20 Best Natural Stones Ideas for Your Outfield 2019

20 Best Natural Stones Ideas for Your Outfield 2019

Mar 25, 2023

Walking in the Outfield in your property becomes more exciting and fun when you install stones to create a beautiful path with excellent utility. Natural stones, when used as a stone in your Outfield assimilate its natural and inherent beauty with the glory of the Outfield.

Natural stones provide an aesthetic appeal to the landscape. Stones are the ideal material for outdoor applications since long in history because it’s sturdy, durable, and highly resistant to normal wear & tears due to traffic, weather, and disasters.

Easy availability, competitive rates, and scopes for selection to be creative are favoring maximum usage of stones in the construction of paths with stepping stones made from natural stone material. Manufactured material indeed offers the freedom to create designs of stones in innovative ways, but natural stones have something more than that if you have adequate creativity in mind while designing a stone path in your backyard.

Thereby, I have chosen to portrait at least 20 creative design ideas for stone path construction in 2019.

1. Gravels, Pebbles, & Boulders as Stones

Carefully sorted pebbles and arranged in a rounded shape stone unit provides a dazzling idea to create an Outfield path in mulch background. Similarly, small to large boulders with required finishing treatment create a stunning backyard path with small black gravels or grits as filler background. Both cases are ideal ideas for those who love to go DIY (Do It Yourself) way. You can take personal care and give treatment to each piece of stone to augment its beauty, and show your creativity in design.

2. Rectangular Stones in a Zigzag Pattern in Stone Path Design

If you start walking on the path, it may remind your childhood days. Rectangular local stones laid in a zigzag pattern gives you a great fun experience. Naturally grown grass in between the natural stones looks clumsy at first sight but certainly delight your mind while you start steps on the path.

3. A Path with Different Sizes of Circular Stepping Stones

Circular shape stones laid on the rich lustrous pasture in your outer area connect different spaces in your Outfield. Differences in the shapes of circular stones give it a funny look but prove delightful experiences during walking on the path. Travertine paving on the circular patio in your Outfield completely syncs with circular travertine stones in the path. Pinkish taints of stones and patio pavers seizure the attention among the greenery of the surroundings in the patio.

4. A Geometric Path with Different Shapes of Stones

A geometric pathway created by geometric shapes of stones cools the eyes of users and onlookers both. Slate stones cut into different triangular and rectangular shapes have laid as stones in a small backyard. We can repeat the same pattern or ideas on large scale projects to beautify your Outfield.

5. Large Stones in Irregular Shapes

If you were afraid of gravels stuck in between your toes while walking on stones in your paths, large irregular shaped bluestone seems a great solution for you. A gravel path in between rich fauna in your Outfield always needs attractive and cool natural stones to match with the beauty of Mother Nature.

6. Stones in Grass-less Backyard

Raw slabs of stones contribute to beautifying your grass-less backyard when applied as stones on the path reaching the exit door running parallel to your enclosed backyard patio or outdoor living space.

7. A Wide Path with Irregular Stones

Brownish sandstone provides a warm feeling when laid between dark green pasture. Natural cleft of stones offers skid-free walking on untreated surfaces of stones laid in a sloppy path. If you are using a stone path frequently and need a wider path, these irregularly shaped sandstone pieces in a perfect row seems a beautiful idea.

8. Stones in Square & Rectangular Shapes

Here, square & rectangular natural stones are guiding people in a backyard. You can see a combination of symmetrically and asymmetrically designed paths adds more interests in real-life experiences while walking on paths. A zigzag pattern of a path proves funny, and demands dance walks on it.

9. A Grass Filled Path with Large Stones

When we are thinking about design a path or walkway in our landscape design in the Patio, we used to look at symmetrical pieces of stones in the path. However, asymmetry has a unique impact, and here we can see it. Similarly, we always tend to create a seamless walking path by fitting stones edge-to-edge. Unfortunately, it never goes true in all cases. Here, you can see wide seams in between the stone pieces, which could be filled with natural grass, lichens, or weeds to augment the beauty of brownstones providing dark green patches in between irregular edges of stones.

