Reconsidering Natural Stone in Bathrooms – Here’s What You Should Know

Reconsidering Natural Stone in Bathrooms – Here’s What You Should Know

Mar 28, 2023

Renovating your space especially when it comes to the bathroom is no less a therapy! Of late have you been reconsidering to change your bathroom look to something elegant and luxurious? Just like any other room in your home, your bathroom requires that attention and dedication too.

Ceramic, vinyl, or porcelain tiles is the most common and easy option that first comes to people’s minds when they think of bathroom flooring. It is one of the most sought-after choices when it comes to bathroom flooring. But do not leave yourself in ambiguity looking at the varied options for flooring.


Talking about the flooring materials, it’s pivotal to select the type of flooring that is strong and durable. The type of flooring should be such that it does not turn slippery when wet and prevents moisture from trickling below the surface and causing damage.

While we look at today’s era and trends in the interiors, having stone tiles for the bathroom can prove to be an excellent choice. To give a cozy and comfortable touch to your bathroom, it’s good to have a stone tiling bathroom. Natural stone bathroom floor or stone for bathroom floor is an all-time favorite option for most homeowners. These do not burn a hole in your pocket. One does not need a decorative budget to create a magnificent bathroom out of natural stone tiles.

Why Natural Stone Bathroom tiles?

Natural stone is exactly as the name sounds, non-man-made, complete natural material from mother earth! Natural stone has been cut from the stone blocks which have been formed millions of years ago. The natural stone comes in ample varieties like marble, granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, and travertine. Each piece of stone has a specific character and grain size.


Benefits of having a stone Bathroom

1. Cost

Natural stone is expensive. Being a one-of-a-kind item in the tile industry, it is comparatively expensive than other materials used for flooring. Natural stone is the most eccentric stone for decorating your personal space. The Stone tiling bathroom represents exclusivity and style. The price of the tiles depends on the style, finish, and grade. But the investment is quite worth it when one invests in natural stone flooring.

2. Premium look

Why not have a luxurious bathroom look when you have already spent a fortune in the interiors of your home. With a natural stone bathroom floor, get the classy and premium look for your bathroom by not spending a fortune again. At World of Stones USA, we have the best natural stone collection to amp up your Bathroom. World of Stones USA can ease out your decision-making process. Stone bathroom tiles have a very pleasing and aesthetic impact bringing one close to nature.


3. Color Variants

The beauty of the natural stone is that no two stones are naturally alike. As natural stone comes out of the earth, there can be wide color variations.


The way the minerals settle into the stones makes is what causes the wide array of colors, patterns, moisture absorption, surface finish, and textures. While you shop for the bathroom stone wall tiles, minimize the mismatched looks of your home and bathroom by buying the bathroom stone wall tile from World of Stones USA. The style of your home will domineer your decision of bathroom stone wall tiles.


As natural stone comes in a wide variety of natural colors ranging from whites to beige to dark brown tones, you would have ample varieties to choose from at World of Stones USA that would add visual impact to your beautiful bathroom.

4. Durability

The look of natural stone and its beauty can be maintained and retained for a long period without needing to be replaced. As compared to the brick flooring which requires frequent application of sealing chemicals for their longevity, one remains at a benefit when they use natural stone bathroom tiles. The wearing and tearing off of the tiles are quite minimal when it comes to natural stone tiles. The natural stone exhibits durability which is hard to find in any other building materials. The enduring life cycle of the natural stone tiles makes it a great design element for your home.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning is always required for any tile that has been installed in your home. Natural stone materials are porous and generally require a sealant or glaze to help fill the pores which in turn keeps the material resistant to water and stains. One can protect the stone tile flooring bathroom by avoiding the usage of acidic cleaners.


Cons of Natural stone

1. Cold

Natural stones are ideally cold. Walking on natural stone with bare feet can be a little challenging until it’s placed on a heating system. So people tend to opt for radiant floor heating which automatically hikes up the price of the flooring.

2. Slippery floors

The natural stone bathroom floor is slippery. For a natural stone to work efficiently in a bathroom, it must be sealed. But when it is sealed, the surface becomes more slippery when it becomes wet. So some people deny using natural stone flooring in bathrooms to avoid hazards and accidents.

3. Brittleness

Surprisingly, natural stone tiles are not as strong as ceramic tiles. When it comes to flexing and expansion, they break rather easily.

4. Difficult to maintain

To avoid a discoloring film developing on the tile, standard detergents or soaps cannot be used on the stone.

Types of Natural Stone

1. Marble

Marble is famous for its classic look of luxury, smooth texture, and high-gloss surface finish. Marble gives a pristine appeal.


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2. Granite

Granite stone is a popular choice for bathrooms. It is easier to maintain when installed in a wet area.


3. Travertine

Its extremely hard and durable and its appearance looks as if it’s been around for centuries

And many more…

Wrap Up!

Natural stone for the bathroom floor is the best option one can opt for. With modern sealers being introduced, the stone’s susceptibility to water damage and staining has been reduced. Natural stone is a good choice for homeowners to get a luxurious feel in their dream home.



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