8 Benefits of Using Tumbled Pavers

8 Benefits of Using Tumbled Pavers

Mar 28, 2023

Recently, property owners in the USA have followed a welcome trend in using natural stones. They prefer a more rustic finishing touch on outdoor paving and walling. Their innate desire is to have a look that exhibits stones that have gracefully survived decades for decades.

For recently commenced projects for façade, patio, driveway, walkway, garden stepping stone paths, and pool decks, it is only possible with tumbled pavers to gain time-worn effects even for fresh installations.

Before doing any praise for tumbled pavers, let me say first that what tumbled stone pavers are.

What Is Tumbled Stone Paver?

Tumbled stone pavers are passing through an additional step during the paver finishing process. The word “Tumble” is derived from the “Huge Drum,” which we use in mixing cement, sand, and concrete mixture in the construction industry.

In the tumbling process, standard stone pavers filled in a rubber-coated metal or plastic barrel along with abrasive grit and water. The drum turned at a slow pace for a set period, like three to five weeks, depending on the intended finish. Automated machines are available to replace manual efforts.

During the entire tumbling process, natural stone pavers grind against each other. The sharp-edged & sturdy stone grits between the stones rub the stone surfaces. The tumble stone-making process results in a worn or old-aged look and a soft and smooth texture on (six) surfaces of the tumbled stone pavers.

When you receive an order of tumbled stone pavers, you will receive stone pavers with a somewhat chalky appearance. However, during the tumbled stone paving process, sealant and grouting remove the dusty look and enhance the stones’ innate natural colors, grains, & veins. 

Benefits #1 – Get Time-worn Appearance with Tumbled Pavers

As discussed earlier, the tumbled finishing process brings time-worn or old-aged effects on stone pavers’ surfaces. So, fresh pavers look decade or century old. Thus, you can get a prolonged lifespan of fresh, natural stones along with a time-worn appearance.

Benefits #2 – Get Improved Property Value with Tumbled Pavers

The Time-worn look of tumbled stone pavers exerts a unique aesthetic appeal in the dimension stone industry. It, eventually, gives a property higher reselling value, thanks to high-quality tumbled stone paving.

Benefits #3 – Get Anti-skid Surfaces with Tumbled Pavers

Tumbling is a process that exposes the natural pores on the stone surfaces. Moreover, the entire process ends up with augmentation of the natural pitting of the material. So, you can get a little bit coarse or rough top surfaces compared to completely polished and glazed finishing. It cuts the risks of slips in wet conditions and provides anti-skid stone pavers for indoor and outdoor wet areas

Benefits #4 –Tumbled Pavers Are Versatile in Applications

The tumbled paving process yields slip-resistance surfaces on the natural stone pavers. It favors applications of tumbled stones in a variety of outdoor areas.

For instance, swimming pool decks, pool coping, walk-in showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes of water pool or features in your landscape are the most anticipated arena to apply tumble stone pavers. 

Intensely rough surfaces of tumbled stone paving on driveways and walkway allow easy movement of the vehicle and safe foot trafficking. 

Benefits #5 –Tumbled Stone Pavers Are Durable Material Choice

We have learned about the tumble stone making process superficially. It reveals that the tumbling process demands intensive turning of stones. It means it always requires a sturdy or rough & tough stone type as the material.

Most of the siliceous rocks like quartzite, granites, and sandstones are high in hardness and other parameters for stone durability. The same can apply for travertine, limestone, and marbles made of calcareous rocks. They also capable of receiving some degree of harsh treatments during the tumbling process.

In short, tumbled stones are always a durable and long-lasting choice for natural stone paving in your outdoor spaces.

Benefits #6 –Tumbled Paving Is Weatherproof Stone Material

We know most of the siliceous & calcareous stones are heat resistant. It means extreme heat during summer can save your feet from burning. 

Similarly, colder northern regions with frequent frost and fogs leave your tumbled stone pavers intact against cold & thaw cycles.

Tumbled stones are porous and pass the water and humidity easily. It means rains and humid climate hardly impact your tumble stone paving areas in your landscape.

Benefits #7 –Tumbled Stones Are Easy to Install & Maintain 

Tumbled pavers are available in various forms and shapes like cubes, setts, slabs, and tiles. Moreover, like smart stone suppliers, World of Stones USA is offering ready to use stone kits catering to different paving requirements.

So, you can go DIY ways to install tumble stone pavers for your patio, path, driveway, or deck paving projects. You can hire a reliable stonemason in your vicinity and order the stone kit or customized paving solutions online for sizable projects. It proved a completely hassle-free experience for many.

As we said before, tumble stones are coming in sizable units, and you can get a few pieces to carry out your replacement easily for damaged stone pieces.

Cleaning and staining removal is easy, thanks to modern sealant solutions and polymeric sand-like improved technologies. It makes tumble stone almost impervious to liquids. Thus, spills cannot leave deep stains on the surface or within stone mass at all. Polymeric sand creates impermeable grouts between the comparatively wider gaps among tumble stone pavers.

It also saves water leaching from the grouts and keeps the base unaffected from the wet above.

Benefits #8 –Tumbled Stone Pavers Are Cost-effective Material Choice

If I say tumbled stone pavers are a cost-effective choice, you may hardly realize it. So, I am going to give you a comparison between tumbled pavers vs. non-tumbled pavers

Tumbled Pavers vs. Non-tumbled Pavers:

Earlier, the tumbling process was time-consuming and adding additional costs at the end. So, tumbled pavers proved a bit costly affair compared to the non-tumbled paver finishing like honed. Fortunately, the newer in-line tumbling assembly has streamlined the entire process making it quick and cost-efficient in the end.

However, sealants and polymeric sands are a one-time investment at the installation stage. Still, the advantages of high-tech materials are overcoming the costs in sum. 


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