Well, you have an innate affinity with Mother Nature, and your love of natural rocks is admirable. We are familiar with natural stones available for construction purposes in the form of slabs, cubes, and tiles or veneers, but we often ignore smaller and irregular shaped fragments of natural rocks available in nature abundantly. For those pieces of rock fragments, the industry has coined beautiful terms and classified based on a range of sizes.

  • Cobbles are larger fragments of different rocks ranging from 64 to 256mm in diameter.
  • Pebbles are mid-size particles of rocks ranging between 4 to 64mm diameters.
  • Gravels or granules are of the smallest particle size of 2 to 4mm diameters.

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Types of Pebbles:

Based on the locations the pebbles found, we can classify them into the beach pebbles and river pebbles. The formation of the beach pebbles takes place due to the washing activities of sea currents. Similarly, river pebbles are forming by the flow of river water.

Properties of Pebbles:

Since pebbles are clasts of rocks; they carry almost all physical and chemical properties of parent rocks. Therefore, pebbles are similar to natural stones in colors, textures, grains, veins, strength, durability, and water absorption rates.

Uses of Pebbles:

In other words, pebbles are miniatures of natural rocks, which are eventually turning into different sizes, smoothness, colors, and textures. Thus, pebbles have distinct usages compared to natural stones available for commercial and construction purposes. The most auspicious use is in the decoration purposes for interior and exterior spaces.

Let’s learn how we can decorate our landscape with natural pebble stones.

How to Decorate Your Landscape with Natural Pebble Stones

1. Use of natural pebble stones in the creation of Accent Features in your landscape

Accent Features
Adding pebble in your landscaping is a great way to divide various sections of landscape with a very small amount. Striking white pebbles in different sizes are decorating small artistic layouts in a green pasture and create artistic effects.

2. Use of natural pebble stones in the creation of Mulching Features in your landscape

Mulching Features
In gardens, mulching is essential for various kinds of plants, shrubs, and trees. Scientifically, the mulch layer helps in the retention of moisture content in the soil. Thereby, we can avoid loss of basic nutrients dissolved in the water in the soil. Moreover, we can keep the temperature of the top surface of the soil somewhat under control.Using natural pebbles instead of grass or other organic and degradable stuff for mulching, pebble stones are becoming an excellent choice for eco-friendly decoration.

3. Xeriscaping by using natural pebble stones in your landscape

Xeriscaping provides drought tolerant and water-wise landscaping when you plant xerophytes in your landscape. You can beautify your garden with colorful pebbles instead of living green grass. It saves a lot of water in water-scarce areas. Pebble around the xerophytes helps in mulching to retain moisture of the soil.

4. Mosaic patio with natural pebble stones in your landscape

Mother nature has worked out a lot to create pebbles in different colors, sizes, and shapes. By the right mix of pebble stones, you can create stunning mosaic designs without adding any artificial colors. You can leave pebbles as such or bind with mortar to create a spectrum of artistic layout for your outdoor patios or garden scape.

5. Use of natural pebble stones in the creation of Water Feature in your landscape

Natural pebbles are excellent candidates for creating an alluring water feature in your backyard.

6. White natural pebble stones in the Walkway

pebble stones in the Walkway
Well-polished, well-sorted, and high-quality white pebbles are available in the market to create a garden path or walkway in your landscape.

7. Natural pebble stones in the Plant Pots

Plant Pots
Filling the top layer in the planters or plant pots with natural pebble stone is not a new idea, and white pebbles make beautiful along with granting mulching benefits.

8. Use of natural pebble stones in the creation of Underwater Landscape 

Underwater landscape or aquascape is often decorating with pebbles of different colors and sizes. Many aquariums are filled with beautiful pebbles with a spectrum of colors.

9. Use of natural pebble stones in the Zen Rock Garden 

Zen Rock Garden
Zen rock gardens usually contain evocative boulders and a lot of pebbles while pebbles are favorite to create dimension and visual interests.

10. Use of natural pebble stones in the creation of Water Stream in your landscape

Water Stream
Pebbles are available in different sizes and shapes. Creating a water stream by providing a pebble bed, bank, and decorating it with large rounded and irregularly rounded pebbles is beautifying your water stream at the next level.


You might have noticed that a lot of varieties of natural pebble stones have used in different applications we have seen in the current post. Dazzling white pebbles to a spectrum of different colors are amazingly beautifying your landscape. However, getting sorted, polished, and high-quality river or sea-beach pebble stone is not easy unless you have an avid stone supplier like World of Stones, USA. Get high-quality pebbles for your custom order at competitive rates online with World of Stones, Maryland, and other distributors in your vicinity in the USA.

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