We used to prefer everything up to date, so love to look at contemporary trends while going to decorate our outdoor spaces, and flooring trends are helping us a lot. Your front yard, porch, or entryway are the first things people see while visiting your home. Right esthetics and design can enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase overall value in the market.

It encourages us to invest in enhancements of curb appeal by keeping outdoor flooring trends and leave greater impacts on our daily life. Similarly, backyard flooring by following the latest patio paving trends make our social, personal, or religious events glamorous, as well as make our relaxing moments like in heaven.

To grasp the latest trends in exterior paving, I have divided trends based on several parameters, such as

Outdoor Flooring Trends by Material Type in 2019

Recent trends favor the following material types the most, including

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers

Ceramic & Parceling Pavers

Ceramic & Parceling Pavers

Geo-Ceramic Pavers

Geo-Ceramic Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Brick Pavers

Wood Pavers

Exterior Flooring Trends by Color in 2019





Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown

Ochre Yellow

Ochre Yellow



Cloudy Black

cloudy black

External Flooring Trends by Looks in 2019







Desert Buff

Desert Buff

Sunset Buff

Sunset Buff



Outdoor Paving Trends by Layout & Patterns in 2019



Random ‘I’

random i

Runner Bond

runner bond

Herring Bone

herring bone



Basket Weave

Basket Weave

Outdoor Paving Trends by Border Layout & Patterns in 2019

Soldier Course

Soldier Course Border Pattern

Sailor Course

Sailor Course Border Pattern

Exterior Paving Trends by Texture in 2019




sand blasted

Natural Cleft

natural cleft



Bush Hammered

bush hammered



Where to Apply Outdoor Flooring Trends in 2019

Across the globe, different names have given to outdoor spaces and definitions varying accordingly. However, the following are the most common outdoor spaces where we can apply paving trends in the USA for 2019.

  • Backyard patios provide opportunities to live in outdoor spaces.
  • Garden patios surrounding the landscape design
  • Decks are mere extensions of indoor living and extending it to open space in outdoor areas.
  • The porch is a front yard extension of indoor living areas and enhances façade.
  • Pool decks offer niche spaces to relax and swim in the water.
  • Rooftops or open galleries offer open space in the home without stepping up outside.
  • Paths give walking or driving spaces in your exterior territories.

Outdoor Flooring

Classic Stone


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Time Worn Stone


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Contemporary Stone


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Cerapave Stone


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Natural Stone Outdoor Flooring Trends in 2019

Natural stones come in different types, and the following are trendy at the present moment.

Outdoor Paving Trends for Quartzite Stones

Quartzite Stones
Type of Stone: Quartzite

Colors: White, Golden, Gray & Cream colors combination to give the multi-color appearance.

Layout & pattern: Normal Square Grid in Romanesque style.

Texture: Honed stone finish that makes it non-slippery.

Looks: Rustic with veining in multi-colored background.

Outdoor Paving Trends for Granite Stones

Type of Stone: Granite

Colors: Gray hue in bluish color variations

Layout & pattern: Normal Square Grid with large size slab

Texture: Flamed stone finish that makes it non-slippery.

Looks: Smooth stone look with distinct grouts/grooves/joints

Outdoor Paving Trends for Sandstone

Type of Stone: Sandstone

Colors: Buff hue in the yellow color family

Layout & pattern: Herringbone

Texture: Riven

Looks: Wooden Plank look with rectangular slabs

Outdoor Paving Trends for Limestone

Type of Stone: Limestone

Colors: Hues of White, Gray, and Black in combination.

Layout & pattern: Running Bond pattern with a mix of square and rectangular limestone slabs of different sizes. Inlay black sailor course border with outlay gray rectangular sailor course border.

Texture: A great combination of four different finishes within a single project creates skid-free surfaces. Honed, tumbled, flamed, and bush hammered finishes become distinctly visible. Textures are gaining momentum in trends, and this one is an ideal example of it.

Looks: Stone look with dimension stone slabs.

Outdoor Paving Trends for Slate Stones

slate stone
Type of Stone: Slate stone

Colors: Bluish gray color with different hues

Layout & pattern: Random pattern with grid layout.

