However, wall cladding with rustic sandstone veneers creates a pleasant contrast in design. The classic design of wall cladding enhances the overall aesthetic of space and property itself.

8 –Granite Mania in Natural Stone Trends in Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Granite rocks are excellent candidates for exterior applications. Polished granite decorates your outdoor kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Honed or tumbled polished granite is the best choice for kitchen and outdoor paving like patio, porch, and pool decks. If you match the wall cladding of your exterior kitchen project with granite veneers, you might have ended up with a dazzling theme and outlook. The modern backyard and garden patios require outdoor kitchens with the latest equipment and appliances, so why not natural stones?Moreover, granites are skid-free, stain-free, and weather-resistant material for exterior applications. You can find a variety of types of granite stones in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. A spectrum of colors also available at World of Stones, the USA to meet your outdoor natural stone needs.

9 –Artistic Trends in Natural Stones for Exterior Applications

Mother Nature is a prominent artisan in itself. Have you ever looked at the design pattern on foliated and non-foliated marble stone surfaces? Look at marble countertops in an outdoor kitchen in a backyard patio it indeed impressed you with its stunning patterns, the spectrum of colors and large, engrossed veins and grains makes each piece unique in itself. Honed polished marble stones are the ideal choice to face etching and staining issues. It is the way to go to combat rainy, snowy, and even hotter days. Spills and drops during your barbeque or celebration parties will not create an adrenaline rush if you have installed marble pavers with honed finishes. What you need is regular cleaning to retain its glory for years to come.

10 –Everything in Whole Natural Stones Trends in Patio Design

We have seen many instances where stone veneers have used along with stone slabs in a theme of exterior or interior designs using natural rocks. Now, designers and homeowners prefer whole stones and stone slabs to create a functional yet gorgeous outdoor patio, particularly in extensive gardens with plenty of space to allocate for it.Pillars and trims are creating with whole stone cubes or stone bricks. The same goes true for the peripheral walls and other smaller walls like for outdoor kitchen installations.

The entire chimney is making from stacked stones and slabs. Stone pavers in a pattern seem striking when matching with the whole theme of the patio. Seats and countertops with large stone slabs eliminate the need for exclusive countertops.


I have placed here only a few examples of design for exterior applications using natural stones in 2019. A plethora of options are waiting for you to get execution, and natural stone consultants at World of Stones, USA are eagerly waiting for you to leverage their talents.



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