10 Benefits of Porcelain Stone & Tiles for Your Home in 2019

10 Benefits of Porcelain Stone & Tiles for Your Home in 2019

Mar 28, 2023

We Use Porcelain stone & tile A Lot

In ancient eras, we had limited choices for exterior flooring requirements including a porch, backyard deck, patio, paths, pool deck, and other exterior living ideas. Wood and clay bricks were handy materials, and stones were for natural beauty.


With the advent of technologies, we have invented ceramic tiles as a manufactured material against scanty natural materials. However, ceramic tile was not a perfect answer of natural stones for exterior application due to its delicacy and other attributes, which are rendering it the best fit for interior spaces.

Porcelain Tiles for Exterior Spaces

To meet the demand for manufactured material for outdoor use, porcelain has invented as tougher and superb resistant material. Due to many matching quality attributes of porcelain with natural stones, we have adopted it as an affordable and practical solution for exterior paving needs. Now, in 2019, porcelain covers more areas than natural stone paving in the market.

Types of Porcelain

Two basic types of porcelain pavers are available in the market in 2019, through bodied and glazed porcelain tiles.

Through Bodied Porcelain Tiles

When sand, clay, and other natural material used in the composition of porcelain tiles and heated at high temperatures during the manufacturing process, it yields a tougher variety of porcelain, which is sturdy inside and outside as well.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles:

It is a porcelain tile with glaze coating on its top surface, which makes it glossy, shining, and attractive. Glazed porcelain tiles are available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns to establish it as a natural stone competent option. Due to glazing, exterior applications are restricted for glazed porcelain tiles and give preferences in interior uses.

Benefits of Porcelain for Your Homes in 2019

If you think of using porcelain for your next outdoor project, it may prove a wise decision. I would like to cite the following reasons in favor of my claim.

1. Porcelain can withstand wears and tears.

We know compared to ceramic, porcelain is rough & tough against weather extremity and traffic loads. It is a robust choice to decorate your exterior spaces with compact and durable paving material. Through bodied porcelain tiles can bear the extremity of hot and cold climates. It never cracks in frost conditions.

2. Porcelain can withstand moisture penetration.

Compared to porous ceramic counterparts, porcelain is less porous and resists water penetration under the mass and hence the ground. On rainy days, you need not worry about dampening effects at all like mineral deposition due to water evaporation on the surfaces and beneath the tiles. No mold or iron rust if the steel is passing under the surfaces.

3. Porcelain can withstand stains.

On patios, water or wine glass spill is a natural phenomenon. However, with porcelain, it has no room to stay for longer and affect the paver surfaces at all. Porcelain is virtually impenetrable even for simple water, so you can rub the stained portion of the tile with a piece of cloth or wash with simple water. You will hardly need vinegar or washing detergent like solutions to remove usual stains.

4. Porcelain can withstand high traffic areas.

Proper coating and installation allow the porcelain to use in public places where foot traffic is high. The porcelain keeps its look-n-feel intact for a longer duration. Sealing and coating prevent color fading and deterioration of shining.

5 – Porcelain is aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured with the material. Therefore, we can create surfaces in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and effects. Customized orders provide precise sizes and shapes according to your layout and design. If you want to simulate the appearance of natural stones on the surfaces of porcelain, differences might remain subtle.

6. Porcelain is a versatile choice.

The application range of porcelain is wide, and you can apply it in almost all places of interior and exterior. Porcelain is befitting as kitchen countertops, cabinet countertops, floors in all interior places, walls, and wet areas like bath and toilet.

If you select non-glazed and treated porcelain in swimming pool coping, deck, and surrounding areas, you can get non-slip surfaces with desired safety and security. You can keep décor of your patio intact even though wine or food spills occur during the parties thanks to stain-resistant porcelain.

Porcelain stepping tiles in garden paths, walkways, and small stairs look decent and withstand against climatic adversities. It means you can apply porcelain virtually in any area in your building project.

7. Porcelain is a safe & secure option for exterior paving.

We know porcelain has skid-resistant surfaces when coarse finishing is applied like on non-glazed treated. It can save from small to a big accident in wet prone areas like swimming pool or all exterior areas during rainy days.

Porcelain is a fire-resistant material in the construction industry. Therefore, it is a safe application in the kitchen and fireplace like sensitive areas. It also is a heat resistant material so it proves the best option for kitchen countertops.


8. Porcelain is easy to clean, wash, and maintain.

We know the water-resistant properties of porcelain, which is almost 0.5 penetrability, and render it almost non-permeable surfacing material in the construction industry. Moreover, coated surfaces and sealed grouts don’t let dirt to stay for longer. It makes easy removal of dirt with a regular broom and damp cloth cleaning practices.

Washing weekly or fortnightly with plain water or simple washing detergent can keep the look-n-feel of porcelain tiles intact. If any breakage occurs in the tiles or an area, we can change the damaged tiles or slabs easily without resurfacing the entire floor or wall. You can get porcelain tiles in the desired shape, size, and pattern for restoration purposes by giving custom orders.

9. Porcelain is lighter in weight.

Compared to the natural stones, porcelain is a compact paving material but equal to the stones in properties, such as appearance, strength, and durability like attributes. Therefore, you can get whatever from the natural rocks with porcelain and all with lightweight material. It can cut your structural load, transportation hurdles, and most importantly it eases the installation process.

10. Porcelain has a moderate lifespan.

It is true that natural stones are unbeatable paving stuff in the construction industry, which lasts longer than other options in the market. Another fact is the price of stones, which is considerably higher than the rests of paving materials. The lifespan of porcelain is believed in an average of 20 years, and prices are affordable for any household or contractor. After 20 years, you will have opportunities to use new technologies and materials.

Who is the best bet for porcelain for your homes in 2019?

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