10 Patio Pavers Design Idea You Should Consider for a New Hardscape Project

10 Patio Pavers Design Idea You Should Consider for a New Hardscape Project

Mar 27, 2023

Got a House? Party! Or tired after work and you want to relax? Or with the work-from-home culture that is in trend, how about working from a natural environment? Well, everyone desires a beautiful home where there is abundant space to relax every morning or to host in-house parties. And for those reasons, having a patio in your home with natural stone pavers makes it a better place in many ways.

Not all homes have patios, but homes that do, considering the patio paver’s design ideas is crucial. While designing a home, having a personalized outdoor living space is absolute bliss. But not to forget, a lot goes into the aesthetics and functionality to give it a homely feel.

If the home is where the heart is, then the exteriors and its features should be carefully chosen and equally cherished. A variety of styles, colors, shapes, designs, and textures are available for patio and driveway pavers. What you need to remember is that hardscape colors should complement your beautiful home.

The color of the paving stones is extremely crucial to accent the features of the outdoor living space. The most admired and welcoming colors which are used in patios or driveways, or other hardscaping projects are:

  • Grey, Charcoal, and Moss
  • Limestone
  • Terracotta
  • Sandstone
  • Cream and Brown
  • Tan, buff, etc

When it comes to long-lasting patios, natural stone pavers do the needful. Natural stone pavers attract attributes like strength, durability and aesthetics, easy installation, and permeability. As natural stones are physically excavated from quarries, they get a little expensive from other materials. 

The collections come either in sawn edges or hand-split edges. Now let’s get into describing the patio pavers design ideas that you should consider for any of your hardscape projects:

1. Catch-as-catch-can 

When it comes to pavers, placing the stepping stones asymmetrically or in other words placing them randomly can create an out-of-the-box look.

It gives a very casual look but aesthetically it brings in a lot of visual interest. You can even explore the edges of the stepping stone by growing natural grass around them.

2. Natural Stone steps patio design idea

As the front few steps give the tactile experience of a place, it is essential to keep it graceful. Be it a high slope at a sharper angle or a gentle slope, paving the way with natural stone gives a modern look on any day.

With a little graceful curve, you can create a sense of intrigue for people walking up the path. In other words, give it a contemporary curb appeal.

3. The Grid Pattern patio design idea

To keep the installation and the look simple, follow the grid pattern. The timelessness of the natural stones helps to create an artistic assortment in your driveway or your backyard.

The driveway pavers could also have a grid pattern made out of natural stone. Not to forget, slight color variations in natural stone pavers should be expected and adored.

4. Around the Pool

Where we spend most of the time sticking around the pool deck, it needs to be planned efficiently. Here you could define the pool deck area with simple natural stone pavers.

The material that could be used here is Travertine which protects the skin of your palms and your feet from feeling hot. This material stays cool naturally and does not become slippery for those coming out.

5. A fireplace Hang out

You don’t need a huge area to create an outstanding firepit area in your backyard. We have the natural stone firepit made out of basalt which is an excellent choice to use in patios and landscape designs. The corners around the firepit can be turned into a beautiful garden patio.

6. The massive ones

Pavers come with the notion of symmetrical shapes and designs. But that’s not true! The flagstone’s natural stone pavers which are free in form can be placed either in the garden or in the walkway with gravels spread beside them.

7. The round-about patio design idea

Circularly setting the natural stone pavers works best for the outdoor flooring option. Here the pavers need to be arranged in a tightly woven circular pattern. For a different yet modern vibe mix the neutral colors of natural stone pavers that elegantly define your outdoor area.

8. Rustic look for the driveway

For your driveway pavers, you always need something sturdy enough to take the load of heavy vehicles. Homes are generally judged based on the driveway experiences. Sandstone has a rustic look and has a natural aesthetic look due to its built-in grains and veins making it sturdy and durable.

9. Porcelain Paving Driveway

The Porcelain paving is tough-looking or the master of hardness. They are generally thick and perfect for the driveways making it the eternal choice. Driveway usually needs sturdiness, and this natural stone fulfills it appropriately. It’s anti-slipping, weatherproof and it does not retain dust or residues that easily.

But its beauty cannot be ignored as well at the same time. They are one of the easiest to keep clean being low maintenance. And to an extent, they also prevent moss and algae growth.

10. Interlocking patio paver design idea

This paver design idea is becoming more popular as it is easy to install, non-slippery and easy to repair and most importantly permeable which allows the release of rainfall. This design could be used for patios or as driveway pavers.

To Sum Up!

Natural Stone pavers come in two categories, the exotic collection, and the premia collection. The natural stone pavers come with alluring experiences, luxurious textures, finishes, and edges to suit all your interior and exterior landscaping needs.

Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, they naturally bring a clean and modern look to any of your hardscape projects. So enjoy every sunrise, every sunset, or every scenic view you could imagine with the highly durable and long-lasting natural stone pavers for all future projects.



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