Cobble Setts Stone – All You Need to Know

Cobble Setts Stone – All You Need to Know

Mar 21, 2023

Cobble Setts Stone is for centuries around us. An increased tendency towards the application of the modern cobble setts stone products compels us to dig some deeper. Let’s dive in the World of Stones USA’s efforts today.


English Heritage and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment have great concerns regarding public understanding and conserving historic buildings, roads, and other constructions as our heritage. The majority of heritage sites build with natural stones in the medieval eras.

We often see the quality of the heritage sites in old pictures/photos, but we met disappointment upon visiting those sites in-person. The main reason behind the replacement of natural stones by the modern materials are failures of supporting structure or frame, not stones themselves. For instance, the poor base structure beneath the road/path in the case of cobble setts stone paving.

The same happens when we visit various towns of Belgian regions, which are famous for cobble setts stones on its roads and streets. However, border side rural areas still have preserved their heritage by keeping their roads and streets laid with more than 200 years old cobble setts stones.

These roads are still used for various national & international cycling competitions. It is true that cycling on cobblestone itself is technically challenging. Such facts provoke the interests of many in cobble setts stones and compel them to imagine about the modern applications of cobble setts stones, as natural stone paving choice.

What Is Sett?

Sett used to quarry from natural rocks and worked to a regular shape like square or rectangular to use in paving public roads & paths; and driveways & paths in private outdoor spaces.

Wikipedia also has made a distinction between Setts  & Cobblestones. The setts always are in a regular shape. Cobblestones hardly have any definite sides and often used in natural states like pebbles and boulders.

Setts are also termed as Belgian Block, as it plentifully finds in the streets of Belgian towns. Another term is “Cassies” or “Nidgers” in Scotland. In many regions of the world, cobblestone and sett are interchangeable terms while many mixes both and make a single term, Cobble setts stone! Whatever it may be, but we are going to learn something about it in detail today.

Color & Texture Variations in Cobble Setts Stone

Today, we have plenty of colors and their shades along with a variety of surface textures to decorate cobble setts stones as per custom requirements in the market. Advanced cutting and polishing technologies bring the beauty of natural rocks forth while crafting the cobble setts stone packs for various outdoor applications.

Color and texture variations in cobble setts stone let you match an existing theme or create a new one as per your imaginations and inspirations.

Sizes or Dimensions of Cobble Setts Stone Products in the Market

Thanks to advanced cutting technologies, we can cut natural rocks into different dimensions for cobble setts stone manufacturing. At present, the following dimensions in width and length are available as standard sizes in the market. You can obtain thickness as per your custom requirements or may have all sizes as per your custom orders.

  • 400mm (L) X 300mm (W) 
  • 300mm (L) X 200mm (W) 
  • 200mm (L) X 100mm (W) 
  • 100mm (L) X 50mm (W) 

Types of Natural Rocks Used in Cobble Setts Stone

Three types of rocks; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. To name the rocks in colloquial or industry-standard terms, we can say:

  • Granites
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone

These are primary and abundantly used natural stone types to produce cobble setts stone for your outdoor applications.

Scope for Variations in Surface Finishes on Cobble Setts Stone





dOf course, we hardly imagine a glossy or slippery surface for cobble setts stones, but the anti-skid surface is inevitable essentiality here. You can find honed, sand-blasted, flamed, leather, and similar coarse surface finishes on cobble setts stones. Different look-n-feel comes with the variations in surface finishes.

If you are looking for the selection cues, I shall give you the following guidelines:

  • For excellent pick – Leather or Bush Hammered finishes 
  • For fair pick – Honed, Sand-blasted or Flamed finishes
  • For rough pick – Hewn/Unworked/Machine Cut (MC) finishes

Types of Laying Patterns Used to Lay Cobble Setts Stone

We already described the typical, natural stone paving patterns in our previous blog about Block Paving.

