Landscape Design Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Landscape Design Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Mar 25, 2023

The year 2020 was under the shadow of COVID-19. The epidemic has compelled us to spend more time at home and it doesn’t seem to change much in 2021 as well. But life has to go on. Keeping our hopes alive, let’s look at some interesting Landscape Design Trends to watch out for in 2021.

To help architects, engineers, landscapers, exterior designers, contractors, and eventually homeowners, Houzz had run a survey to know the preferences in renovations for outdoor living.


Most homeowners have spent on the following infrastructural facilities:

  • Backyard Patios
  • Garden Patios
  • Landscape Design for Greenery 
  • Outdoor Kitchen/Barbeque
  • Outdoor Bars
  • Outdoor Furniture

Apart from patios, they also have spent money on the following outdoor living elements:

  • Swimming Pool 
  • Front deck or Porch 
  • Pathways & Driveways
  • Firepit
  • Water Feature
  • Canopy or Pergola 
  • Seat Walls 
  • Retaining Walls

Fortunately, the same trends were observed in other surveys for the landscape design trends to watch for 2021. Let’s see some significant trends in the current post.

Outdoor Planters filled with Gravels in a Backyard Patio:

A backyard patio with plants is a common scene everywhere, but gravel filling makes it an out-of-box landscape design. Colored gravels and pebbles are not new trends as landscaping elements, but designers have matched the colors of gravels with plants beautifully.

Further beautification comes with flagstone with irregular shapes and a wide range of color spectrum to create synergy with other landscaping elements viz. plants, gravels, dividers, chairs, and tables. 

Porch with Garden & Planters:

Everything is green and natural here! A stunning backyard patio made from limestone slabs with tints of orange and sophisticated patterns emerging from the natural stones is a treat to watch. Dense vegetation around the patio is a perfect contrast to the chair and floor. The beautiful flowers and plants compel you to take the seat and calm down your hustling mind for a while!

Complete Garden Patio:

If you have additional space for a garden and a garden patio in it, you are one of the lucky few.  So beautify this space with Ashlar sandstone pavers. They look amazing; around the border with setts defines the neatness of the space. 

The real symmetry comes with narrow walkways approaching the rounded patio at different corners. Green garden plants are adding anticipated contrast to the mild colors of the natural stone pavers in the patio and paths. Landscape designers have made it perfect by giving curves to the walkways. The bunch of small planters placed at the opposite corners is adding distinct elegance to the scene. So don’t wait and find time to spend with family, friends, and guests in your garden patio.

Syncing Interior with Exterior by the Glass Wall Partition in the Backyard Patio:

In areas of extreme weather, people are compelled to confine themselves in a definite space. However, glass partitions can solve this problem by creating a perception that you are outside your home. The interior mingles with the exterior and you can enjoy the view without being victims of weather extremities. 

You can gaze outside without burning your skin in the hot sun in summers or chilling winds in winter. And when the weather is mild, you can come out and enjoy the precious moments with your family or spend time with yourself sipping your favorite drink. 

Outdoor Garden Landscape:

What a beautiful landscape it is! Thanks to stonewalling at different tiers, which has been created for planting at different levels. Retaining walls with stacked stones augment the entire scene to the next level. Seat walls with stones illustrate the utility of the garden landscape which can be utilized for sitting. This way you can enjoy the calmness of the natural surroundings around you. 

Stepping Stone Walkway with Pebbles: 

Creating a decorative walkway in your landscape is a challenge. And you can take it by infusing other supportive elements like a stepping stone pathway filled with white pebbles. Stone or concrete thin borders on each side can define the width of the path. Green succulents add further characters, beautifying the entire walkway. 

Natural stepping stones from World of Stones USA are a great alternative to any other material you think of as stepping stones. 

Perfect Outdoor Cottage with Firepit & Seat Wall: 

Natural stone fire pit surrounded by a stone seat wall. What trend does it reveal? Converting a retaining wall into a seat wall shows utility-focused landscape designing. Every designer must adopt this trend in the coming years.

