Types of Wall Texture Design For Your Walls [9 Unique Ideas]

Types of Wall Texture Design For Your Walls [9 Unique Ideas]

Mar 17, 2023

When you think of designing your home, you should think beyond furniture, flooring, and wall colors. Bring a more contemporary and unique addition to your space by creating different types of wall textures. With this, you are not just adding texture to your walls but crafting your walls to reflect your style.

You should find the perfect wall texture design that matches your room’s ambiance. But figuring out your home’s ideal wall texture types might be daunting. So, with our best picks of wall texture designs, you can quickly identify the suitable style for your room.

1. Shiplap Wall Texture Design

These types of wall texture designs create a classic and simple look to your walls without adding too much detail or artsy. You can create an accent wall by installing interior wall cladding  onto your walls and using this shiplap texture on other walls. It will give a mesmerizing look to your room.

2. Spanish Lace Wall Texture

This type of wall texture is similar to the stomp knockdown in look and can be challenging to create. You should hire a professional to make this wall texture. However, if you want to create this texture on your walls, consider affixing a lace template onto the surface before you apply the drywall mud. Once the drywall mud is dried, peel off the template for a beautiful and unique texture design.

3. Monterrey Drag Texture Design

This is one of the easiest wall texture types you can create for your space. To create this texture, you have to first apply drywall compound onto your wall and let it dry. Don’t let the drywall completely dry. You have to make sure it’s dry enough to create a beautiful Monterrey drag texture. So, once you are satisfied with the drywall compound, start dragging and removing parts of it using a putty knife and trowel.

4. Tuscan Wall Texture

This wall texture is similar to the Venetian texture design. The only difference between these two types of wall texture is that Tuscan texture creates a rough surface, and Venetian is on the smoother side. But both the wall textures are stunning and bring a lot of depth to your walls. You can use the color of the texture to blend perfectly with your natural stone paving  or any other flooring material.

5. Right-Angled Texture

This is one of those types of wall texture that uses thick layers. But this texture is a bit different from others. Instead of overlapping the thick layers, you should spread the drywall compound using a trowel at a right angle against the wall. This will leave thick and pronounced lines of compound along the edge after each drag. The final result will be a geometric-shaped wall texture that will add a bold statement to your room.

6. Faux Brick Wall Texture

If you love to keep things in a traditional way and want an industrial look, faux brick wall texture might be the one for you. In this type of wall texture, you need faux brick panels and hide them behind several plaster coatings. Once you are done with the plaster coating, the result will make it appear like you just knocked off a pre-existing brick wall. You can compare the look achieved with this texture design with limewash brick.

7. Wooden Slat Wall Texture Design

This type of wall texture design is created using wooden slats mounted onto the wall and then painted to match the wall color and the room’s ambiance. However, this is among the types of wall texture designs that use randomly shaped wooden slats. With these asymmetrical wooden slats, you can create a pattern of your choice.

8. Faux Fabric Wall Texture

Faux fabric wall texture is pronounced when there’s a clear contrast between the base and glaze coat colors. This texture design can easily be achieved on your walls. First, apply the base coat to get this texture on your walls. Once it is dry, apply a mixture of glaze and the first color throughout your wall. Use a dry brush and drag the glaze horizontally and vertically to give a fabric-like effect on your walls.

9. Architectural Panels Texture Design

You can create frames using wood that gives your walls a clean and uniform finish. Like the wooden slats, architectural panels are mounted on the walls and painted to blend perfectly with the room’s interior design style and color. You can then paint these wooden panels a different color to highlight them or the same color as the walls.


We’ve listed the best and most fantastic types of wall texture designs that can add a bold statement and help you spruce up your interiors.

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