Want to beautify your garden with Stepping Stones? World of Stones USA brings you garden stepping stones in two amazing colors: Castle Grey and Sunset Buff. Stepping stones represent a charming way to add a wonderful distinctive feature to any garden. Not only they offer a practical solution to help you walk around your garden, but they also add real visual interest and character. Of course, you can place discarded stone pieces or concrete blocks, but why compromise? When you can buy stepping stones made up of natural stones from World of Stones USA at affordable prices. If you are planning to design Japanese-style grit/gravel-based landscape islands, our large stepping stones would be a wonderful addition. Our stepping stones for the garden path are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our natural stepping stones also have good heat & frost resistant properties. In a nutshell, these simple yet striking stepping stones help you create a visually appealing garden.

Autumn Brown

The autumn brown color beautifully blends with your planting scheme, natural grass, or gravels & pebbles covering the landscape. The Autumn Brown stepping stones add to the beauty of your garden area.

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Castle Grey

Castle Grey Stepping Stones are natural stones. Therefore, they are durable, weatherproof and stain proof. The neutral light blue to medium grey color shades of the stones blend perfectly with the green grass and blue water stream(if any) in your garden.

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Sunset Buff

Sunset Buff Stepping Stones are natural stones. Therefore, they are durable, weatherproof and stain proof. Sunset Buff, as its name suggests represents the scenario of sunset through its yellowish-brown shades and tone.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes available for stepping stones?

We are offering stepping stones in 24" x 18" sizes. But we will soon provide different-sized stepping stones to fulfill every need.

Can I lay Stepping Stones directly on the grass?

Stepping stones should not be placed directly on grass because they would undoubtedly present a risk and, if not correctly bedded, are likely to shake or shift.

What should be the ideal gap between Stepping Stones?

The typical person walks with around 26-28 inch stride. We advise leaving 25-30 inches between each stepping stone.

How do you stabilize a stepping stone?

Remove a layer of sod by digging a hole about an inch deeper than the stone's depth. Make the hole's bottom as flat as you can. Fill the hole's bottom with a 1/4- to 1/2-inch layer of crushed limestone or coarse sand, pushing it down and making it as level as possible. The stepping stone should now be inserted into the hole and pressed into the compressed material. To strengthen the stepping stone further, add a bit of extra loose sand or broken stone to the surrounding area.