Gravels and pebble filled landscapes act as a canvas. Xerophytic plants scattered abstractly. A stone walkway made of flagstone joins the firepit patio with the cottage patio. A perfect setting, what more can one ask for?

Outdoor Cottage Patio with Fireplace & Outdoor Kitchen:


A covered cottage patio means you can use the space in any season. A fireplace provides warmth in the winter months. The outdoor kitchen made of natural stones can have a barbeque facility. It offers the freedom to arrange a grand party or cooking & eating place for the entire family during these COVID-affected days.  

Roof-top Kitchen – A luxury everyone can afford

Rooftop patios are not a new thing, but creating them in a covered terrace demands some creativity and innovation abilities. The granite kitchen countertop is fitted with the latest barbeque amenities enabling us to offer a grand party in a limited space with limited guests. 

An Outdoor Patio Corner Kitchen with the Latest Amenities

You can spare a corner of your garden patio or backyard patio to create an outdoor kitchen with the latest amenities available as a luxury in your landscape. A natural stone kitchen countertop with sink, oven, and dining table covered with an umbrella canopy is ideal to offer a barbeque party for any occasion. 

Open Terrace:

A terrace made of natural limestone offers adequate open space to lodge for a family to spend a few hours with Mother Nature. The limestone floor is protected with a rail around the periphery and provides a safe setting for your children to play. Limestone adds to the beauty of the entire terrace. 

Firepit to Get Warmth:

Your pets can get the warmth of a fire pit beside you! Raised planters in a rectangular cube bring symmetry to the landscape around the firepit patio.

A permanent natural stone fire pit has several advantages and the picture depicts the same.

Swimming Pool Cum Patio to Relax:

Suppose you have enough land to create a swimming pool, you can combine a patio space with it by extending the pool deck a bit more. The flagstone patio cum deck looks stunning and facilitates you to enjoy a cup of coffee with your spouse or the entire family.

Retaining Walls for Spatial Divisions:

Retaining walls are used to define the space. So, retaining walls are an excellent choice to make spatial divisions in your landscape. Set different heights of retaining walls to match with steps or slopes in your landscape. Sometimes, retaining walls act as seat walls with adequate coping on the top.

Outdoor Furniture to Rest:

Natural stone slabs also are helpful in the creation of garden or patio benches. Accommodation of pillows offers comfortable sitting. Here, a little bit of slanting slabs gives unique symmetry. Different sizes of planters have been placed on the outdoor patio to make the entire scene lovely and offer peaceful rest for a while.

Outdoor Furniture to Refresh:

The mesmerizing scene is created with natural stone furniture. It invites you to take a drink and get refreshment by sitting amidst the pasture. A rectangular slab set on a wide column of natural stone mimics the trunk of a tree. Beautiful symmetry has been crafted to form seats around the tabletop.

A Large & Wide Backyard Patio:

Have plenty of space to create a large and wide backyard patio? Flagstone patio offers a traditional look-n-feel. Sandstone is an excellent choice for a patio on a budget. World of Stones USA offers symmetrical and asymmetrical patio pavers with a spectrum of colors, grains, and veins full of natural beauty. 

Pebble Stone Mosaic Patio

Would you love a mosaic patio in your backyard landscape? Pebble stones are an ideal material to complement it. Dig a natural stone brick firepit setup, put wooden benches and a chair. These elements will be sufficient to develop a mosaic patio in your garden or landscape.

Zen Rock Garden in Your Landscape

The concept of Zen garden has crossed the boundaries of Japan & China, so you might find Zen gardens mostly made of gravel stones, pebbles, boulders, and big rocks across the globe. Aesthetically, the Zen garden looks pleasing.

Where to get landscaping material?

World of Stones USA in Maryland is a hub for high-quality natural stones for your landscaping needs. You will have competitive price tags on a variety of stones, including patio pavers, paths & driveway pavers, stepping stones, ready to use stone kits, and fire pits kits for instant installation.



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