Texture: Riven & honed finishes give smooth yet non-slip surfaces.

Looks: Stone look with soothing eye appearance. In the bright light of Sun, it seems dazzling & whitish boundary by retaining wall for planters adds more flairs in it!

Outdoor Paving Trends for Travertine Stones

Type of Stone: Travertine stone

Colors: Pinkish white color with different hues

Layout & pattern: French pattern with grid layout.

Texture: Honed finish gives smooth & non-slip surfaces.

Looks: Stone look with cool appearance. In the bright light of the Sun, it seems more alluring.

Porcelain Outdoor Flooring Trends in 2019

Porcelain is getting the attention of the construction industry rapidly thanks to its ability to provide manufactured stone tiles simulating natural stone look as well as wood and other kinds of look-n-feel on the tile surfaces. The porcelain is an eco-friendly option as it manufactured from Kiln-fired clay process. It is dense and non-porous paving material capable of staying in frost and wet climates. It is a sturdy and durable material available at competitive rates easily.

porcelain tiles
Type of Paving Material: Porcelain Tiles

Colors: White to Silver Grey Quartzite hues simulating natural stone veins and grains like natural patterns.

Layout & pattern: Large square regular bonds with grid layout

Texture: Honed finish to give non-slip surfaces.

Looks: Stone look with veins and grains

porcelain tiles 2
Type of Paving Material: Porcelain Tiles

Colors: Beige to Paper Gray hues simulating natural stone color variations. You can go up to 15 face pattern with pure beige and its hues using porcelain tiles.

Layout & pattern: Large square regular bonds with grid layout

Texture: Natural stone cleft finishes to give non-slip surfaces.

Looks: Stone look with natural cleft texture

porcelain tile 3
Type of Paving Material: Porcelain TilesColors: Cappuccino Beige and Basaltino Gray hues simulating natural stone veins and grains like natural patterns.

Layout & pattern: “I” bond regular pattern with small to large rectangular porcelain tiles.

Texture: Honed finish to give non-slip surfaces.

Looks: Stone look with contrasting colors to create distinct ‘I’ bond pattern. Deep and dark grooves/grouts between tiles assist in emphasizing the stone pattern more.

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GeoCeramica Outdoor Flooring Trends in 2019

GeoCeramica is an innovative concept that offers the best of both worlds. It is a porcelain face with a permeable concrete backing. It lets you install porcelain just like a concrete paver.

geoceramica trend
  • The unmatched durability, texture, and usability come with a porcelain face.
  • The permeability, pre-built spacers, and unmatched strength come with concrete backing the porcelain top.

Outdoor Brick Flooring Trends in 2019

Brick has a timeless charm in providing aesthetic and natural beauty to your exterior flooring. Bricks being the smaller units offer tremendous options to create layouts and patterns for outdoor paving. Patios, pool decks, porches, paths, and garden hardscapes can decorate with brick paving. Let’s see some of the latest paving trends with bricks.

Outdoor Wood Flooring Trends in 2019

Wood is a natural choice since our ancient eras for various constructions. Outdoor paving is a refined process today with the wood material. We have passed an evolution phase for wood pavers. The latest wood cutting technologies, wood finishing, coating, and sealing technologies have made the wood competing for material for flooring in exterior spaces, including patios, decks, pool decks, and even walking paths. Trends are still favoring wood today for outdoor paving.

Outdoor Concrete Flooring Trends in 2019

It is staining and stamping processes, which has granted concrete pavers a fresh life in modern construction. You can use acids to create dramatic effects on the surfaces and stone/marble or wood plank-like effects are most trendy today.


We have deeply examined various outdoor flooring trends for 2019. Natural stones are the trendiest material with different colors, textures, patterns, and looks. You can make your selection out of a variety of options.

However, getting a huge inventory for the right selections is daunting today. Fortunately, World of Stones USA have a wide distribution network across the States in America and adjoining regions. Therefore, stone consultants can help you to get the trendiest material for your exterior paving requirements. Would you like to talk about it?

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