10 Swimming Pool Trends with Natural Stone in 2021

10 Swimming Pool Trends with Natural Stone in 2021

Mar 25, 2023

Blue winter is gradually disappearing. Hot summer awaits to enter our life. Now, homeowners, contractors, and designers are collectively enthusiastic about cool swimming pools. Everyone opts for a relaxing space outside the home. Perhaps, with natural greenery and elements like natural stones in their swimming pool.

However, uncertainty about the pool design, style, material, and mix of ancillary needs can beat by looking at prevailing trends in the market. Fortunately, natural stones as preferred material seem to win right from the beginning of 2021 in the dimensional industry and the entire construction industry as well.

Different design options are visible in the market for on-ground and in-ground swimming pools. Stone decks, stone pool coping, or spa coping are common sights in the work of different designers and architects.

Today, I will walk through the top ten swimming pool trends using natural stone materials in the construction of swimming pools and secondary needs. 

1 – Swimming Pool Combined with Patio

When you look for a relaxing sanctuary in your outdoor living, mixing patio space with a pool deck is nothing but an extension of your horizon and bringing serenity of water in the vicinity of the patio life.

Large flagstones with obvious grouts draw an attention-grabbing design in an abstract pattern. Sturdy flagstone if made of sandstone or limestone also proffer extended lifespan.

Flagstone inventory at World of Stones USA in Maryland proves a treasure of colors, surface finishes, styles, and dimensions to realize your imagination in a design. 

At one end, you can accommodate a movable table & chairs to sip a cup of coffee while at another end, you can enjoy natural songs of falling water in water feature letting down your body on sun shelves or ledges.

The level difference in the deck, pool, and patio can define the spaces further and facilitates you to infuse natural stone water features seamlessly. 

2 – On-ground Swimming Pool Made of Granite Stones

If your family loves hanging out by the pool and have tidy space, the above ground pool idea is worth investing in when digging the land is a risky affair. 

The choice of natural material is a healthy option for your skin and Granite stones are an ideal selection for pool coping pavers, sidewalls, and even for the bottom floor in the pool.

Black granite pavers seamlessly integrated with the blue of the water and granite grains create alluring impacts in it.

World of Stones USA has a rich granite inventory with pool coping accessories. It offers the freedom to lay down flat to bullnose pool coping on the top of surrounding pool walls. Anti-skid surface finishing of granite pool pavers is an anticipated property in pool design.

3 – Swimming Pool with Spa 

The integrated spa is a natural element befitting the pool concept. Mini fountains on the combined wall of the spa and pool are not only mesmerizing elements but also depict the art of the designer or an architect to maximize the space with matching and utility elements.

Consider the limestone or sandstone material in the construction to create a synergy with nature while your body is immersed in cool water under the hot sun!

World of Stones USA offers you plan color pellets to various patterns embedded in the stones by nature itself to décor your swimming pool. Natural stones also offer an adequate opportunity to the designer to bring details in the design by breaking and crossing the lines and blocks.

4 – Swimming Pool with Hot Tub & Brick Deck

Indeed, the contractor or designer of the swimming pool has used mixed material to create a classic pool appearance. Limestone pool coping pavers draw a curved line around the periphery of the pool and stone bricks of sandstone adorn the deck with the classic look-n-feel.

Adjoining hot tub offers warmth therapy and cool water in the pool a relaxing feel. Moreover, the backyard wall made of stones makes the entire look more classic and traditional despite modern amenities.

5 – Swimming Pool with Waterfall & Tropical Landscape

The spectacular pool is a perfect example of the mixing of natural elements with a modern design. The country look comes with an upholstered stone waterfall and adjoining pergola patio space.

Half-moon drop back has been created by crafting a curved pit and downing of the main pool area. The falling of water in the waterfall and from the half-round pit develops the live aura of sound and scene both. Natural stone pool coping and pool decking makes the scene luxurious in itself.

A covered patio with pergolas offers you safe seating space even in rainy weather to enjoy nature in its full swing!

6 – Backyard Swimming Pool with Irregular Shape

When you are on a tidy budget & space both, natural stones offer ample choices to create a curvy and modern-looking swimming pool honoring budgetary constraints. 

No need to go for extended decking or creating a separate patio in your backyard, just grassy land is enough to create the visual contrast with stone pavers.

Accommodate a few chairs under the extended roof of your backyard part of the house and enjoy outdoor living even in deliberately hot summer.

7 – Covered Swimming Pool with Spa

Swimming pools always flag a danger sign for little kids and playing children in your landscape. protective fencing is a solution. However, an entirely covered pool the steel framework offers additional protection to your swimming activity even during harsh weather. If you think so, an unbreakable sunglass or plastic glass cover seems an ideal idea.

Suppose you are tired of seeing curvature and prefer angular design for your swimming pool project, the given photo is an example of it. The incorporation of spa or hot tubs adds more to the facilities. Seamless decking pavers and pool coping pavers are eye-grabbing elements in the design. 

Now, think of weather extremes like humid 90-degree summer heat. The covered pool allows you to apply central air conditioning running under the protection.

8 – Swimming Pool Coping with Drainage 

Water splash while diving or swimming in the pool is an anticipated phenomenon in each swimming pool and many designers cope with it in different ways because none wants drained water back in the pool from the pool deck or pool coping areas. If mixing occurs, it is never a healthy practice at all.

A wase design has fixed the gutter or drainage feature within the pool coping area. In fact, it serves two purposes; drainage plus anti-slip surface. Light-colored pinkish pool coping stones are visibly contrasting with dark brown shades of the stones on the deck.

Reddish-brown patches in square stone pavers look tempting and anti-skid finishing gives the perfect utility in these wet areas.

9 – Small Swimming Pool Made of Bluestone 

If you are fans of traditional look-n-feel for your landscape and suffering from a lack of adequate space, a mini pool with bluestone provides the best instance for your requirement. Irregular-shaped flagstones are visible everywhere, including landscape pavers, patio pavers, pool walls, and steps.

Natural stone blocks and veneers are excellent materials to gain a complete traditional pool design. Bluestone is matching with the blue of the water seamlessly.

10 – Swimming Pool with Waterfall Fountain Wall 

So, you have created a summer oasis in your landscape but scrappy to have a waterfall to give the sweet sound of falling water. No need to allocate a big space for a waterfall, instead create a volume of space vertically by designing a stone ledger panel wall and carve a waterfall out of it.

What Does World of Stones USA Offer?

World of Stones USA has already described the use of its natural stone inventory in the swimming pool. So, in the case of a stone ledger panel wall, we have different offerings for your different tastes and moods.

People today are looking for natural stones even in their modern designs to invite nature into their premises and the idea of natural stones in your swimming pool is a trend now. Let’s learn more from the stone experts at World of Stones USA in Maryland.



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