10 Benefits of Natural Stone Water Features in Your Garden

10 Benefits of Natural Stone Water Features in Your Garden

Mar 25, 2023

Who doesn’t love the sweet sound of waterfalls? 

Who can ignore the eye-soothing scene of trickling water streams?

No one can deny that moving water mesmerizes our minds and gives us a lot of peace!

Everyone loves the different forms of water features existing in nature.

They are found in different forms. For instance,

Naturally, Existing Water Features Are:

Natural Stream

You might want a small natural stream of water flowing through your garden. and To augment its beauty further, you can add some natural rocks to it.

Natural Waterfall

Natural waterfalls occur in the wild but you can have one in your backyard landscape using natural stones and some landscaping techniques.

Artificially Created Water Features Are:

There are a couple of water feature options that you can create artificially using the natural stones in your landscape. let’s take a glimpse.

Standalone Fountain

Marbles, limestone, and sandstone are famous to create a standalone fountain. You can develop a sitting area or moving space around the fountain with the help of natural stone pavers.

Wall Fountains or Steep/Formal Waterfall

The construction of wall fountains of different types is easy today with the help of natural rocks.


Vase or Pot Rock Fountain

You can turn natural rocks into a beautiful pot fountain.

Informal/Formal Streams with Cascading Waterfalls

You can arrange natural rocks into a real cascading waterfall in your landscape and soothe your mind with its magical sound.

Water Pond

Creating a water pond is a great idea to utilize your low-land or water-logged area. Water ponds can harbor aquatic ecosystems and provide you with a few benefits.

Water Pool/Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can also be created with the right design. It proves to be kind of a luxury in your house.

Bubbling Rocks for Fountain or Water Stream

Bubbling rock is a low-end and low-budget concept for homeowners with space constraints. You can utilize any corner of your landscape to install this amazing feature. 

Spout Water Feature

A spout water feature is an amazing addition to your garden. You can create this in your landscape sketch with some minimal investment.

Artificial Waterfall

There are many ways to create an artificial waterfall, but using natural stones makes it tempting and long-lasting.

In fact, the creation of water features in the landscape or outdoor space is a trend these days. Homeowners have multiple options like vases or pot fountains or bubbling rocks, whatever suits their budget.

Is It Worth Spend on A Water Feature?

Indeed! Here are the top ten benefits before buying a home with a standard or customized water feature:

#1 – Water Feature Gives an Immersive Experience

For centuries, many have proclaimed that the noise of flowing water provides mental peace. Therefore, most meditation Gurus are spending their lives at the banks of rivers or natural streams.

Water features in your landscape do the same and bring a deep sense of relaxation & peace. Physical therapists are recommending hydrotherapy for many physio-psycho disorders. 

#2 – Water Feature: An attractive sight for onlookers!

A water feature becomes a magnet for your friends and family. You can invite your friends and host gatherings around this amazing feature in your backyard. 

#3 – Moving Water Feature Is Mesmerizing Your Eyes

Suppose you are alone and wish to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Sitting next to this beautiful water stream relaxes your mind and body. For many, the flowing water proves to be an inspirational and positive thinking booster.

#4 – Cascading Water Feature Gives Healing Sound

According to modern science, cascading water produces negative ions in the surroundings. The presence of negative ions is capable of reducing your stress. 

#5 – Water Feature Gives an Opportunity to Utilize Small or Leftover Space

Some areas in our landscape may experience damp conditions. Similarly, some areas in your landscape remain asymmetrical and can be used to install the water feature. For instance, bubbling rocks or pots require only four to six square feet of area and can fit in any leftover land easily. Moreover, the expense of installing it is also very low. 

#6 – Water Feature can help Children learn swimming 

A water feature like a swimming pool in your backyard offers the opportunity for your children to learn how to swim. It can help socialize. Other children from your neighborhood can enjoy the company of your kids and play inside the pool. 

#7 – Water Feature amplifies the Natural beauty of your garden 

A water feature nurtures the growth of both flora and fauna. You can grow water lilies and other beautiful flowers. You can put different types of fish inside the pond. Dragonflies and birds have natural attractions to natural water. 

#8 – Water Feature Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal

Water feature mostly comes with greenery in its surrounding. In the spatial sense, the water feature breaks the hardline created by other architectural elements viz. retaining walls. Thus, the water feature enhances the overall aesthetics. 

#9 – Water Feature Gives an Immense Value to Your Personality and Property

Loving natural elements like water is a kind of personality trait. Having a water feature in your landscape depicts the same accurately. If your prospective buyers carry the same personality, you will have high property value because of this. 

#10 – Water Feature Is the Zen Thing to Do

Feng Shui teaching reveals water features as a potent natural element that can increase your wealth too besides health. Feng Shui demands clean water in the water feature. You must keep the water clean, so you can live a prosperous life.

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