  • Random “I”
  • Runner Bond
  • Herringbone
  • Random
  • Basket Weave
  • Fan (Repeated Arc)
  • Bogen (Segmental Arc)

Today, people prefer Fan and Bogen patterns for the sake of innovations and stand out from standard courses based on square or rectangular shapes.

Benefits of Cobble Setts Stone

We are accustomed to natural stone benefits  in outdoor areas. However, cobble setts stone paving comes with some distinct advantages.

A Durable Paving Solution:

Natural stones like granites, limestones, and sandstones are durable and long-lasting materials. So, your cobble setts stone may last for centuries. Natural stones are capable of withstanding weather adversities like extreme heat, cold, and wet conditions easily. Fading is a prolonged process in the case of natural stones. So, you can keep the original charm of cobble setts stones, even for decades.

An Aesthetically Pleasant Paving:

Cobble setts stone have a variety of colors, grains, veins, and fissures available as natural beauty ingredients. Moreover, different laying patterns create a rhythmic appearance in your landscape designs. You can experiment with different colors and laying patterns  to get an aesthetic appeal in your outdoor areas, which also can increase the overall value of the property.

A Maintainable Paving: 

Cobble setts stone are in small units of natural stones, and we can replace them easily. Moreover, each piece of natural stone is unique in itself. So, no need to match design edge-to-edge and similar color & texture is enough to get-go.

The cleaning of natural stone  is also quick and cost-effective without additional efforts. Plain water or standard detergents are adequate to bring the original shining of rocks.

Where Can We Use Cobble Setts Stone Today?

Let’s push our imagination and collect the design ideas to apply cobble setts stones in your landscape and around.

Cobble Setts Stone in Street Paving:

In many towns and rural streets in Europe & American regions, we see cobble setts stones laid as primary paving stones. Granite Cobble Setts are common visions there. Some sandstone and limestone Setts Stones also are visible. Natural stones are making stepping stones or footpath beside the cobble setts stone paving on the roads.

Cobble Setts as a Border Stone in an Edge Circle:

By function, curb and paving margin delineate the visual and functional distinction between road/driveway and footpath/planter/walkway. If you have used natural stone block paving on driveway/road, you can use cobble setts as curb as well as a paving border/boundary in a single row for your next landscaping space like driveway or walkway.

Here, we can see brown Sandstone Setts are beautifully matching with apparently similar sandstone pavers and natural gravels laid in landscape design.

Cobble Setts Stone in Driveway Paving:

Outdoor paving is a matter of aesthetics, along with utility. The right selection of stone types for your cobble setts stone and generous installations of base and groundwork can give you a long-lasting driveway bearing loads of all kinds of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Sandstone Cobble Setts are a favorite choice with different sizes and laying patterns.

Cobble Setts Stone in Patio Paving:

Outdoor patio paving also is possible using cobble setts stone pavers. Today, we have a range of colors, textures, and surface treatments available in the market to be creative in stone patio designs. Cobble setts stone paving for backyard patios, garden patios, and many odd areas in your landscape are trendy, thanks to multiple advantages come with it.

Cobble Setts paving is entirely befitting with walling brick design and gives an excellent curb appeal to your buildings. You can match walling brick laying bond pattern with cobble setts stone-paving pattern or go to create the contrasting appearance to grab immediate attention of onlookers.

Cobble Setts Stone as a Paving Block in Patio Design:

Exterior designers are always looking for opportunities to show their designing skills. Circular patio design with block paving is a preferred design everywhere. If cobble setts stone tweaked a bit in shape, it could be an ideal block paving unit for a sturdy patio or path design. Mighty color variations can bring more creativity in the designing options.

Cobble Setts Stone on Matt:

Circular matt design with a single colored stone block is a new trend in outdoor patio and façade porch designing projects. White grouts seem lines drawn on a black canvas of cobble setts stones.

The Best Place to Order Cobble Setts Stone Inventory Online

World of Stones USA  is an ideal place to obtain high-quality cobble setts stone material for your next driveway or walking path project. You may face confusion while making a selection out of a vast inventory. Let’s help you to do it right.


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