Types of Landscaping Stone: Choose the Best One For Your Project

Types of Landscaping Stone: Choose the Best One For Your Project

Mar 25, 2023

Landscaping goes a long way in enhancing your property’s curb appeal. All the visible elements of the property right from the inclusion of plants, flowers, stone pavers, gardening, etc. go into the modification of landscaping. Creating a unique and perfect landscape and hardscape can get a little tricky.

While considering making proper landscaping in your home, the kind of materials that need to be used need to be carefully chosen. And most importantly, the type of natural landscaping stones that could be used is very pivotal for hardscape. At World of Stones, we have various kinds of landscaping products to suit the ambiance of your beautiful built home.

According to us, natural rocks and natural landscaping stones prove significant for decorative purposes. They look robust on patio surfaces, near plantations, walkways, and at many more places. Choosing the right type of landscaping stones is crucial and can be a bit daunting if you are new to this field. Having information about the decorative landscaping stones can help you make the right choice and decision with a long-lasting effect on your landscape.

Before you start deciding and planning on the styling of your landscape, you need to make sure to stay in line with your home’s style. Like, decide if you intend to use it for entertainment or a walkway or to create a side bed for the plantation. If you can sketch out these ideas before you get started, you sure are on the right track and designing with function in mind. With the dream to enhance the aesthetics of your home, either give a contemporary and modern vibe by using flagstone, gravel pea, and natural landscaping stone.

If your home has a boho look, use multicolored stones or use various other decorative landscaping stones from World of Stones. But you also need to keep in mind that gravel stones are appropriate near the firepit, but they can be rough on the feet. Instead, you can choose to place pebbles, which are on the smoother side to walk barefoot.

In brief, the below factors will determine your decision:

  • Landscape theme
  • Coordination with your surroundings and plants
  • Size and shape of natural landscaping stones
  • Color and texture
  • Stone layout pattern

With these factors, get the perfect vibes at your home in the new landscape design that you built.

Why you should be using natural stone pavers?

One of the best reasons to use natural stone pavers is that you could customize the design and create a space that people have never seen before by placing it uniquely. With this, you can draw visual attention to your backyard. Natural stone rocks can make the space look bigger and spacious while smaller stones can make the space look cozy. 

Types of landscaping stones and landscaping stones for sale

1. Sandstone

Sandstone is a type of Flagstone having a coarse texture. It is the layers of densely packed sand. They are available in various shades of brown and tan. They also come in other beautiful colors that you may not have imagined like white, black, grey, and red.

They come in the size of 1- to 3-inch-thick rectangular slabs. These can be used as pavers or to create a patio giving a rustic, handmade appeal. It can also be laid individually as stepping stones. Larger flagstones are used for edging along with the water features.

Sandstone absorbs water, different fluids including few harmful spills. Sandstone withstands the harshness of weather and is quite durable. Sandstone is unbeatable if you are considering natural stone pavers.

2. Limestone

Limestone is an alluring natural stone used for pathways, patios, and walls. It is made of calcites or lime. They are highly porous and need to be sealed with proper sealants. It looks like a soft design, giving an ultimate nice feel to walk on. They say limestone can be obtained in a variety of textures giving a subtle vibe.

To give the rustic and unique appearance to your landscape, at World of Stones USA we have limestone patio pavers, driveway pavers, walkway pavers, garden stepping stone paversswimming pool deck pavers, limestone steps in ample size, color, and patterns.

3. River stones

Gravels, pea gravels, boulders, and large river rocks are known as river stones. They are generally smoother and come in various shades and sizes. Interestingly, these stones are formed in water like in rivers, streams, ponds, and the sea.

These mini stones are extraordinarily popular among architects because of their smoothness, gentle roundness, shade and it’s alluring looks. One can use the same ones or combine contrasting stones to create a unique look.

Create perfect and natural fountains, ponds, and other water features in your backyard with the most spectacular and impressive pebble tiles from World of Stones USA. It can be also used for paving, edging, driveway formation, and as stone fillers

Large Landscaping Rocks

Large Landscaping Rocks are generally placed strategically to draw visual attention to a desired feature in the property. If you are looking to create a contemporary rock garden, mix large rocks with boulders and plants. Their appearance is bold and unique giving a one-of-a-kind accent.

No matter what kind of landscape project you have, incorporating these natural landscaping stones which are also called decorative landscape stones in your backyard is a splendid idea. Make your home more welcoming and relaxing by connecting with nature with the help of these hardscape materials.

These stones almost fit any budget and can add a whole new element to your landscape and hardscape. Choose the perfect stone for your landscape from World of Stones USA for the most decorative look. Get the natural stone products at any budget, style, and level of customization.



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