Check out Fire Pits made of natural stones by World of Stones USA. A gathering with friends and family on a wintry evening at your outdoor patio can be a relaxing and comfortable experience with the warmth of the fire lit up in your natural stone fire pit. We can assure you that our fire pits are long-lasting, durable and visually appealing. We use the best quality natural stones that can withstand the heat and remain intact even at the time of rains or snow. You can use any fuel including woods, charcoal, gas or electricity with required modifications in the bottom and by inserting additional components within the stone fire pits. Don’t wait and buy stone firepits online in two amazing colors by World of Stones USA.


Basalt Firepit stones are an excellent choice among the natural stone materials to use in the creation of outdoor firepits in your patios and landscape designs. Firepits demand extremely heat-resistant material to withstand the longer lifespan.

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Sunset Buff

Sunset Buff, as its name suggests, it represents the scenario of sunset by its buff shades and tone. Sunset Buff has hardly any visible pattern. So, it seems in a consistently plain in appearance.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place my firepit?

You should place fire pits on a leveled surface, in a wide-open area, far from bushes, woodpiles, and other objects that could catch fire if they come into contact with the fire pit. It will be ideal for placing your fire pit on a paved surface.

What is the best material for an outdoor fire pit?

A natural stone fire pit will be the best option if you seek a strong and resilient material. Natural stones provide an appealing appearance and are heat and fire-resistant.

How far away from a house should a fire pit be?

The fire pit should be around 15-20 feet away from your house and any flammable substances, including trees, vehicles, sheds, wood decks, etc. It should also be kept from overhanging branches, and a 21-foot clearance must be required.

What is the best size for a fire pit?

The fire pit is typically between 25 and 30 inches wide and 10 to 15 inches tall. The size of the fire pit is entirely up to you, depending on your needs and available space. However, you may see our selection of fire pits on our products page, which come in various sizes.