Basement & Game Room Flooring with Natural Stones

Basement & Game Room Flooring with Natural Stones

Mar 21, 2023

With the onset of October month, the climate in the northern hemisphere will become colder, and snowfalls are likely phenomena in many regions. Usually, snow and frost are driving everyone indoors, and our homes are suddenly constrained for space for more activities.

The entire household seems disturbed, with noises coming from playing kids, TVs, and Videos around. How dare we take risks of sending children outdoors for playing games in such harsh weather?

Of course, everyone has private rooms in a home, but how long can we banish them forever? Allocating teens & toddlers their required space seems a nightmare.

In such a scenario, the basement under your nose looks like a handy space to allocate as a game room or something more than that. Your basement can be a fun zone where noise and exuberance are always invited. 

If you have decided to turn your basement in a game room, then certainly you should have a supporting structure to meet game room requirements. The first need is an indestructible floor. Out of tons of options for flooring materials, natural stones are residing on the top of the list.

I don’t wish to repeat here the advantages of the natural stones as a superb paving material because I have illustrated the same in a blog, “10 Benefits of Natural Stone Flooring That You Will Love” with adequate details and reasons. Instead, I would like to focus on basement floor ideas using natural stones of different kinds.

Known Constraints Implementing Flooring Ideas for Basement Patio Pavers

Let’s do the first thing first. We must bear two ultimate constraints while thinking about the basement paving.

The basement is below the natural ground. It means it is like a box dig in the land. The first challenge we have to face is the possibilities of seepage of water or dampness from the surrounding land. It becomes apparent prominently during rainy or snowy days. 

The next adversity is the growth of various living fauna & flora, including fungus, bacteria, and a variety of regional insects. These lives can get their way out from any porous floor and can ruin your basement pavers faster than usual.

The third concern is drainage-related challenges, as you have to store & uplift the drained water from a pit to a public drainage system running within upper strata of the ground above the basement level.

However, there are enough solutions to cope with such anticipated anomalies emerging while planning the basement flooring with stones. So, I refrain from describing those here. The web is full of acceptable solutions to implement right from installation to final or finish touch.

Game Room Flooring

Let’s pick up the topic where we left it. Converting your basement in a game room is a nice idea, and utilizing natural stone can ultimately finish off your game room flooring, thanks to the following peculiarities of natural stone paving in the game room.

Natural stones are a sturdy choice to bear the heavy furniture required for a game room construction. For instance, 

  • We know board games demand enough sizes of tables and numbers of chairs for players like the entire family.
  • The video game room setup demands comfortable seating, and you can give the same with couches and chairs.
  • The modern Augmented Reality and virtual reality games are expensive to install and provide needed infrastructural facilities, including specialty gaming chairs, stools, and desk to setup 3D sound & vision instruments. 
  • The latest TV-based games & video games usually played in a theater-like mode where you have to place a big stand for a large flat monitor attached to the wall and several chairs in a row.

In a nutshell, from the point of view of an engineer, we can say that live and dead loads are enough on the basement game room flooring. I see only natural stone material as a competing candidate in the race of material choice for game room flooring in the basement areas.

Basement Floor Ideas

Now, let’s explore how the different types of natural stones we can use in the planning of basement floor ideas mitigate the said concerns in the basement game room flooring.

Granite Basement & Game Room Flooring:

Granite  is the most formidable member of siliceous rocks. It has predominant crystals of quartz embedded in feldspar with different levels of mineral impurities. These all give granite a unique appearance of densely speckled crystals of black, blue, and grey shades among white, pink, and gold backgrounds.

The high density and low-porosity of granite are resulting in a sound, hard, and impervious paving stone befitting for the basement like challenging space. Game room in a basement means a lot of foot traffic, movements, hit-impacts, and dead to live loads. 

Granite is an ideal siliceous natural stone type that lets you wipe off spills with a dry or damp cloth. Easy cleaning and quick maintenance are expected in a super busy room.

Sandstone Game Room Basement Floors:

Sandstone  is a typical scene in the construction industry. It is another member of clastic siliceous rocks next to granite and quartzite in properties. However, the porosity of the majority of sandstone varieties is high, so it is permeable. Still, with proper sealing treatment, it proves the best choice for a sturdy game room paving in your basement.

A plethora of different shades and textures available in the inventory of sandstone at World of Stones USA . It means you have ample choices within dark and light hues and various densities of grains and veins as natural beauty. 

Sandstone in-game room basement paving is an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting selection besides its pocket-friendly availability in the present market.

Limestone Basement Game Room Paving:

Limestone  is a bit softer choice than siliceous stone types. Organic and inorganic impurities make it robust in looks, and fossiliferous limestone  is touching a new high of beauty & serenity. 

Organic impurities often lead limestone to format marbles in further sedimentation and metamorphism processes—inorganic contaminants found in travertine like sub-species of limestone rocks.

Marbles Game Room & Basement Flooring:

The spectrum of colors is available in the marbles, a kind of limestone species. The riot of designs and patterns born from intense graining, veining, and fissures present in the mass of marble rocks. You can décor your basement pavement with the right choice. Make it safe by selecting suitable coarse surface finishes to make it slip-free.

Travertine Basement & Game Room Flooring:

Although it is a member of the limestone family, travertine is a more sound and versatile choice for basement paving where the stone pavers have to face several threats from surroundings. You can get a wide selection for colors and tones to run a seamless theme across walling and ceiling besides flooring. Travertine can accept any surface treatment and withstand loads, impacts, and wear & tears emerging from a game room in basement flooring. 

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