Stepping Stones

Set in lawns and gravel, stepping stones represent a charming way to add a wonderful distinctive feature to any garden. Not only offering a prac cal solu on to help you walk about your garden, they can also add real visual interest and character. Available in two different colors with a variety of four different shapes.

Walking outskirts of your home or office are exciting and fun experiences, particularly when you have to place steps on natural stepping stones. Whether you are barefoot in your garden or moving towards a patio in your lustrous landscape, our Natural Garden Stepping Stones exert an eye-soothing experience. Natural beauty, freedom to choose your path design, and aesthetic appeal are some characteristics of our natural stepping stones of various types, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Castle Grey & Sunset Buff are our trendy products, and landscape contractors across the U.S. highly prefer both products today whenever they are looking for stepping stones from natural rocks.

Be it green pasture, dry (grass-less) backyard, or gravel filled landscape, our natural stepping stones are beautifully befitting into it. Let’s take a glimpse of both offerings at a glance.

  1. Stepping Stones - Sunset Buff
    Stepping Stones - Sunset Buff

    Sizes: Standard Length (Random): 24" (Nominal) Standard Width (Random): 18" Standard Thickness: 1" Finish: Natural Surface with hand split edges

  2. Stepping Stones - Castle Grey
    Stepping Stones - Castle Grey
    Sizes: Standard Length (Random): 24" (Nominal) Standard Width (Random): 18" Standard Thickness: 1" Finish: Natural Surface with hand split edges

You can access our natural stepping stone inventory with an in-premise visit to our headquarter in Maryland, USA or any of our dealers in your vicinity. Our website is a handy online shop open round-the-clock and listed with most of our products with beautiful images and comprehensive descriptions. Our natural stone consultants can help you in the selection process by providing complete guidance on different types of natural stones you can apply for your stepping stone needs.

Our natural stepping stones come with wide variations in the shapes and sizes to meet your bespoke requirements. You can find desired colors & their variants, including Grey, Yellow, Rusty, White, Blue, Pink, and Multicolor. We offer a variety of surface finishes for natural stepping stone orders, such as honed, sandblasted, tumbled, antiqued, brushed, picked, sawn, split, grooved, bush-hammered, mushroom, and acid-washed. Thus, you can get anti-slip or anti-skid surfaces to make a secure walk during rainy days or in the wet landscape.

We offer highly competitive rates with excellent delivery services. The packing of order depending on the volume of requirements and distance from our premises to your home/site.