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 Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pier cap do?

Rather than seeping into the brickwork and harming the entire structure's brick and mortar, a pier cap diverts rainwater away from the structure below and onto the ground. Not only do they offer functionality, but they also add an aesthetically pleasing look to your outdoors.

How much should a pier cap overhang be?

For pier caps to work effectively, an overhang of around 50mm on each side of the pier would be ideal.

What are pier caps made of?

Pier caps are made of natural stones because they are durable, robust, and can withstand different weather conditions. Unlike other materials, natural stone pier caps offer functionality and a decorative touch to your outdoors. 

How do you attach pier caps?

Put some cement or adhesive on the pillars and caps, then push the pier cap down to place it firmly onto the surface.

What sizes of pier caps do we offer?

We offer pier caps in a variety of sizes including 24" x 24", 28" x 28" and 32" x 32".