10. Dark & Glossy Stone Design with Stone Blocks in a Woodland

If your property consists of woodland, the image above provides an excellent example. Here, you can see a path that features the pine needle mulch as a soothing eye background. Irregular round shape stone blocks add more to the aroma of the path leading to a water feature as stones. Gray to black gravel, raw rocks, and bamboo incorporating in water feature look more natural here. The dark gray and glossy look of natural stones adds a magic touch to the beauty. Skid-free surfaces and chamfered edges guarantee to the walker for safe and secure walking on the wavy path.

11. A Narrow Path with White Limestone

A narrow but wavy path from limestone is embracing more in a lustrous spectrum of your backyard. If you have the same scenario seamless arrangement of irregularly shaped stones provides a smooth walking experience among the natural beauty in your surroundings and natural feel under the foot if you go barefoot.

12. Great Combination of Stones and Gravels in Stone Path Design

Gray natural stone pieces with irregular shapes and different sizes when added a few islands of loose gravel an attractive stone path design born. Here, the designer has added gravel of similar hues but printing an alluring design with it makes the stone walkway unique.The use of cement concrete at base and mortar to grip stones and gravel in square or rectangular shaped blocks seems appropriate.

13. Combination of Different Types of Stones in a Path

The combination of different types of stones in different sizes looks great when the stone pieces fixed with mortar. Granite, sandstone, and slate stones are giving amazing look-n-feel to a narrow Outfield path surrounded by colorful plants.

14. A Straight & Symmetrical Stone Path

If you have the scope to create a straightforward path with symmetrical stones of the same size and shape, the path idea above is for you. Equal and standard distance has kept between the centers of the stones in the path. Surrounding grass provide a contrasting background for the light color of the natural stone pieces.

15. Square Sandstone in Stone Path

Here, again a straight line path but with square and completely symmetrical stone pieces. Brown sandstone pieces are decorating the stone path more with bunches of dark green grasses. Natural cleft of sandstone provides row texture and skid-free surfaces.

16. Stones Seem Native to the Landscape

Big and symmetrical pieces of white granites looked more native to the landscape and surrounded by lustrous greenery. Moss and green grasses along with wild blooms are decorative elements for your stone path keeping your mood afresh.

17. White Limestone Stones among Spectrum of Beauty

White limestones in the stone path are contrasting among the spectrum of colors. Blooms, plants, and flowers are creating a dazzling aroma around the path. The light color of gravel surrounding the stones is adding more thematic impacts in the scenario. Smooth yet slip-free surfaces of natural stones provide a safe walk even during wet days.

18. Rustic Flagstones in the Edge Restrained Walkway

Irregular flagstone in completely raw form gives the impression that a designer is using recycled stone pieces in a meaningful way. Solid metallic edge restraints laid both sides of the path binding the base material and stones in a symmetrical way. The natural texture of flagstones emphasizing more grains, veins, and natural wear & tear impacts. The rustic look of stones beautifying the surroundings of the Outfield. Mosses grew among gravel base filled between the gaps.

19. Stone Crafts in Construction of Walkway in the Outfield

The design seems a challenge even for a stonemason because gathering suitable stone pieces and arranging those in a mortar base demand craft and experiences. Different colors and types of natural stone pieces have been used in the construction of a patio path surrounded by a green landscape.

20. Glossy Stones in an outside Path

Glossy surfaces of stones in a stone path don’t mean it is a slippery surface. Sparking stone surfaces is thanks to the reflection ability of stone material and surface treatments to reflect daylight and the shiny sky above: stone texture and appearance of top surfaces of dark gray flagstones giving non-slip walk during rainy days. Path cordoned with wooden poles and ropes passing through holes. Irregular shapes of stones and curvy path lines make the design more natural and alluring.

Final Words

We have seen different ideas of stone paths forged from the natural stones. I think a couple of given ideas are inspiring to create enchanting outside walkways and bring the same magic depicted here in your backyards or Outfield within your property. However, finding the right stone supplier in the USA is daunting.

World of Stones in Maryland is the biggest supplier, imp-exporter, and distributor in the USA. You will find a distributor of World of Stones in your vicinity and reach a huge stone inventory. The most competitive rates are tempting many homeowners, landscape designers, interior designers, contractors, and stonemasons to obtain the best quality and excellent post-purchase services.

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