Fiordi Fumo 40
Fiordi Fumo 40

Fiordi Fumo 40

Surface Finish: Textured
Edge Finish: Rectified
Size: 28 Pieces Pack ( 24" X 24" )
28 Pieces Pack ( 24" X 24" )
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal

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Product Description
Inspired by some of nature's rarer quartzite's, Fiordi has a textured and variegated surface which breaks the light to bring intriguing light and shade effects to your patio. Available in two colors Sand and Fumo, Fiordi will create a very premium finish which will look great for years to come. Size (Nominal) : 24"x24"x1.5"

Barely distinguishable from natural quartz: Fiordi- A series full of varied textures and colors. The attractive, slightly undulating profile breaks the light fall, so creating intriguing shadow effects on your patio. Never the same, never dull but an everchanging dance of light and shadow.


  • Fiordi Fumo has high-quality Porcelain top layer
  • Its base layer is bonded permeable concrete that acts as a micro-drainage system (Stabikorn®) for water.
  • It has integrated spacers to assist with uniform joints
  • It offers ease of installation.
  • Fiordi is durable and remains low in maintenance.
Installation Guidelines