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Planter Stone Craft Collection

Planter Stone Craft Collection
Planter Stone Craft Collection
Category   :   Customised Order , Stone Craft
Product Description   :   You might never have imagined that simple planter containers can add a distinctive stamp of natural beauty in your garden planting or interior planting. Our stone craft accessories for garden-like stone planters can amplify a boom’s elegance. We give greenery the signature of style by our stone crafting expertise and experiences.
For instance,
  • Our Unique Olpe Style is a V-shape curved design with three small legs at the bottom.
  • Our Beautiful Amphora design also has V-shaped curvature,but the bottom has rounded grooves.
  • OurPyxis pattern seems nothing but a half part of a rounded ball.
  • Skyphos is a classic pot design with the rounded, grooved ring.
  • Flute style grooving from top to bottom presents a unique style.
  • Hydria in barrel shape style with a ring at the top.
  • Geometrical engraving in a rectangular cube-shaped pot.
  • Straight design with a flat upper portion and grooved bottom
All designs are available in teak sandstone are stunning eyes of onlookers.
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