10 Reasons How Patio Pavers Can Help Increase Property Value

10 Reasons How Patio Pavers Can Help Increase Property Value

Mar 28, 2023

Everyone loves to get the best price tag when they sell their cherished property. Whatever the cause behind your decision to sell your property, you always opt for the high value in the market. It is the place where home improvement comes into the picture.

In fact, you must focus on value aspects even when you plan out its development from scratch or upfront, creating anything new. 

Are you focused on increasing property value? Then, you must learn the behavior of buyers in the first place. Let me help you to know it. Suppose your home is surrounded by some outdoor areas. The eyes of the prospective buyers may look round the exterior of your house first. 

I am talking about the curb appeal. Your backyard patio or garden patio remains the first focal point besides the façade to create a sumptuous curb appeal. After getting entry into the house, they look into your home’s interior. Now, they are convinced to pay high value considering other criteria of the property valuation.

It means you must have an epiphany for the look-n-feel of your patio. It is a sheer truth that augmentation of patio with patio pavers is a prime thing to impact its aesthetics. There are several other reasons how patio pavers can help increase property value. 

Merits to Determine Home Value

The following are proven ways to increase home value:

  1. Aesthetics of the entire property.
  2. Curb appeal in the exterior.
  3. Quality of material used.
  4. The lifespan of the material used.
  5. Usability/Efficiency of material used.
  6. Strength or durability of the material used.
  7. Weatherproof material used.
  8. Size of property-horizontally and vertically-both.
  9. Social aspects.
  10. Maintenance of property.
  11. Legal aspects.

Out of several criteria involved in evaluating a property, let me discuss the top ten reasons for how patio pavers can help increase property value.

Reason No.1 – Natural Stone Patio Paver Material Matters More

As per present market estimations for different materials used in the construction of 12X12 ft. (12 square-feet) patios, the following figures came to mind.


Price (Per Square Foot)

Total Cost (12sq.ft.)

Concrete Slabs



Brick Blocks



Pavers (Concrete + Cement)



Natural Stone Pavers



[Data from Find-Any-Answer dot com.]

The figures in the table clearly indicate that the cost of natural stone pavers is comparatively high due to the high cost of the stone materials and labor charges in the market. 

Despite it, several other factors positively overcome the high value of natural stones and render the construction worth of investment. Let’s see other valuable aspects of the next remaining topics.

Reason No.2 – Natural Stone Patio Pavers Have Awesome Aesthetic Value

Who is unfamiliar with the magic of Mother Nature while creating the natural rocks consuming millions of years?

Natural stones have an appealing appearance. It engages the eyes and minds of onlookers when designed and installed correctly. 

Moreover, overtimes, natural stone colors, and texture are fading at a very sluggish rate and unique. It results in various hues or shades of the spectrum of colors available in the natural stones.

Thus, it leaves beautiful time-worn effects on the surfaces of natural stone pavers used in your patio design and gives it an aesthetic appeal.

Now, you ask any property broker or agent who knows the valuation process and its parameter. I am sure they will place the aesthetic value of a property on the top of the list. Do you wish to grab that opportunity right now? If so, I will say use natural stone pavers in the next new patio construction project or existing patio restoration project.

Reason No.3 – Stone Patio Pavers Have Great Strength

We have explored various durability parameters in my previous blog on durability. You might have noticed some parameters, including:

  • Hardness (3-7 Moh’s scale)
  • Compressive strength (150-300 MPA)
  • Flexural strength (3-50 MPA)

These data clearly establish natural rocks as the sturdy material compared to other paving material for your patio. Who can pass by such lucrative material? Indeed, I am not, so you are!

Reason No.4 – Long Lifespan of Stone Patio Pavers

Apart from the given durability parameters above, some metrics of durability, including

  1. Water absorption – 0.8 to 26
  2. Abrasion index – 8 to 25
  3. Acid sensitivity – very low

These are pinpointing that natural stones can thrive longer than any other construction material used in the dimension industry. We have seen that many natural stone patios have lived through for centuries, not decades only.

It means you install once and let your next-generation use it! What you need is a proper maintenance program to keep the glory of stones intact in your patios.

Reason No.5 – Natural Stone Patio Pavers Are Weatherproof

Natural stones pavers live up to weather-born anomalies like severe heat, cold, snows, rains, and winds. Natural calamities like storms, heavy rains, and snow hardly leave significant damages to the natural stone paving patios. 

The low water absorption rate, high heat tolerance, and lower acid sensitivity of natural stones make them weatherproof paving material for your backyard patios and garden patios.

Reason No.6 – Effortless Maintenance of Stone Patio Pavers

Natural stone pavers have smooth to a bit coarse surfaces but very easy to clean. You can clear dust, dirt, and various stain-causing objects with dusters, brushes, or dry/wet clothes/mops. Most stains can be removed with simple water or standard detergents used in home cleaning.

Moreover, natural stone pavers are in units of slabs or blocks of standard sizes. It lets you replace a damaged piece easily. 

Reason No.7 – Patio Pavers Offer Extension of Living Area

We have earlier seen that the size of your home or, say, the carpet area of your home in real-estate terms is a factor that impacts the home value. You might have experienced that whenever you construct anything new within your boundary/plot, the local governing authority comes and re-measure your carpet area and imposes taxes accordingly.

Why is it so? Because they consider your outdoor patio as an extension of the living area. Natural stone paving enables you to enjoy warm and sunny weather outside of your home during summer in colder northern/southern regions and during winter in tropical/hot areas of the world.

You can use your patio to get relaxing moments at the end of a timid working day/evening or night. You can enjoy family gathering around the firepit on the patios. Suppose you have covered your patio with roofs or huge tree-shadows, you can live outdoor life easily.

Many people build an outdoor kitchen on the patio area or adjacent to it and dine outside of the home. Barbeque & bar facilities on the patio empower you to arrange grand parties or celebrate various personal to social events or festivals.

Reason No.8 – Natural Stone Patio Pavers become Matter of Pride 

During Events, Parties, & Celebrations, we invite our relatives, friends, and guests to participate. A patio provides an immense opportunity to enjoy various outdoor events. Suppose your patio has eye-grabbing colors, hues, and tones. You can impress your invitees a lot.

Everybody loves high-quality stones under the foot. Kids or children might have a great time playing on stone pavers. Expensive stones like marbles, granites, and quartzites pavers become a matter of pride for the entire family.

Reason No.9 – Great Utility of Patio Pavers

We have already discussed the usability of stone patio pavers in detail. Now, we know that patios with stone pavers have multiple usages. 

It means natural stone pavers are versatile in applications, which ultimately adds something more to the valuation.

Reason No.10 – Natural Beauty of Natural Stone Pavers

We know stones are blessed with natural beauty. The natural rock formation has taken millions of years and created unimaginative designs in the rocks. Grains, veins, fissures, and patterns are unbeatable. Each piece of natural stone remains unique. None can dare to replicate the natural beauty that the most prominent artist God Himself has created.

Thereby, your property values always touch high when you have appropriately used the natural stone materials in your home construction—natural stone pavers in your patio, adding more flairs in the property value.


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