Natural Stone vs Wood Deck: Which Is the Best for Patio Area?

Natural Stone vs Wood Deck: Which Is the Best for Patio Area?

Mar 27, 2023

Planning an outdoor living space that works and fits your home design and lifestyle? I’m sure no one likes being cooped up indoors. And when your outdoors are everything, designing your outdoor space is a once in a lifetime affair. I’m sure we all want an aesthetically pleasing look for our outdoor space, and for the same evaluating your backyard is important. Deck and patios can bring a whole new aspect to your home.

If you are having a confusion whether to choose a wood deck or a natural stone patio, you will have to first ask a few questions before making the decision. For instance, how will I use the space? How do I want it to look aesthetically? Whether I will use it as part of the yard or keep it separate? Does it have to be kid-friendly if at all I must host some gatherings?

The answer to these questions will ascertain whether a wood deck or natural stone patio paving stone will be better.  

What is a Wood Deck? 

A Deck is generally attached to the home. It’s an open outdoor porch without a roof that generally extends from a house. It’s made from a mixed bag of materials like wood, PVC, pressure-treated lumber, etc. Decks are of two types:


  • Elevated decks – this extends from the living or dining area, and they are elevated. Thus, it works more on slopes making it suitable for raised homes in hilly areas.

  • Ground-Level Deck – so as the name suggests, it’s not exactly level with the ground. They do require a raised substructure. They have a couple of stairs to access the deck. It does not have to be attached to the house and can be built anywhere.

What is a Patio?

Patios are found in the backyard or driveways made of natural stone or they are also called natural stone pavers. Patios generally need to sit on a flat surface.

Natural stone vs Wood deck – What offers a practical solution?

Wood decks are made using composite materials whereas patios use hardscape materials like natural stone pavers. In our opinion, natural stone pavers offer a more practical solution. It needs less structural support and can be built or laid anywhere outside your home or property anywhere.

Natural Stone and Wood deck comparison 

– Installation
Though wooden decks are more saleable and have been fashionable among homeowners to enhance the backyard, natural stone pavers do have some extra leverage over the wooden decks.

Wooden decks are elevated and need to be built from the ground up whereas it’s easy to install a paving stone on the ground as it needs a flat space to install.

Wood is easy to cut and can be used for DIY projects, but it may not be that long-lasting. Whereas patio paving stones are extremely durable, thus making your outdoor living space elegant and long-lasting.

– Maintenance
Maintenance is an important factor to consider when we choose the materials to build our dream home. Higher the maintenance, higher the cost of spending. So, while building your dream home, choosing the right kind of materials is very crucial.

Wooden decks require ample upkeep to prevent them from rotting and degrading. This means it needs to be cleaned regularly, the protective coating needs to be applied including varnish and sealers.

Whereas patio paving stones require less maintenance. It does not require sealing/resealing due to ground settling or extreme weather conditions. Modern natural stone pavers from World of Stones USA are designed in such a way that the color does not fade, and they are long-lasting adding to the home’s property.

– Cost
Wooden decks are not that cheap if you are looking to use premium material for an ultra-modern house. It’s a great investment if you plan to resell. But its disadvantage is that it does require frequent maintenance.

Natural stone pavers or patio paving stone is more affordable and its maintenance will not be a headache at all.

– Aesthetic and Design
Design is the prime thing you need to think about while building your outdoor space.

Wooden decks have multiple design abilities. They give a pure bohemian and rustic look to your house. Wooden decks can be built on a single level or make stairs for the multi-layer feature. Wooden decks can also be painted to the color you like.

A Hardscape Patio can take any shape you like. It comes in a variety of styles, textures, and shapes and thus you do not need to paint it like the wooden deck. Make sure the ground below is flat while you are building your home. If the land has disorders, minor unevenness can be corrected before the natural stone pavers are laid. A patio will naturally blend with your surrounding elements like fire pit, kitchen, or other hardscaping.

The biggest advantage of patios which many of you may not be aware is that they can be heated in colder places thus giving a warm and inviting environment

– Return on Investment
Though wooden decks can offer a higher percentage of return with resale on the long run, patios are more cost-effective and durable. 


Ultimately when one must upgrade or alter their home, the decision is made on personal preferences and budget. But always remember how you and your family will use the space on a long-term basis. In the natural stone vs Wood deck comparison, we have realized that natural stone pavers are more budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing. Do consider the procurement cost of materials, installation cost, and maintenance cost over time.

At World of Stones USA, we assure to provide the best quality and premium quality patio paving stones for many years. We can rightly assist you in choosing the right kind of natural stone pavers for creating a natural backyard oasis for your family.



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