Slate Stone – Why Need to Choose This Natural Stone

Slate Stone – Why Need to Choose This Natural Stone

Mar 28, 2023

What does the picture above speak?

It tells the saga of a long past, a beautiful tradition, elegance, aesthetic, and royal investment on the selection of the roofing material – The Slate Stone Roof Tiles. Slatestone roofing boasts a long and storied history by providing the longest lasting roofing materials.

Natural Slate Stones in Mainstream Usage

According to unknown sources, the use of slate stones as a home roofing material was first reported in North Wales, England, nearly 1300 AD. However, slate stones come into mainstream usage in the 1800s when stone quarrying processes advanced enough to provide adequate supply at affordable prices.

A Big Gap in Slate Stone Popularity

After the onset of the 1900s, Asphalt Shingles flooded the market, and slate stones remain the choice for rich and royal people for roofing solutions.

The Glory Comes Back

However, enhancements in quarrying, cutting, transporting, and various surface treatment technologies have brought natural slate stones in everyday home applications, not only for roofing, but also flooring, veneers, and various interior & exterior applications.

Do You Ponder On Natural Slate Stones as Your Roofing Material?

I love to cite apt reasons for pondering slate stone as your roofing material.

Slate is a naturally beautiful and inherently sturdy material as roofing tiles.

If your appetite is for natural texture, strength, and durability, the charcoal hue & grooved texture of the slate stone is a much better selection for roofing solutions in modern homes and offices as well as public places.

Natural Slates in different earthy tones and hues

Slate used to found in various earthy tones like buff, brown, black, and hues of gray. It is also available in purple, cyan, and green shades even from the same quarry.

Natural Slate Stone has a unique formation.

Slatestone derived from the natural weathering rocks. During the metamorphic process, its main content like volcanic ash and clay develop a typical property called “Fissility” through the Slaty Cleavage foliation process.

The foliation takes place in plans perpendicular to the direction of metamorphic compression. Thereby, we can get smooth flat sheets of slate tiles.

Natural Slate – A durable choice

Natural slate rocks have an unparalleled lifespan compared to other roofing materials. As per the British construction industry, it may be more than a century and up to two centuries. Of course, the right contractor, dependable slate stone supplier (like World of Stone, Maryland), and correct installation process are chief detrimental factors for the durability of slate stones on various roofing applications.

Thanks to improved technologies in the natural stone industry by-and-large, the slate stone is now an affordable option for people to belong to all strata of economy and scales of projects.

Natural Slate Stones are resistant to weathering & environmental impacts.

Slate stones are almost non-porous, inorganic, and resistant material to support the growth of weeds, molds, and mildews. Temperature extremity, the wind blows, and heavy rains hardly leave any wear & tear impacts on slate stones.

Do You Obsessed with Slate Stones in Flooring or Paving?

When an intelligent homeowner or an experienced contractor collects the reviews of natural slate stone users, they certainly become fanatical to it and mostly installed as paving  for patio, paths, and pool decks. Reasons?

Some reasons we already have described before, and remaining are

Anti-Skid Surfaces

Slate stones have natural cleft and hardly need intensive surface finishing to create staying awake surfaces for interior flooring particularly in wet areas, and exterior arena like open patios and swimming pool decks where chances are high.

Anti-Staining Surfaces

Natural slate stones have anti-staining properties due to low porosity and structural properties. Minerals in slate rocks are mostly from volcanic ash, so they are anti-acidic by nature and leave you relaxed even your pets urinate on the slate pavers of your patio or path.
Similarly, you are stress-free if any liquid spills over your Slatestone kitchen floor, thanks to its low absorption rate for water or oil-based liquids.

No doubt, you need to apply water-based sealing chemicals that can penetrate beneath the surface and in the mass of slate stones. Moreover, surfactant sealers can protect the stone surface by covering it as a thin protective layer.

Enhancing Real-estate Value of the Entire Property

We know slate stone tiles are a costly affair compared to Asphalt Roof Shingles and other traditional to modern materials. However, durability and long-lasting properties of slate overcome costs and other factors easily. Thereby, slate has high real estate value when applied as roofs, floors, and other applications in your properties as well as surrounding landscapes.

Easy & Low-cost Maintenance

When heavy impacts occur, natural chipping, flaking, cracking, or breaking takes place in natural slate stone tiles used in roofs, floors, and walls. You can remove the damaged stones and replace the best-fit ones.


World of Stones, USA, is a treasure of natural stone products from the world’s largest exporter-India and other countries as well as from the local quarries. American slate stones have stunning beauty and varieties to explore. Many imported stones are rare to reach, and a team of World of Stones can obtain those easily. Our natural slate stone inventory is huge and capable of meeting your diverse needs, and all at affordable rates.


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